Review of Singapore Airlines flight Johannesburg Singapore in Economy

Airline Singapore Airlines
Flight SQ 479
Class Economy
Seat 57A
Aircraft Boeing 777-200ER
Flight time 09:50
Take-off 26 Oct 14, 13:40
Arrival at 27 Oct 14, 05:30
SQ   #11 out of 74 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 649 reviews
By 7998
Published on 10th November 2014
Passengers stretching themselves while plane was being serviced and catering loaded. No checks on boarding passes though on this sector since no passenger is allowed to disembark in JNB.

photo 15562435970_16bb8baef1_b

Colourful planes against the dull terminal and skies.

photo 15127311164_7a0276a9ee_b

2 SAA aircraft in special liveries!

photo 15127310484_4b84aa6f85_b

Air Mauritius pushing back.

photo 15747259235_9cc3a0f183_b

Soon, boarding for JNB-originating passengers started but it seemed that there were not too many passengers joining as well. I counted at most 20 additional passengers in the rear economy cabin, but not too sure about the forward cabin. Well, good news for me as I retained by 3-seater bed again! I guessed the passenger load to be at most 60% on this flight.

Again, the usual hot towels distributed and we pushed back. Flight time would be a quick 9.5hr.

SAA A320

photo 15747261815_51a5f0f4ed_b

Passing a flySafair aircraft.

photo 15561824508_801d2a8303_b

Old vs new! A classic Air Zimbabwe B737-200 meeting a new-generation Mango B737-800.

photo 15723513506_47d56974d1_b

Taking off from Rwy03L.

photo 15127305254_cc2f64455f_b

photo 15562431210_2f02589094_b

photo 15747256785_5b39c88ca8_b

photo 15127303444_141d98e494_b

photo 15723551616_60b1f61490_b

See the video of the takeoff here. The takeoff felt much more powerful then the on previous sectors, probably due to the high altitude conditions of JNB. Also spot BA and LH A380s parked at the remote stands!

Ascending above the clouds and not-so-nice weather over Jo'burg.

photo 15561374749_41bd2aefb9_b

Flight time to Singapore. On this sector, flight map was also shown in Mandarin, probably due to the number of Taiwanese onboard.

photo 15747253345_7e18ae0197_b

Just a sea of clouds below now.

photo 15127857143_a6637c0ce8_b

The typical SQ long-haul service started, first with a beverage and nuts service. Again, passengers were served from the front of the economy cabin thus it was a bit of a wait till I get my beverages. I ordered a non-alcoholic cocktail Orange Cooler (orange juice and ginger ale mix) and a Coke Light.

photo 15562426430_f01ac58e18_b

Leaving the African soil into the Indian Ocean.

photo 15561819298_1090b08b6c_b

I decided that this flight would be spent watching movies since I would be grabbing sleep at home after I touched down. Again, no prizes for guessing this movie.

photo 15745349601_25fac61b4d_b

Shortly after bar service was completed, lunch was being prepared. Lets see what is offered for lunch.

photo 15127313514_a53cc46634_b

Again, lunch service started from the of the economy cabin. I had initially wanted to have the beef casserole, but when the meal cart reached my row, they had ran out of the beef choice. Fortunately for my sis, she had gotten the last beef casserole (lucky her) and when the chief stewardess serving me asked from the crew manning the other aisle, the other aisle's meal cart had ran out of beef as well. Well, just my luck for not getting my choice of meal again.. However, at least the crew assured me that I would definitely have my choice for breakfast as they would be serving from the rear.

So this was the black pepper fish with rice. The main looked kinda sad and the huge tray again was filled with nothingness.

photo 15562080367_b2cd30584a_b

Roll with butter. Cost-cutting in action again. No more cheese and crackers on the tray (I had them on my CPT-SIN flight 3 years ago).

photo 15562082637_e7d4d25fbe_b

Chicken starter was simple but ok.

photo 15747247915_def92d75ee_b

Now, for the main. It already looked bad, but tasted even worse! 1/4 of the casserole was the protein, with 3/4 filled with carbohydrates. The fish was dry, with an artificial-tasting non-peppery black pepper sauce, and the rice was totally tasteless and very mushy. Easily ranked as one of the worst meals I ever had on a plane, and I really had to force myself to at least finish the fish, leaving half the rice untouched. Very very poor…

photo 15562080507_829638dd14_b

My sis's beef casserole looked and tasted much better than my fish. And at least the proteins filled up almost half the casserole.

photo 15561816538_18482a01dc_b

Luckily the ice-cream saved the day.

photo 15747240895_b0956059c8_b

Ending with a rooibos tea again.

