Review of SilkAir flight Yogyakarta-Java Island Singapore in Economy

Airline SilkAir
Flight MI 151
Class Economy
Seat 6A
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 02:50
Take-off 19 Sep 14, 11:20
Arrival at 19 Sep 14, 15:10
MI 59 reviews
By 3356
Published on 1st October 2014
Visit to Merapi, where a mini-museum showcases the ferocity of the 2010 eruption.



Alien stone from Merapi

Trucks were constantly loading and ferrying away the rich lava sand from the lava valley.

Unfortunately, Merapi was hidden in the clouds.


Visit to the palace Kraton and fountains.




Another highlight of Jogja is Prambanam Temple, which we got to visit on our last evening in Jogja. It was simply stunning!




And some of the food we had in Jogja.




Now for the return journey. Online check-in was performed earlier but on the day of departure, I was informed via SMS (at the ungodly hour of 4am in the morning) from SilkAir that our flight has been re-timed and would be departing at 1120am instead of the scheduled 1015am. Checking the Changi Airport app, it seems that an arrival SQ flight from Paris into SIN was delayed for a couple of hours and hence I guessed our flight was also delayed to accommodate the connecting passengers flying SIN-JOG. At least MI informed us of the re-timing of flight and we can proceed to the airport slightly later.

Arriving at Jogja's small but busy airport.

photo 15216008777_bb38f00e0a_b

Did some plane-spotting. Citilink Sharklet A320.

photo 15379492286_45466275e6_b

Garuda B738

photo 15399339071_8d3078b4d4_b

An airline I have not seen before, NamAir.

photo 15402195962_3c77e5e0d0_b

GA taxiing for departure. JOG was really busy this morning!

photo 15215860720_a7649a4fac_b

Our aircraft finally landed after a further delay due to heavy arrival traffic.

photo 15215924498_605d5aa88a_b

Finally boarding started at 1110am for our 1120am retimed departure. Again, needed to walked on the tarmac to our aircraft. A QZ A320 just arrived and the engines were deafening!

photo 15215860900_140d7219d9_b

A couple of Lions at the other end of the apron.

photo 15379490346_98427a1c2b_b

Walking past the Citilink which was still awaiting pushback.

photo 15215765039_00411fc552_b

19 September 2014
MI 152
Yogyakarta (JOG) - Singapore (SIN)
Economy Class

Our aircraft, 9V-SLM, awaits.

photo 15402194162_7a455e8d3e_b

photo 15399337041_6ac1127834_b

Up the stairs.

photo 15379489506_9323a2170d_b

Passed the Business Class cabin again, where the seat pitch at the normal rows did not seemed too generous.

photo 15215764399_9a44010acb_b

Settled into my seat at 6A, second row of economy again.

photo 15402193312_ed790404eb_b

Out the window, with Citilink still waiting for pusback clearance.

photo 15216004907_20ecf1e238_b

Boarding was completed within 10mins, and this was the reason why. Less than 40 passengers on this flight! Certainly a very relaxed return sector for the 7 cabin crew onboard (2 pursers and 5 other crew)!

photo 15402192672_e903a4fde5_b

As with the norm SilkAir routine, newspapers and wet towelettes were offered. Interestingly, there were 2 Korean SilkAir stewardesses onboard this flight! Didn't knew that there are Korean crew in SilkAir as well.

photo 15215857720_557c3c0036_b

Doors closed and safety video was played. However we weren't going anywhere as due to congestion, we could only pushback 30min later. Well, not SilkAir's fault…

A special livery AK A320 took up Citthe spot beside after the previous aircraft had pushed back.

photo 15402192322_39247e5c1f_b

Finally at 12pm, we pushed back and started taxi.

photo 15216003617_89fc330776_b

Only to hold again for more aircraft to land. A GA B738 landed.

photo 15402191962_f8164355fb_b

photo 15215856710_7429ae4224_b

Followed by a LionAir B739ER.

photo 15215761919_15e2bb4d3b_b

Then it was our turn. Backtracked down the runway and made a 180 degrees turn.

photo 15402516085_7a64563c9e_b

photo 15215855930_cdcb81970a_b

And we finally departed from JOG Rwy09 two hours behind the original schedule! See the video for the taxi and takeoff.

Lift off from Jogja.

photo 15215920048_54c08d40f5_b

photo 15402515695_949c462ced_b

Making a steep left turn immediately after takeoff.

photo 15402515055_361a74971b_b

JOG can be seen in the distance. Notice how small the parking apron is. JOG is long due for expansion!

photo 15216001417_81c4ea2703_b

photo 15379485226_10536bb4e9_b

Climbing higher.

photo 15215994507_ed3bd6dfd0_b

photo 15402188642_e3ce69c33d_b

Announcements from the crew on the inflight service.

Lunch was served shortly after, again starting from the front of the cabin. Only a single cart was used on this flight due to the very light load. 2 crew serving meals, 1 standing behind to attend to ad-hoc requests (eg. bringing me my Coke Light from the galley, which was not available on the meal cart) and another was working in the galley. And 3 other crew were attending to the only 2-3 pax in Business Class. Wow, really overstaffed on this flight!

photo 15215918758_a5991f44f0_b

Lunch received. The tray came with fruits, which has been the same old watermelon with canned pineapples for many years, and drinking water. Coffee/tea and other beverages were also offered.

photo 15216000617_cb2b3c6630_b

My colleague had the Chicken with Orzo pasta. He commented that it tasted fine.

photo 15215917438_193b42ca22_b

I had the Curry fish with steamed rice. It actually looked better than it tasted as the fish was a bit on the bland side. However portion of the main was quite generous.

photo 15399330301_2fa2e2a220_b

Leaving the coast of Java.

photo 15215851750_cd29de0bb1_b

Some nice clouds.

photo 15399327671_a4a0424ba0_b

This aircraft was also equipped with SilkAir Studio, but I stuck with Wipeout on the drop-down screens as my phone battery was running low.

photo 15402510425_a790b82275_b

Requested for playing cards and was handed 4 packs of 2 different designs by the very friendly crew!

photo 15402509835_4367371528_b

Some rough clouds as we started our decent.

photo 15215996577_bc138e43f4_b

Passing during descent. Spot Batam's Hang Nadim Airport.

photo 15379478516_4c231f1720_b

Descent was very rapid and we were soon lining up for finals from the north.

photo 15215755189_24ae30b93b_b

Reclaimed land north of Tekong Island.

photo 15379480126_54e86e6704_b

A place where all Singaporean sons will always remember. Tekong Basic Military Training Camp.

photo 15215755079_8c41e2e90b_b

Nearly there…

photo 15215996037_054a4d877f_b

And touchdown on Rwy20R at 1507hrs, 1h37m behind schedule of our STA of 1330hrs.

photo 15402508045_47019ff83f_b

Video of approach, landing and taxi.

And we were parked at Terminal 2, again at a dual-aircraft gate.

photo 15215754229_bf39abba49_b


photo 15402183672_f9b4513a4d_b

Thanks for reading. Your comments are very much welcomed!
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Cabin crew8.0

Yogyakarta-Java Island - JOG


Singapore - SIN



Apart from the re-time and subsequent delay, it was again a comfortable short-haul flight on SilkAir.

Information on the route Yogyakarta-Java Island (JOG) Singapore (SIN)


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