Review of Singapore Airlines flight Istanbul Singapore in Business

Airline Singapore Airlines
Flight SQ 391
Class Business
Seat 12K
Aircraft Boeing 777-200ER
Flight time 10:40
Take-off 24 Aug 14, 13:30
Arrival at 25 Aug 14, 05:10
SQ   #7 out of 68 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 652 reviews
By 8834
Published on 13th September 2014
Taksim Square

Along Sultanahmet


Visiting the Grand Bazaar


And Spice Bazaar

Hustle and bustle of Istanbul

The most famous landmark of Istanbul, Blue Mosque.


And the equally famous Haagia Sophia, which we did not enter due to winding queues at the ticket counter.


Along Istiklal Caddesi, the pedestrian-friendly shopping street of Istanbul.



Cat posers


In a quaint backstreet


Bosphorus at sunset

Last burst of Turkish cuisine and desserts



And finally, the last sector back home to Singapore. This sector was booked on SQ Business Class and it would also be my first time flying on a refitted B772ER. However, having flown on the B77W in J a couple of times, I had more or less knew what to expect. In fact, I was more looking forward to the pre-flight experience of using Turkish Airline's famed Business Class lounge at Istanbul prior to the flight!

We left early for Ataturk, arriving at the airport a full 3hrs prior to departure as we would want to grab our brunch in the lounge. The SQ check-in counters were being prepared for check-in when we arrived and were soon opened. No queues at the Business Class check-in counter and we were swiftly checked in. However a long queue has already long formed at the economy counters. Business class load would be light at 11/26, while economy was full!

photo 15186888611_ba12103e10_b

Boarding pass and fast track immigration cards were issued and the agent asked if we knew our way to the TK lounge. No problems, we would find our way. Thanks to the fast track for premium pax, our departure immigration queue was only a short 15min wait (only 1 counter for all airlines' premium pax, except TK which has its own immigration access right into the lounge!), while the regular departure immigration queue was snaking long.

photo 15186888481_b75800f128_b

Through immigration and security, we proceeded to the all-so-famous TK lounge, which is also a Star Alliance Gold lounge. We entered with no problems just by scanning our SQ boarding passes a the entrance. *G passengers would have to queue at a reception counter to be processed into the lounge it seems.

photo 15166886886_d83a52716b_b

Now, lets see what is so Wow about this lounge. Apparently TK is very proud of the catering and lounge awards it received from Skytrax.

photo 15189534572_003ee633a0_b

FIDS in the lounge. SQ flights to Budapest an Houston? Nope, these are code-shares on TK. SQ has started quite a number of code-shares on TK metal departing from Istanbul.

photo 15189525862_99e8c57887_b

Lounging area with TVs.

photo 15189903635_9a5e011d7d_b

Cinema with a popcorn stand at the entrance.

photo 15003136969_b6eb0a3069_b

Seeing that the upper level of the lounge where we entered from was rather crowded and reading reviews that the lower level is generally has less passengers, we proceeded down the elegantly-designed stairs to the lower level.

photo 15003129639_54b070d9ef_b

Indeed, the lower level was so much quieter and had a much more relaxed ambience.

photo 15186885761_1cc4ea9075_b

Found a comfortable area to settle down and I started to explore the lounge. Some of the interesting bits available in the lounge includes a golf simulator,

photo 15166885946_b38a726e2e_b

Race car track for the young and young-at-heart

photo 15166885956_91187c7328_b

Video games for the forever young ones

photo 15186887221_76eecb126c_b

However, it is the catering that the TK lounge is famed for, so lets check out what is on offer. Catering on both upper and lower levels are supposed to be similar so I did not check out the more crowded upper level. Food wise, it is more Turkish oriented, but very delicious nonetheless and probably even better than what you have on the streets of Turkey.

For drinks, there are various beverage points located throughout the lounge. Thus no-one is more than a few steps away from getting a drink. Selection is rather impressive as well. Soft drinks, water, all sorts of juices, beers, Aryan, milk etc. I got my last fills of sour cherry juice here!

photo 15003135549_7e6080ff29_b

Selection available for the alcohol drinkers as well.

photo 15003241140_d41da9fb85_b

Salad, cheese and appetiser counter, which I did not partake in. Lentil soup and bread available behind as well.

photo 15003236420_188cc47e91_b

Manti, a Turkish ravioli type of pasta, which was freshly cooked upon order.

photo 15186886771_301db0fb69_b

Chef at work in the kitchen, preparing grilled chicken, beef and vegetables. I would say all looked and tasted delicious!

photo 15003240130_719d81972d_b

Another soup counter with 2 types of soup available. There is also a pasta counter beside which I did not take a photo of.

photo 15003343397_d56ec068a2_b

And the must-try fresh-from-the-oven pides. These were the best pides I had throughout my entire Turkey trip!

