Review of Pegasus Airlines flight Istanbul Barcelona in Economy

Airline Pegasus Airlines
Flight PC469
Class Economy
Seat 13F
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 03:50
Take-off 26 Aug 13, 10:15
Arrival at 26 Aug 13, 13:05
PC 33 reviews
Published on 7th November 2014
BCN - ATH A3681 Y / AIRBUS A320-200 - 14/08/2013:
SAW - BCN PC469 Y / BOEING 737-800 - 26/08/2013: HERE

We flew back from Istanbul last summer on Pegasus. Flights were extremely expensive to Barcelona in August, so we decided to go for the cheapest of all the available options because Turkish Airlines' price was exorbitant. Again, on a LCC and short-haul flight, my expectations were pretty low but Pegasus was like any other average LCC.
Pegasus is based out of Sabiha Gökçen Airport not Atatürk, the airport is far from Istanbul itself so we opted for a private transfer. The airport building looked new and beautiful.
photo 9850352674_78a46d681d_o
We headed to the Check-in counters. We had pre-booked our seats but we had to do one of the longest lines I've ever done, the reason was because there were about 10-15 counters for all Pegasus' flights and there were people from many different flights in the same line.
photo 9850401706_9e3f29f871_ophoto 9850356334_749736cfcc_o
The flight had an early departure so we wandered around some cafés and restaurants to have some breakfast before boarding the flight. The options were quite limited.
Later on, we went to the gate to start boarding the aircraft. It was a little early so I had time to take some pictures of many airplanes at Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen Airport.
Two Pegasus Airlines 737-800.
photo 9850359984_4e6de4bc1a_o
Again, Two Pegasus Boeing 737-800.
photo 9850409256_0f34a8803e_o
Two more Pegasus Boeing 737-800 with an AnadoluJet A320-200 at the back.
photo 9850410296_09f20aabb8_o
Turkish Airlines 737-800.
photo 9850382555_85132c9a48_o
Finally, it was time for boarding.
photo 9850365804_38d873fcdc_o
I had a great view of the wing from my window seat.
photo 9850414836_f8928157ec_o
Nice detail shot of the winglet.
photo 9850417506_6c39e6056f_o
4 Pegasus Airlines Boeing 737 and 1 Turkish Airlines aircraft from my window seat.
photo 9850456203_fbc9c6f807_o
Sabiha Gökçen Airport building along with one Pegasus aircraft.
photo 9850394005_8e04980f5f_o
We taxied to the runway. Saw an Azerbaijan E190.
photo 9850461383_c9992667bd_o
Right, next to the runway there were some abandoned and cargo aircraft.
photo 9850427486_d6afe4a368_ophoto 9850401505_d7a1de58e2_ophoto 9850428976_3daa8f7b36_o
The flight was enjoyable and the cabin was much comfortable than I expected, especially the seats.
photo 9850470953_fdffeaa303_o
Take a look at the screen tracking our flight's position.
photo 9850389034_fbc345f2f0_o
We started descending into Barcelona airport.
photo 9850475613_98513a827f_ophoto 9850477753_86af87dd70_o
The approach into Barcelona was windy and with some turbulence.
We landed in Barcelona perfectly on time, it was raining quite a lot. Saw a Nordwind Boeing 777-200 and a Ural Airlines Airbus A321 at the ramp in T2.
photo 9850413905_94085d8a8a_o
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Pegasus Airlines

Cabin crew6.5
Buy-on-board menu5.5

Istanbul - SAW


Barcelona - BCN



Overall pleasant flight on an average LCC. Crew were helpful but looked inexperienced and young. Didn't order anything as it was pretty expensive and had breakfast before boarding. Cabin was much comfortable than expected, especially the seats.



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