Review of Singapore Airlines flight Cape Town Johannesburg in Economy

Airline Singapore Airlines
Flight SQ 479
Class Economy
Seat 57A
Aircraft Boeing 777-200ER
Flight time 02:00
Take-off 26 Oct 14, 10:40
Arrival at 26 Oct 14, 12:40
SQ   #1 out of 95 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 701 reviews
By 4406
Published on 8th November 2014
I would die to be able to own a house here!!


Even more upscale residential along the Waterfront Canals.


Up the Table Mountain! We were lucky to go up early as the Cableway closed from the afternoon and subsequently 2 days due to strong winds.





Rightfully earns its reputation as one of the most beautiful cities in the world!


Long Street.

African curios at Greenmarket Square. You would really need to bargain hard here. Better stick to souvenir shops along the Waterfront.


Took a half-day trip to Cape Point as well.

Along Chapman Peak's Drive.


At Cape Point.


Passed Boulders Beach to view the African penguins as well!


Nice view from Boulders Beach.


Of course not forgetting the V&A Waterfront.


Not forgetting the really affordable, fresh and delicious food we had!



Time for our journey back to Singapore after all the nice scenery, food, fresh air (definitely will miss the air since S'pore frequently gets polluted by haze these couple of months) and of course the fantastic weather! We shall see if the return flight would have improved catering over the depressing catering on the way in.

Again, we took the really convenient public bus service from the bus stop right across our apartment and it was only a short 25min ride to the airport.

Reached the airport 2hrs prior to departure.

photo 15708584336_5ba5c42da4_b

Check-in was swift as there were barely any queues. Again, the passenger load would be quite light for this sector. With such low loads, I am really dreading the day when SQ might withdraw from CPT.

photo 15546841498_7d021f48e3_b

After sending our bags and performing tax refund for some purchases, we proceeded through security and immigration painlessly as there were no other international departures during the hour.

Airside now.

photo 15547105557_c42bbee7dc_b

As we were rather early, the departure lounge airside was almost totally void of passengers. There were quite a number of shops airside but all were quiet. In fact, there was not a single aircraft parked at the international airbridges.

photo 15547446630_77eede5e3e_b

Condor B767, BA B772 and baby BA B737. The BA B737 is operated by Comair as a franchise of BA.

photo 15730368211_83c0940fb9_b

Our aircraft landed slightly late from SIN via JNB.

photo 15112902653_0d4dcce451_b

Kulula B738 taxiing to the runway.

photo 15546409839_991922c953_b

Our SQ bird arriving at the gate.

photo 15708582736_d05aea45c9_b

9V-SVJ would be performing the long-haul back to Singapore.

photo 15112300324_4a33234439_b

BA/Comair B734 taxiing away.

photo 15112902173_3af736a0ac_b

Our boarding gate was just a long narrow corridor.

photo 15733833972_6d2dc67e3c_b

Another BA aircraft, an elegant B744, arrived from London. There were more BA aircraft in CPT than any of the other South Africa airlines.

photo 15546839348_377bc5ec49_b

Air Namibia A319, the only other international departure for the hour.

photo 15112322924_e3ae9497c1_b

26 October 2014
Singapore Airlines
SQ 479
Cape Town (CPT) - Johannesburg (JNB) - Singapore (SIN)
Economy Class

Boarded was called by row numbers and was orderly. Went down the transparent gangway to our aircraft.

photo 15546839068_8b2dd7a97c_b

Welcomed at the door and directed to our seats at the rear of the aircraft.

photo 15547103037_d6d2cc6e3f_b

photo 15732290635_51d948fa75_b

photo 15732290255_ab63cbbb7c_b

Reached my seat at 57A while my mum and sis had 56 A/C. Rear cabin remained rather empty and I ended up having the 3-seater for myself again on this sector!

Legroom again was good at this particular seat due to the curvature of the cabin. Did not check behind the headrest though (read previous sector's review) for unwelcomed surprises. Sometimes, it is best not to know….

photo 15732285645_3f07a74c23_b

At the gate.

photo 15546408009_b4ff33ce94_b

Air France B772 arrived from Paris.

photo 15708580786_4ae2261e7e_b

Domestic gates at the other end of the terminal.

photo 15547101917_893a07bfd4_b

The usual SQ service kicked in, with offering of hot towels, headsets and menu. So far, the crew operating this sector seemed rather pleasant, offering the typical SQ service.

Menu for the return sector.

photo 15547443600_7d94da563a_b

Flight time of 1h38m to Johannesburg.

photo 15112321444_51e7134136_b

With the light load, boarding was completed rapidly, doors closed, safety video played and we pushed back for departure.

