Review of Air Tahiti Nui flight Auckland Papeete in Business

Airline Air Tahiti Nui
Flight TN102
Class Business
Seat 2L
Aircraft Airbus A340-300
Flight time 05:30
Take-off 19 Mar 15, 16:00
Arrival at 19 Mar 15, 22:30
TN 65 reviews
By 5215
Published on 30th March 2015
Off to Tahiti !

SYD AKL LA800 LAN eco -
AKL PPT TN102 AIR TAHITI NUI business - this report

Pictures taken with Canon EOS 700D 18-200mn lense. Some pictures (cabin) were taken with iPhone 6 plus.

Following a very smooth and enjoyable accross the Tasman Sea between Sydney and Auckland, I am in transit in the City of Sails. I know Auckland Airport very well. It is a nice place for plane spotters. The green waters of the adjacent bay provides a dramatic background to some exotic liveries, including the various Air New Zealand fleet pain jobs.
Once I go through the security in the transfer area, I end up in the terminal departure hall. AKL is a small and friendly airport by world standards. The large glass areas make it easy to have a superb view on the apron, tarmac and runway.

photo IMG_2722photo IMG_2790

I need to collect my boarding pass from the transfer desk. A very friendly French National Air New Zealand staff gives me my boarding pass. He usually looks after Air Tahiti Nui flights (3 frequencies a week between PPT and AKL.

photo IMG_2721

This is what is shown on the monitor of the transfer desk. Great to see all the registrations listed.

photo IMG_0198

Funny enough the flight indicates Los Angeles as our destination. In fact my plane will continue on to LAX. Do note also the multilingual flight board and the little advise to passengers….
Only in New Zealand….

photo IMG_2763

My aircraft today is A340-313X F-OSEA, one of Air Tahiti Nui 5 A340. I have already flown on that aircraft. She is name after one of the many Island of French Polynesia Rangiroa
The other A340 are F-OSUN Moorea, F-OLOV Nuku Hiva, F-OJTN Bora Bora and F-OJGF Mangareva.
It is my lucky day. F-OSEA is one of the 3 aircraft retrofitted with the new business class. The two other are F-SUN and F-OJGF
Interestingly, I have flown only 4 of the 5 A340. I have never managed to fly on F-OJGF Mangareva….

photo IMG_2726

See the first officer arm outside of the cockpit window…just like driving a car…:-)

photo IMG_2727

Air Tahiti Nui has a very beautiful and appealing livery. The airline updated its branding/image last year, but that was a very subtle change. The color scheme was not update. Only the logo and the Tiare flower appear to have changed and are featured on the Air Tahiti Nui website.

A close up of the Tiare flower on the tail. Air Tahiti has a very small network, yet only made of long haul flights. Destinations served are Auckland, Tokyo, Los Angeles and Paris. New York and Sydney were discontinueda few years ago.

photo IMG_2728

I have time to do plane spotting…..

One of the NZ B787….

photo IMG_2735

The 767 with winglets looks sensational !

photo IMG_2741

Vietnam Airlines 777

photo IMG_2777

My inbound aircraft LAN A340-300. Note one of 3 Emirates A380 in AKL every day.

photo IMG_2775

A nice painting. The Koru….and The City of Auckland with the distinctive SkyTower and The Harbour Bridge

photo IMG_2723

And a welcome sign

photo IMG_2809

Walking through the new apron, which has been built to accommodate the A380

photo IMG_2783photo IMG_2784

Dubai ? No, Auckland in the afternoon, when the Emirates A380s get ready to fly back to DXB via Australia (SYD, MEL and BNE).
Today there is no less than 3 Emirates A380 at AKL Airport, all docked at gates. See two here:

photo IMG_2782_1

The 3rd one is parked here, just next to our gate

photo IMG_2805

Another view of Rangiroa, and a Virgin Australia 737-800

photo IMG_2792

Time to board. Last shots before boarding:

photo IMG_2794photo IMG_2796_2photo IMG_2804

The aerobridge

photo IMG_2810photo IMG_2811_2

Greetings from the crew. Note the very enticing poster on the galley wall

photo IMG_2813

The business class seat

photo IMG_2814_2photo IMG_2827

The cabin with configuration 2 x 2 x 2

photo IMG_2819

My seat is in the first row. The space is lavish….look at the monitor size…nearly twice as large as the ones in the other rows…

photo IMG_2823_1photo IMG_2834photo IMG_2838

Amenities bag….a cute little box

Time to go. Take off to the West then 160 degre turn towards New Zealand East Coast.
View South of the Airport

photo IMG_2850

The North-South Freeway, one of the few stretch of freeway in NZ…

photo IMG_2855_2

Leaving the East Coast via Coromandel Peninsula

photo IMG_2858photo IMG_2863

Flight time is just under 5hours

photo IMG_2873photo IMG_2876

In flight. The blanket is well presented, in a little bag.

photo IMG_2830

The menu and beverage list

photo IMG_0212photo IMG_0214

Very unsual of me to drink alchohol on board an aircraft. But I just can't say no to French bubbles.
Note the Tiare flower on the glass and everywhere really…

photo IMG_0217photo IMG_0227

The little cone shaped appetizer is just divine…

photo IMG_0216photo IMG_2880

Dinner is served

photo IMG_0229photo IMG_0230

Let's watch a French movie…sadly only one is shown…but it features one of my favorite actor Fabrice Luchini…

photo IMG_2879

I have two monitors as the seat next to me is vacant. It is pretty decadent to be able to watch the movie and the airshow at the same time…

photo IMG_0234photo IMG_2883_1

Nearly there

photo IMG_2901

The airshow map is full of exotic names….actually 4 of the 5 A340 names are shown here….Only Moorea missing