photo 15003239610_0961160773_b

Just some of our savoury selection. I admitted that we had multiple servings, and not just what you see in the pictures.

photo 15189529602_80a19c2b82_b

photo 15189530912_72a72e9949_b

And now, for the sweet selection. Various homemade cold beverages were available.

photo 15003135059_a77a8aef19_b

However, the star of the attraction are the awfully sinful but superbly delicious Demel cakes and pastries!! This is definitely heaven for the sweet-toothed me!

photo 15186883561_93752b0e96_b

photo 15189906905_2f14c945a4_b

Strudels and tarts.

photo 15003131999_11eeff23e3_b

Lets dig in! I could have even more, if not for saving some stomach for the inflight meals later.

photo 15003340947_d96db94b7a_b

Now, for some coffee/tea to end the bingeing. The barista at the coffee counter would be able to serve up all sorts of coffee, while there is an amazing tea selection as well! The Wellness teas are also served onboard TK's Business class.

photo 15186883231_803c15965b_b

photo 15003131169_cf8a70b3ec_b

Our Turkish tea, Turkish coffee and elaborately prepared cappuccino.

photo 15003331838_461f66e14d_b

I spotted this cart offering Turkish pretzels with freshly-churned butter.

photo 15189526972_44db03ec2e_b

Even the design of the toilets is so class!

photo 15166879046_828c8bfebf_b

Seriously, I was totally awed and overwhelmed by TK's lounge. Being a business class lounge, it totally surpasses many of the generic airline lounges out there and certainly the best I have visited so far!

About 45min prior to departure, we made our way to the gate. It was heaven in the TK lounge, compared to the really busy and crowded Ataturk terminal.

photo 15189525902_753382b129_b

photo 15003329618_7f00123d34_b

Checking out the FIDS again. Our gate was changed from 302 to 301. Another SQ code-share to Chicago was also spotted below our flight.

photo 15003328808_57249635ba_b

Apparently we would be departing from a bus gate today, we our B772ER was spotted parked at the remote stand out at the tarmac.

photo 15003324187_fff060e390_b

At the bus gate, where boarding had just started for Business Class and passengers requiring assistance.

photo 15003336997_2a7e0c012f_b

Onboard the shuttle bus to our aircraft along the busy IST tarmac.

photo 15186877561_7d22fece79_b

SQ sticking out distinctly among all the red-tails.

photo 15189900685_3e2f48450a_b

Pulling up to our aircraft, parked beside an Air Canada B767.

photo 15166876656_361b055a93_b

24 August 2014
Singapore Airlines
SQ 391
Istanbul Ataturk (IST) - Singapore (SIN)
Business Class

Reached our aircraft at the remote parking bay. Again, photos can be taken freely on the tarmac.

photo 15186876711_e8e9c22500_b

Only Door 2L was used for boarding.

photo 15003127009_a48785896c_b

Close up of the mighty Rolls-Royce.

photo 15189523422_7deb834e89_b

A young passenger admiring our gigantic aircraft prior to stepping through the door.

photo 15003335817_e3004352b1_b

Was warmly welcomed aboard by name by the inflight supervisor and a leading stewardess in the typical SQ Hospitality fashion and directed to my seat in Business Class. The plane was retrofitted with 26 long-haul Business Class seats, which you readers should be very familiar with by now. Having flown in these seats a couple of times prior, I had already knew what to expect. I proceeded to my seat at 12K.

photo 15003326438_3b9254010d_b

photo 15166874886_6031cc0a2d_b

Out the windows, with a line-up of TK aircraft.

photo 15166863666_14bfd53b40_b

Inflight magazines for the month.

photo 15166872976_7dd687dd3f_b

As in the usual SQ procedures, newspapers and magazines are offered, followed by menu and headphones.

photo 15003125739_d1a11e2b64_b

The champagne and wine list for all you wine connoisseurs.

photo 15003124719_2a25d43542_b

photo 15003229620_d5a73845ca_b

The new Phitek noise-cancellation headphones, which are pretty comfortable for me.

photo 15003321488_f54911d325_b

The seats on this retrofitted aircraft as similar to those on the B77W Business Class, with the exception of the inflight entertainment system. Handsets are of the older version.

photo 15189894135_2931580f67_b

No multimedia ports and USB points as well. Only an electrical port available. Screens were also not as clear as on the newer aircraft, but good enough for viewing.

photo 15003333677_8f198c0194_b

Welcome drinks and hot towels offered. I only went for an orange juice as I was not really in the mood for champagne.

photo 15189521582_94a9c6d1b1_b

Our departure was delayed for about half an hour due to a group of passengers refused boarding by immigration. Not sure of the reason why but their bags would have to be offloaded. Pilot did came on to apologise for the delay as well as for the inconvenience of being parked at the remote stand.