photo 15745337441_1f8eb7565d_b

Somewhere over Madagascar.

photo 15562079337_e93b8d587a_b

Next movie, a Chinese romantic comedy.

photo 15561361459_81d1cb96c6_b

Stretching out on my bed. Again, quite a number of passengers had their own beds.

photo 15562408630_cccfda5ef2_b

Heading towards Mauritius.

photo 15562406710_55152faf17_b

As we were flying eastward, dusk came early.

photo 15723532396_ccbd965dbe_b

photo 15561353959_4885ae142a_b

I was already dark less than 4hrs into the flight, even before reaching Mauritius.

photo 15127281994_f951621a54_b

Feeling peckish after the unsatisfying lunch, I decided to check out what snacks were on offer.

photo 15562100807_2163bdf258_b

Went to the rear galley, where a basket of snacks was laid out for self-service. Getting hungry, I grabbed an item of each (except the apples).

photo 15561350619_66207e6c96_b

Later on during the flight, the crew also came down a couple of times with the snack baskets offering the inflight snacks, where I had another pack of chips. Water/juices were also offered hourly, though if really thirsty, this aircraft is also equipped with drinking fountains outside the toilets for your self-service.

Slightly more than 2hrs prior to arrival, lights were switched back on, hot towels offered again, and breakfast service started.

photo 15561343509_c1ffeaf5dc_b

Breakfast choices.

photo 15127869103_8e46a2e282_b

As promised (and I do know that), service started from the rear of the plane. I chose the oriental choice of beef noodles for breakfast, praying that JNB catering would get it right this time round, seeing how they messed up the fish with rice earlier on. A half-sized tray was delivered which made the tray look full, though frequent SQ-flyers wold be able to tell that this breakfast lacked items normally found on breakfasts served on long-haul flights, ie. muffin and yoghurt.

photo 15562405030_d2e802e56d_b

Fruits and bun. Mu mum commented that the fruits were not fresh. For me, they just tasted sourish and overripe.

photo 15562398390_e56aeea590_b

My beef noodles choice. Surprisingly, it was really good and full of flavour! Portion was rather generous too. Miles better than the miserable lunch earlier on.

photo 15747228995_43cbe56430_b

My sis's western breakfast choice, which tasted just like any airplane omelette breakfast.

photo 15562398930_a3e3cbe2be_b

After breakfast was cleared, we were not too far from Singapore.

photo 15127826653_06e6c80b7c_b

Finishing up my last movie while enjoying yet another cup of the South Africa catered apple juice.

photo 15745324291_46cf22727f_b

Approaching Singapore. With the strong tailwinds, we were more than half hour early! Cabin was prepared for landing and headsets were collected.

photo 15562056797_81edd7c385_b

Approaching Changi in the early morning. We landed from the south.

photo 15747214755_73e7926167_b

photo 15723513386_1d97890be1_b

Landing on Rwy02C, almost 40min early!

It was just a short taxi to our gate at Terminal 2 and soon we disembarked. Home Sweet Home, but I still missed Cape Town….

photo 15127820913_150e6e1f04_b

My seat for the past 13hrs.

photo 15748760862_192d769fee_b

Thanks for reading my very long trip report and rants of the flight up. Hope you enjoyed it and leave your comments. This should also be my last trip of the year till January, so till then, Happy Flying!!
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The return sector was more in line with the normal SQ long-haul offerings (though there were still some evidences of cost-cutting in catering) and service was of usual SQ standards, good and efficient but not outstanding, but no complaints either. Only letdown was the main course for lunch which bordered towards inedible but luckily the breakfast choice was tasty. And of course, the very empty flights did added on to the comfort level (though might not be too beneficial for SQ).



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  • Comment 122039 by
    directorphilip2 82 Comments

    13 hours is quite a long flight, in honesty when i made the comparison to ba it was only so that you know it's not just south africa that got less food but in seriousness, they probably should have the same that they do on routes to europe, sq is one of the best. At least they had the extra sandwiches, don't be ashamed to ask for more of those because i asked in london and they said sure, they said take as many as you like now because they'll be thrown out when i asked them about it.

  • Comment 122040 by
    directorphilip2 82 Comments

    13 hours is quite a long flight, in honesty when i made the comparison to ba it was only so that you know it's not just south africa that got less food but in seriousness, they probably should have the same that they do on routes to europe, sq is one of the best. At least they had the extra sandwiches, don't be ashamed to ask for more of those because they have to throw the sandwiches away if they don't get used

  • Comment 122064 by
    padawan GOLD 1898 Comments

    Lucky you to have 3 seats for your own !
    Breakfast looks tasty.
    Thank you for this report !

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