Taxiing past the AF aircraft that just arrived.

photo 15730364451_9614e5e290_b

Passing the Queen of the Skies, the B747! It has been a long time since I flew on one.

photo 15112321114_5d02518153_b

It was a cloudless and beautiful day, with Table Mountain clearly seen in the distance.

photo 15546406819_c4c9602ab7_b

Video of taxi to the runway.

A short taxi later, we held at the threshold of Rwy19, waiting for 2 BA/Comair B737s to land.

photo 15708579626_5f84ac64fc_b

On our way to Johannesburg! There was really beautiful scenery to be seen during our takeoff from Cape Town!

photo 15547100897_b86163f432_b

photo 15730363711_33829b0a54_b

photo 15546836028_eecfb0d939_b

photo 15546406109_3cc3971b15_b

photo 15547441560_64b9852626_b

photo 15112319774_12300cd9e1_b

photo 15546835158_5376d58846_b

Watch the video of the takeoff and ascent, with breath-taking scenery.

Over hills around the Stellenbosch wine region.

photo 15733829452_f185701776_b

photo 15732286775_4dab120d3b_b

After takeoff announcements.

Landscape gradually got dryer the further we flew away from Cape Town.

photo 15547440520_e8efd15eed_b

photo 15546833998_4900ac8567_b

photo 15547439970_da95c5924f_b

Continued with 22 Jump Street which I did not completer on the previous sector. Luckily no jumpy images on the IFE this time round.

photo 15730361801_ca85a5eb8e_b

While the IFE screen on the seat beside was tuned to the flight map.

photo 15733828502_569af25586_b

Refreshment service soon started and the Economy cabin was served right from the front in the forward economy cabin towards the rear aft cabin.

photo 15547098177_2fe132abbc_b

Lets see what would be served on this sector. Oh, an improvement! We would be getting a hot refreshment on this sector! Makes you wonder why SQ decides to serve something hot on the CPT-JNB sector but not on the JNB-CPT flight.

photo 15732289565_b2a514e44a_b

I had initially wanted to choose the beef noodles, but it ran out long before the meal cart reached our rows. Guess due to the many Taiwanese onboard the flight today seated upfront and naturally they would have gone for the noodles.
At least the crew was apologetic about it and ensured we were fine with the quiche choice.

Handed a half-sized tray which looked rather bare with only a warm casserole and teacup. Well, I should be grateful that SQ even served a hot meal on this short sector. Had an apple juice and rooibos tea to go along (the apple juice catered out of South Africa was tasty, unlike the sweet syrupy kind from SIN) and I ordered a Singapore Sling as well.

photo 15547439020_3196552bee_b

Even though I did not get my first choice, I had no complaints as the spinach quiche and its accompaniments were rather delicious! The only complaint would be portion could be bigger or maybe include a fruit starter.

photo 15732285215_59602b63fb_b

Finished the entire meal in no time. Haha, the tray seemed much fuller with 3 drink cups on it.

photo 15730360331_a66c63804a_b

Singapore-slinging to Johannesburg.

photo 15708576026_600204163c_b

Got more apple juice to sip on while watching my movie.

photo 15546832268_ab01bc5b69_b

Patch of brown down there.

photo 15733826552_119bf60057_b

With the light passenger load, we still had more than half the flight to go after meal service was quickly completed.

photo 15547438060_8629e74d48_b

However, skies turned cloudy as we were approaching Johannesburg. Crew also came round with another round of water/juices towards the end of the flight before descent. Not bad for a 1h40m flight!

photo 15732283585_e9ab704590_b

Soon, started descending into JNB, with skies turning totally gloomy and cloudy. Not much landing preparations needed as we were allowed to hold onto our headsets for the next sector.

Descending into muggy Jo'burg, with the weather being a total contrast from Cape Town.

photo 15547437540_6ed321fe4c_b

photo 15546831458_c29b7b7663_b

Final approach till landing on Rwy03R.

photo 15547094507_2b467371ec_b

photo 15708571686_6c7c66d81a_b

photo 15547090017_28f5b3fe45_b

photo 15547435570_6fe7f4bc43_b

Video of our landing into JNB Rwy03R.

Taxiing to the terminal, passing an Air Mauritius A319.

photo 15546392919_62a2ebab89_b

Unique architecture of OR Tambo terminal building.

photo 15112886533_2b820f3e88_b

Parked at the gate. At JNB, no passengers were allowed to disembark while there was a change of crew and flight was serviced, prior to boarding of passengers originating from JNB.

photo 15708562326_ba283951b1_b

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Singapore Airlines

Cabin crew8.5

Cape Town - CPT


Johannesburg - JNB



This flight was of the usual quality that we associate SQ with. Service was good and catering, though still on the small side, was at least warm and delicious. Overall, sufficient for this short sector.

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