Doors were closed and we finally pushed back. Flight time estimated to be about 10hrs.

Starting to taxi.

photo 15189896165_05fc6a7b6f_b

Spotted a TK A340 in Star Alliance livery.

photo 15003123399_d6d4714d6c_b

Video of the taxi.

Holding short of Rwy35R. There was a short queue for takeoff, not as bad as on the previous flight to Izmir. Interestingly, aircraft were also taking off in opposite directions on the parallel runways, thus planes would be taking off from both 35R and 17R concurrently. Probably this helped to alleviate some of the congestion.

photo 15003323288_46eca62f8a_b

Taking off from Rwy35R, bound for home!

photo 15003228520_64eae73588_b

photo 15166871886_2018885db4_b

photo 15003227600_9759a5ca18_b

Post takeoff announcements.

Along the Istanbul coastline.

photo 15003322158_94cb9cce4a_b

Shortly after takeoff, socks and eyeshades were handed out.

photo 15003226980_82fd74fe72_b

Still being wide awake, I decided to spend the flight watching movies. Chose my first movie The Other Woman, a delightful comedy.

photo 15003330517_d909b1dec1_b

My pre-ordered post takeoff drink, Rhumba, which is an alcoholic cocktail, was also promptly delivered. Satay was also shortly served and meal orders were taken. Missed the SQ satays!

photo 15003226070_3ffe442b0d_b

Somewhere over central Turkey by now.

photo 15003329307_d7a8f315b5_b

What is offered for lunch today? I chose the Salmon (which I fortunately had the last one) while my partner had to settle for the Turkish lamb stew as the salmon had run out.

photo 15003230910_2c5505d8d3_b

Halfway through the movie, our tables were set and lunch service started. The prawns appetiser was served, which was rather fresh and tasty. Bread were also offered and I had the garlic bread and a herb roll. The garlic bread catered out of Istanbul was dry and rather tough, not the usual crispy garlic bread I had tasted before. I also had a Riesling to go, which was offered very professionally by the IFS for viewing and tasting, followed by pouring of the wine. Service so far was the usual high SQ standards, and definitely far ahead of TK.

photo 15003120619_3a2fa9f821_b

photo 15003225480_2c1665452e_b

Next was the main courses. My partner had the lamb stew, which he commented he was not really a fan of. Probably due to our overdose of Turkish food for the past days.

photo 15189516942_529ce8c63d_b

My salmon dish. Surprisingly, it was not dry and in fact rather delicious! Way better than the salmon I had on TK on the way up. Portion was also bigger than TK as well.

photo 15186869341_c2a02f7303_b

Dessert time. I had the pear frangipane, which was nothing exceptional. However, I also requested for the chocolate ice-cream if there was any leftover subsequently, but unfortunately, the crew informed with apologies that they ran out of it, even with only a load of 11 pax in Business class?? This was a bit of a let-down, considering we were pampered with so many choices of desserts on TK previously and with unlimited servings as well. SQ certainly controls its catering budget very tightly!

photo 15003224540_6ca809205a_b

Cheese and fruits were then offered to round up the meal. Cheeses selection were mainly strong tasting so I only had a couple. Fruits wise, the smallest item in the fruit basket were plums, which I chose. The other choices were whole apples, pears and oranges. Still could not understand how can anyone finish whole fruits by the end of the meal? I would prefer smaller portions of cut fruits which unfortunately SQ do not serve.

photo 15166868086_d24bb142cd_b

Ending with a TWG earl grey tea and some pralines. After being spoilt by TK's overwhelming catering selections in Business Class, I felt a bit of a let down by SQ, especially with the limited catered choices for only a half-filled cabin. The salmon main was good, but the rest were standard SQ fare with nothing too exciting. Service by the crew was excellent as always though.

photo 15003327987_2f9c46b477_b

Visited the lavatory, which was stocked with the usual amenities. On this flight, one of the two Business Class lavatories was out-of-order. Luckily we had only 11 passengers.

photo 15166867436_f80bd0dab9_b

Turned down my seat into a flat bed. Apparently SQ had improved on the bed padding as it seemed softer than I remembered.

photo 15166867546_c4f231d071_b

Movie in bed. It was still pretty comfortable even though I was not seated at the bulkhead.

photo 15186867821_8583e916b4_b

After I had finished my movie, we still had more than 7hrs to go, so started on a second movie, a local Singapore production.

photo 15186867501_4f58a093bb_b

Sun setting early as we were flying eastward.

photo 15186867681_55dc01d8a7_b

Second movie done. and 4.5hrs left. We were somewhere over India now.

photo 15003222910_a5ed1fdb23_b

photo 15003326617_1f27d71bc8_b

Feeling a bit peckish, I decided to have some snacks and a drink.

photo 15166874206_e9b272945f_b

My snack selection and a cup of hot chocolate while starting on my thirs movie, a Korean comedy.

