Review of Turkish Airlines flight Kayseri Istanbul in Economy

Airline Turkish Airlines
Flight TK 2015
Class Economy
Seat 22F
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 01:20
Take-off 21 Aug 14, 18:00
Arrival at 21 Aug 14, 19:20
TK   #16 out of 86 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 732 reviews
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Published on 7th September 2014
A look at the town of Goreme around our hotel.



The next morning, we went for the famous hot air balloon ride, a must do in Cappadocia! It was amazing beyond words!!


And landed safely and right on target on a moving trailer, with celebratory champagne and medal presentation after.

Rest of the day was spent doing the Green Tour. Visiting an underground city.

View of a beautiful volcanic lake.

Hiking along the Ihlara Valley.


Selime Cathedral



Pigeon Valley

More Turkish food. Even more pides.

Testi kebab. Meat cooked in clayout, a traditional Anatolian dish commonly found in Cappadocia.

Sweet endings with Baklava!

Waking up very early during sunrise to catch the magical sight of balloons floating across the town.



After relaxing for another half a day in Goreme, we proceeded to Kayseri Airport for our final stop for this trip, Istanbul.

Arriving at Kayseri Airport after another more than an hour's drive from Goreme.

photo 15154984795_fbb6e706c1_b

Checking in for our flight to Istanbul. The flight was totally full on this leg, and our plane was downgraded from an initially scheduled A321 to a B738.

photo 14968305187_d7a780fc1d_b

Boarding pass issued and I was allocated my pre-selected seat during online check-in.

photo 15151899551_2fc162d7d2_b

The departure hall only has very limited amenities and seating areas. And this was only 2 flights checking in!

photo 14968197450_f583e3e13b_b

photo 15154476852_531c999f99_b

FIDS showing the departures for the rest of the day.

photo 14968306288_836c40465e_b

To escape the crowd at the waiting hall after security screening, we proceeded to the second level where there is more seating areas which were totally empty, as well as a view of the tarmac.

Our plane arriving on schedule from Istanbul and taxiing in.

photo 15154476102_18dbf7a31a_b

Karaman would be operating our flight.

photo 14968298798_a1eb3291f1_b

Anadolujet, which was scheduled to depart earlier than us to Istanbul Sabiha, was delayed and arrived late after TK.

photo 15154872135_39a183856b_b

After a quick turnaround of our plane and seeing some passengers walking across the tarmac, we realised that boarding has started. Thus went down where there was still a long queue for boarding.

21 August 2014
Turkish Airlines
TK 2015
Kayseri (ASR) - Istanbul Ataturk (IST)
Economy Class

Walking out to the tarmac for boarding.

photo 15131842866_488f6bcce6_b

Anadolujet being turned around.

photo 14968196610_81a68930ff_b

Boarded from the rear stairs.

photo 14968144449_8f6176c5b6_b

photo 15151897961_3afef243ae_b

photo 15131842406_a53bb67d26_b

Welcomed aboard and proceeded to our seats at 22E/F. The cabin still featured the old leather-cladded seats. Business also had similar seats to economy, just with slightly more seat pitch and middle seat left empty.

photo 14968303377_0a46e57394_b

photo 15154871285_2da457620c_b

Boarding in progress. It would be a totally full flight this evening.

photo 15131842016_f4362babac_b

Seat pitch felt ok and was more than sufficient for the short flight. Pillows were available in the overhead bins.

photo 14968304048_9041ffe44c_b

Skylife magazine and safety card in seat pocket.

photo 15154474962_7330379466_b

At the parking stand, with some baggage still being loaded.

photo 15151891631_7b12bc2aa5_b

Aircraft doors were closed on time and we pushed back. Safety video was show on the dropdown screens. Flight time was slightly more than an hour.

photo 14968143209_cd232a7b18_b

Pushed back and starting taxi.

photo 14968143229_8def78dfc2_b

Had a rather long taxi to the runway.

photo 14968303688_021d92461b_b

Took from Kayseri's Rwy25, bound for Istanbul. Note in the video that a kid seated across the aisle actually got off from his seat and stood at the window throughout the entire takeoff roll, and the mum actually did nothing! Speechless!