photo IMG_2898

Papeete Airport

photo IMG_0254

AirCalin A330

photo IMG_0255

Traditional Polynesian welcome

photo IMG_0257


photo IMG_0258

Bonus: The Intercontinental Beachcomber Tahiti Airport

photo IMG_0274photo IMG_2916

And my all time favorite Salade Tahitienne (raw tuna marinated in cocount milk) specially ordered (as room service is closed by the time I get to the hotel) is waiting for me…

photo IMG_0262

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Air Tahiti Nui

Cabin crew8.0

Auckland - AKL


Papeete - PPT



Air Tahiti is a boutique airline. The service is friendly, the food is very tasty and the new business class product is very enjoyable. The cabin is spacious and well decorated. The seat pitch is generous and add to that great sense of space. Regretfully the seat does not turn into a flat bed. Which is ok with me for a 5 hours flight, but might prove uncomfortable for longer flight.
Was disappointed by the lack of French movies in the movie would think a French carrier would feature more than just one French movie! However the large choice of documentaries about French Polynesia makes up for it. Don't miss the few pieces directed by Antoine. Finally no snack were served between dinner and landing. I was feeling peckish and would have really enjoyed a little snack...thanks God my Salade Tahitienne was waiting for me.

Overall a truly enjoyable experience. Looking forward to flying the 787 next time I am off to Tahiti !

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La compagnie qui obtient la meilleure moyenne est Air New Zealand avec 7.8/10.

La durée moyenne des vols est de 5 heures et 22 minutes.

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  • Comment 132958 by
    Mathieu 2067 Comments

    Thank you very much for sharing this perfect flight report !
    Your pictures are awesome and your comments too.
    I really do like this cabin. It is very warm and it smells summer-time !
    I'm really surprised about the catering which looks like very nice (and appetizing).
    Livery is nice.

    You spotting at AKL is beautiful. 3 A380 in one day, what a lucky spotter you are !

    See you,
    • Comment 313244 by
      flywunala AUTHOR 155 Comments
      You are welcome Mathieu, thank you for your compliments. Pictures taken with Canon EOS 700D 18-200mm lense. Some cabin photos are taken with my iPhone 6 plus. Yes the cabin is very spacious and has a feel good feel to it. it wasn't full either, which added to comfort.
      Catering was very good indeed.
      Yes AKL is a busy airport these days. They are now getting a Singapore Airlines A380 as well, so it is not unusual to see 4 x A380 on the tarmac at any time. Just wish that aircraft was better looking...:-)
  • Comment 132999 by
    Bernardpf59 77 Comments
    thanks for nice report and lovely spotting; I love that picture with your TN aircraft in the foreground and a NZ aircraft in the background. food seems very unsophisticated but nice and fresh.
    if we consider local times you arrived on the eve of your departure? is that right? I'ld love to cross over the date changing line.
    I'll fly to NZ next december and feel very excited about that.
    • Comment 313245 by
      flywunala AUTHOR 155 Comments
      Thank you Bernard for your comments.
      it is indeed fun to play with the international date change line. I left SYD on Thursday morning and arrived in PPT on Wednesday night. Thus I had two full work day (Thu and Fri) on the ground. Then I left PPT Sat morning but arrived in SYD on Sunday late afternoon. I lost my week-end in the process :-) .
      I once flew back from PPT to SYD when Air Tahiti Nui was operating the direct flight and missed a day altogether (left on the 14 before midnight, arrived on the 16). That day was my birthday (15) actually. Thus no birthday that year lol ! I should be one year younger!
  • Comment 133028 by
    anthonytahiti 1563 Comments
    Thank you very much for this nice report.
    AKL is a very pleasant airport.
    TN Business hard product is good enough for that kind of journey, not too long and by day, but this angled bed seat is not so good for very long haul, TN have to do better with new 787 in 2018.
    Catering is simple but good. Pack of pre landing snack.
    See you
  • Comment 133069 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6719 Comments
    Very nice report as usual. AKL does look like a nice airport. I love any airport that is spotter-friendly! TN service looks good overall, I like the champagne flutes. The cabin looks like and fresh, and I like the modern airshow. I am also surprised that the IFE only has one French movie...on a French airline! Sounds like the IFE content needs some work. Can't wait to see what the cabins of the 787s will look like--hopefully some details will come out soon. Have mostly just read a lot of speculation. Thanks for sharing!
  • Comment 133205 by
    eminere™ 271 Comments
    Nice pictures
  • Comment 133271 by
    NGO85 SILVER 1972 Comments
    Thanks for sharing this report and beautiful spotting at AKL!

    What does the OBK stand for? It looks like actual departure time, but I can't piece together that acronym. That's cool that they put the flight information in the respective language of it's destination, although maybe not useful if you don't speak that language. I like the Japanese ”??????????” not quite the same meaning as relax :)

    I hope you and the girl boarding before you have matching backpacks.

    The cabin has got a nice tropical theme and I really like forward facing seats.

    Pen in the amenity kit, nice. I don't like how the water bottle is under the monitor, almost impossible to reach from your seat without getting up. Also, the blanket looks really small, or you just threw it across the cabin before taking the photo.

    Two champagnes on the menu is impressive, but I would have expected three meal options on a flight of more than 4 hours.

    Meal presentation looks nice except for the salad and the cheese plate (can we even call it that?).

    Overall a good performance on this holiday route.
  • Comment 420772 by
    skimegheath 2 Comments
    Hi thanks for the great review. I know this is a long time ago, but do you recall if your bags were checked the while way through from SYD to Papeete?
  • Comment 420789 by
    flywunala AUTHOR 155 Comments
    Hi Skimegheath, it is just like it was yesterday... I was in PPT in May actually and yes as always my luggage were checked through all the way from SYD to PPT and same when returning ex PPT to SYD (both time via AKL).

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