photo 15003117479_b2162089d4_b

photo 15166866156_631ed14acd_b

After my third movie had ended, we were somewhere nearing Phuket, with less than 2hrs to go.

photo 15186866701_b2b50e50e3_b

Lights were switched back on, hot towels and freshly-squeezed orange juice offered and breakfast service would be commencing shortly. Lets see the breakfast offerings.

photo 15189522002_cb3d9491dd_b

Tables laid and fresh fruits offered. Fruits were rather sweet.

photo 15003317508_4f3fb86672_b

Followed by cornflakes with milk and some warm pastries. The croissant and danish were great! Hot and flaky! Sour cherry jam was also offered, I guess were only catered out of Istanbul.

photo 15189513772_e831b29743_b

photo 15003221850_761b24c29b_b

For mains, I had the apple pancakes with berry compote. Not too bad but not fantastic either. Well, I guess this was the best choice for me among the three selections. Also had an Illy's special blend espresso.

photo 15003316508_ca8db8d408_b

After breakfast service was completed, we were nearing Singapore and descent soon started. We would be arriving at a Terminal 1 gate D40 today! It was the gate beside E28, the last gate of Terminal 2. Guess there were no more gates available at Terminal 2.

photo 15003325247_c6f52f3728_b

My seat in the most reclined position.

photo 15003115799_827b268ffd_b

Passed KL.

photo 15003220280_5990d4fbb7_b

Cabins were secured and soon we were preparing for landing. Flying over Johor Bahru. The Causeway between Singapore and Malaysia can be seen!

photo 15189511892_b53831fa7c_b

Making some turns over Johor.

photo 15189511162_bdb56de2d3_b

And approaching from the north.

photo 15186863531_75955b5dbb_b

Landing on Rwy20C, slightly more than 10min behind schedule.

Last look at my seat for the 10+hrs flight.

photo 15003221560_64a48f20f9_b
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Cabin crew9.0

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Istanbul - ISL


Singapore - SIN



Overall, it was a comfortable flight on SQ Business Class. Seats were very comfortable and service was excellent as always. However, catering was unmemorable though and from reviews that I had read, other airlines could easily match or even surpass SQ's catering offerings. SQ delivers a consistently solid and good overall product, but just lacked that oomph factor in its catering and amenities departments.

Thanks for reading my very very lengthy trip and flight reports! Your comments are greatly welcomed!

Information on the route Istanbul (ISL) Singapore (SIN)


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  • Comment 117884 by
    lagentsecret 12388 Comments

    Thanks for sharing this comprehensive FR

    Istanbul is an enchanting city and you seem to have captured the essence of its heart

    A lot of nice pictures... but not large enough :(

    *G passengers would have to queue at a reception counter to be processed into the lounge it seems.
    Not at all, it's the same process as yours

    You've honored the lounge food offer : with your choices it looks like an All you can eat buffet ;)

    Only Door 2L was used for boarding
    After the bus boarding, it's a shame that you were subjected to the envious stares of the Y pax passing by your seat in J

    Having flown in these seats a couple of times prior, I had already knew what to expect
    I only remembered a lot of your LCC flight reports : I will have to dig later for Business ones

    I only went for an orange juice as I was not really in the mood for champagne.
    Oh you were pastiching Wong Kar-Wai

    Chose my first movie The Other Woman, a delightful comedy.
    This picture is equally offering a glimpse of Terry Young :)
    The new portrait of Dorian Gray ?

    The lunch is an usual SQ meal

    SQ certainly controls its catering budget very tightly!
    it's a bit stingy

    Light bites are not appealing at all : the sandwich looks like a TK Y's one

    The hot chocolate is not correctly mixed

    A classic breakfast but nothing fantastic

    I agree with you : a solid and good overall product

  • Comment 117889 by
    jetsetpanda 2294 Comments

    Thank you for sharing this interesting report with nice pics.

    I guess the TK lounge can be turned into a LAS buffet with the right frame of mind. It's definitely a superb lounge with lots of freshly made choices.

    A mimosa would have been a good compromise. 1/2 orange juice and 1/2 champagne ;)

    The sandwich reminds me of TK's snacks on long haul flights in Y.

    Overall catering was not impressive, except for the nice salmon dish. It's hard to beat TK.

  • Comment 117955 by
    AirCanada881 1617 Comments

    Hey Terry, thanks for this beautiful report, your photos of Istanbul are absolutely marvelous.

    SQ delivered a solid performance IMO, the seat looks ridiculously wide! It seems though that you weren't really interested in sleeping on the way home :)

  • Comment 118040 by
    pititom GOLD 11271 Comments

    Thank you for this comprehensive report on SQ :)

    Definitely a good flight with all the nice things about SQ, and also the no-so nice ones like aminities, catering...

    Thanks for sharing !

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