Climbing out of Kayseri.

photo 14968142719_c722b3dc15_b

photo 14968301647_dcf02cc803_b

photo 15151896421_f490c7d1e2_b

photo 14968142269_2dffc43021_b

It was mainly barren land below us.

photo 15154868965_ae67dae7eb_b

photo 14968302658_cc112fff57_b

The only entertainment was the flight map that was being played on the overhead screens throughout the entire flight. Well, better than nothing on this short flight I guess.

photo 15131836136_c3264284f4_b

Meal service started, with the carts starting from the rear and front of the economy cabin. 3 crew were working the economy today. A picnic box as well as hot/cold beverages were offered, which I guess is the standard TK offerings on domestic flights.

photo 15154868375_39d2eb3545_b

photo 15154868135_56d87db7ec_b

A Do&Co picnic box was handed out.

photo 15154473152_8e76f908be_b

Contents of the box.

photo 14968193420_64445fe9a0_b

Starter: Kidney beans in olive oil. This was a pretty nice starter.

photo 14968301958_9c05a968b2_b

Chicken sandwich. Even though it looked boring, it was actually very moist and tasty!

photo 14968301538_a606f2a9b1_b

Dessert: Homemade almond cake. Delicious! I could have more of this! Turkish Airlines did not disappoint in its catering, even for short-haul flights.

photo 14968301268_3a7cea9218_b

Freshly-squeezed orange juice to wash everything down.

photo 15154472102_2567fcbe60_b

Along the coast.

photo 15154471862_5b086c567b_b

Soon, we were nearing Istanbul and started our descent.

photo 15131836026_ba5505094b_b

The Bosphorus can be seen.

photo 15154867485_b15af51f1d_b

Into the sunset.

photo 15131836186_5be24882c0_b

Coast of Istanbul can be seen here.

photo 14968297968_739d77d670_b

Passing Ataturk before making a 180 degrees turn back for landing.

photo 15154864885_506d8a7240_b

Making a turn back to the runway.

And landing on Rwy05 of Ataturk 10min ahead of schedule.

photo 15154867205_f13f6dc80b_b

photo 15151893791_1606e57ab0_b

photo 14968298967_7aaf52121d_b

photo 14968300148_33742d620e_b

photo 15154867155_63249ee447_b

Video of the landing into Rwy05.

Taxiing past the International Terminal, passing countless TK planes parked both at the terminal and remote stands.

photo 14968139619_421de2e7be_b

Even more TK aircraft at the domestic terminal.

photo 14968300108_63322bb488_b

And we actually docked right at the domestic terminal with an aerobridge!

photo 15151892811_d9d3b5154c_b


photo 14968190750_9c208995e2_b

Final look at our baby Boeing.

photo 15151892401_d131d75ef6_b

Baggage retrieval was a waiting affair due to the many evening arrivals and limited baggage belts. As can be seen, 4 flights were assigned to our belt. Baggage of the previous flight had just cleared while the other 3 flights flight had also landed after us. Guess it would be chaos soon at our belt.

photo 15151892501_dc24a0cae0_b

After exiting the domestic terminal, we took the Havatas airport bus to Taksim, where our hotel was located. Journey to the city took almost an hour due to the rather heavy evening peak traffic.

Our hotel in Istanbul was Nippon Hotel, situated just opposite the airport bus stop and also very near Taksim Square and public transportation. As expected, hotel rooms in Istanbul are very small for the price paid, but our hotel was still rather comfortable and offers a great breakfast.

photo 14968138349_a2be7d1600_b
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Turkish Airlines

Cabin crew7.5

Kayseri - ASR


Istanbul - ISL



I was again a pleasant short flight on TK. TK has certainly set the standards in short-haul catering, offering delicious and substantial meals (albeit cold ones) on very short sectors. Don't think there are man airlines out there with similar catering standards as TK on flights as short as this.

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    Thanks for your report and the great pictures of the ballons in this spectacular scenery !
    As usual Turkish provides a meal even on short flights and manages to get a very good grade. My experience of the domestic terminal is not as good as yours but it's a minor point in what is a very good flight.
    Thanks again for sharing your experience and I hope to read more reports from you !
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