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Airline Air Canada
Flight AC790
Class Business
Seat 3F
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 04:05
Take-off 16 Nov 14, 07:15
Arrival at 16 Nov 14, 14:20
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Published on 1st December 2014
This journey on Air Canada will take me from LAX to Toronto, and from there I will travel to Israel on Air Canada's new 787 Dreamliner!

Since Terminal 2 at LAX (Air Canada's base at LAX) is currently undergoing renovations, I will spare you commentary on this facility's current state. Suffice it to say, I truly hope that resulting renovations will give tenants such as Air Canada a much needed sigh of relief which they have not been able to enjoy for many, many years.

After checking-in, I proceeded to the TSA Priority security lane and then I headed to Air Canada's Maple Leaf Lounge for a 30-minute visit to catch-up on emails and such before departing the U.S. I was then escorted to the gate by one of Air Canada's professional Concierge Managers and once I boarded the aircraft, awesomeness occurred! Please check out the following video to see what I experienced :-)

photo 20141116_145834505_iOS
A view from my seat… Between nodding off in my comfortable seat, I watched a great deal of sitcoms on Air Canada's on-demand IFE service.

photo 20141116_152914439_iOS
It's amazing that this flight only took 3 hours and 57 minutes - we certainly had some powerful tailwinds for this flight, because I have never made it to the East Coast in less than 4 hours! The pilots in my video were very skilled with this flight and we avoided turbulence while crossing the U.S.

Once our flight departed LAX, Air Canada's award-winning inflight service began.

photo 20141116_150110338_iOS
Normally I have an egg dish during morning flights, but today - I'm going to be adventurous….

photo 20141116_160154464_iOS
Fresh fruit starter with whole grain roll, yogurt and apple juice

photo 20141116_162049210_iOS
My main course: Pancakes with Maple Butter, Chicken Sausage & Cran-Apple compote. I was happy with this selection - the pancakes were moist, the Maple Butter and Cran-Apple compote were quite tasty (not hyper-sweet either) and the Chicken Sausage was savory and not salty like a common pork link.

photo 20141116_190446634_iOS
Prior to landing in Toronto, I enjoyed a taste of Switzerland….. (btw, Air Canada also flies to Zurich)

My next post will include my flights to and from Tel Aviv on Air Canada's brand new Dreamliner aircraft! This much I will say in advance: The Dreamliner is my favorite Premium Class aircraft! The space and technical innovation, tied with Air Canada's Premium services, make it THE ideal flying experience! You can catch a glimpse of my visit to Israel, as well as my Air Canada Dreamllner experience, by viewing the following video.

Special thanks to Andrew Moir for permission to use his photo of this aircraft as my cover photo. Please visit his Planespotter page here'tag=Andrew+Moir
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Air Canada

Cabin crew10.0

Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge


Los Angeles - LAX


Toronto - YYZ



This was a great flight. I am a BIG fan of Air Canada Premium Class services for a number of reasons: 1. They don't have surly flight attendants, 2. Their Concierges genuinely and expeditiously go out of their way to accommodate the needs and special requests of Premium Class passengers, 3. Air Canada has a conscience when it comes to passenger comfort - and - 4. Air Canada employs the very best pilots in North America (the fact that their pilots are able to land an aircraft without having that abrupt landing experience as if like landing on an aircraft carrier, is most welcome...... No commercial passenger purposely flies cross-country to have a white-knuckle travel experience!).

Air Canada is my preferred North American air carrier and they continue to receive high marks for their services on the ground and in the air and value for your money is greater when flying Air Canada when compared to other major airlines in North America. I have to say, it's truly sad that most U.S.-based carriers tend to be careless when it comes the needs of Premium Class passengers. Fortunately, Air Canada gets it, so I am looking forward to flying Air Canada for many years to come.

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  • Comment 123516 by
    SKYTEAMCHC GOLD 9852 Comments
    Thanks for this short Flight Report.
    The seats looks comfortable ( I have tried them they are !) and the IFE is good.
    The meal is well presented and looks tasty ( the pancakes look great). It's a good thing to hand out printed menus.
    A good experience with AC.
    You seem to be a great enthusiast of this airline ! It's true that compared to most US airlines it's doing a good job. Delta is still my favorite but that's a matter of personal taste and also because I am a SKYTEAM Elite member.
    Looking forward to your report on board the B 787 !
    • Comment 306124 by
      jollygiant AUTHOR 52 Comments
      Thank you very much! Yes, I really enjoy flying Air Canada. They go out of their way to be cordial & professional from the check-in counter all the way to the inflight experience. It's rare for an airline to have parity across the board, but they certainly do have it down to a science.

      Re: Delta - I'm glad that you've had great experiences with them. For me, I can't get beyond their hard landings. :-)

      I'm glad that you're looking forward to my 787 reports! It's coming along quite nicely and I'm certain that you will enjoy what you read and view later this week. ;-)
  • Comment 123529 by
    st7515 220 Comments
    Waouh, thanks for this great video (especially the pre-flight part :D) ! Pilots seemed to be über friendly, as AC's FA are. Glad to see again that there are French speaking FAs onboard all AC flights.
    Good point for Lindt chocolate, definitely the best in its category.
    I saw AC 788 in YYZ some months ago, well, it looks gorgeous !
    • Comment 306125 by
      jollygiant AUTHOR 52 Comments
      My pleasure! I'm glad that you enjoyed my report and video on this flight. Indeed, the pilots and FA's are quite friendly & professional. It's always a joy to fly with this amazing airline that overflows with great Canadian spirit!

      After enjoying my flights on the 787, I can safely and assuredly confirm that it is my favorite aircraft. I travel a great deal internationally every year and the 787's lower altitude pressure and humidity makes the arrival experience so much more bearable. Add Air Canada to the mix and you have Utopia! :-) Please be on the lookout for my flight report on this aircraft later this week.
  • Comment 123540 by
    whitelight44 346 Comments
    Great TR and such a nice video. Thanks for sharing :)
  • Comment 123573 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6424 Comments
    Thanks for sharing. AC definitely seems good in Business, though for a transcon of that length many US carriers are offering international business class seats. But that's the hard product...soft product, I think AC is the best North American carrier hands down. Looking forward to seeing the 787 report!

    p.s. Love LAX. I had a few hours' layover at LAX yesterday and went to In'n'out for some burgers and planespotting :-)
    • Comment 306127 by
      jollygiant AUTHOR 52 Comments
      You are very welcome!

      I agree, Air Canada is the best airline in North America. It's interesting that many U.S. carriers are adding international business class seats (a long overdue upgrade), but with all of that new comfort and great amenities, what I've noticed is that those airlines lack friendliness and a gracious spirit - and that comes from within. I think Air Canada team members understand that they wouldn't have a job if it weren't for their passengers - so they don't take that for granted at all. How refreshing! :-)

      Re: LAX - It is a great airport and I too find myself at the In-N-Out on Sepulveda Blvd. often for burgers and planespotting. I am soooooo glad that the city has made great effort to progressively upgrade the facility in recent years. :-)

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