Review of Air Niugini flight Brisbane Port Moresby in Business

Airline Air Niugini
Flight PX004
Class Business
Seat 3F
Flight time 01:30
Take-off 09 Sep 14, 07:00
Arrival at 09 Sep 14, 08:30
PX 4 reviews
By 7628
Published on 1st April 2015
I have accidentally stumble across a few pictures taken during a trip to Papua New Guinea last September, and there is probably enough material to write a flight report.
I warn the avid reader that there is no pictures of food in this report :-)!

I elect to fly via Brisbane although there is an Air Niugini direct flight via SYD twice a week, because its schedule does not work for the short trip I need to make.
The good news is that the Brisbane / Port Moresby flights are operated by Air Niugini flagship 767, more comfortable than the 737 SYD services.

Due to security aspect a lot of business travellers manage to fly to Port Moresby just for a day, using the Qantas service from Cairns, which leaves in the morning and return in the evening.

This is my second trip to Port Moresby.

THis trip report covers the following itinerary:

767-341ER P2-PXV PX00 4 09-Sep-14 BNE/POM 3F BUS AIR NIUGINI
767-341ER P2-PXV PX004 11-Sep-14 POM/BNE 4C BUS AIR NIUGINI

Is it a beautiful spring Monday in SYD. Virgin Australia domestic flights are board using both the aerobridge and the rear door which requires a walk on the tarmac. I am not unhappy about that.
There is a nice line up of heavies in the background. These aircraft have arrivied early in the morning from all over the world and are parked at remove bays until they are prepared for their return journey and reconnected to the aerobridge for departure.

photo IMG_1582photo IMG_1583

I have done my domestic check in with my phone and the boarding pass is pushed to my Passbook app. I board the plane scanning my phone myself, and I show my mobile phone boarding pass to the crew. Having no baggage to check on this trip, I have managed to board and take my seat without human intervention…pretty sexy!

photo IMG_1581

Virgin Australia IFE system is available via an App on your mobile device (Phone or tablet). Quite convenient in fact. This is the air show:

photo IMG_0071photo IMG_0070

After transfering from the domestic to the international terminal, I discover my aircraft. A 767-300ER registered P2-PXV. This aicraft previous was operated by Amiri Flight and Etihad (A6-EYZZ) during a gig in the Middle East.

photo IMG_1588photo IMG_1594

The business class section is completely decadent, with huge seat pitch and very unsual 2 x 1 x 2 configuration. The flight is light in front, thus I have no one next to me.

Tracking the flight on Flightaware

photo IMG_1600

Take off from BNE, our shadow on the grass…

photo IMG_1603

A high definition screen for a pleasant air show experience. The IFE system is the same as that of Air Tahiti Nui, with just a handful of movies to choose from

photo IMG_1606photo IMG_1623

The Papua New Guinea coast line. Not far from paradise. That side of the main island does not get as much rain as other part, thus the brown aspect of the grass

photo IMG_1637photo IMG_1639photo IMG_1642

We flight just over downtown Port Moresby

photo IMG_1645

Sharp right turn. We can see the runway and the airport in the distance

photo IMG_1649photo IMG_1601photo IMG_1669

The lobby area of the Airways Hotel

photo IMG_1674

The view from the main restaurant of the Airways Hotel, overlooking the airport. Not a bad view for a beautiful early morning breakfast.

photo IMG_1672photo IMG_1673

During my stay I had the best Tuna sashimi…..

photo IMG_1677

The Air Niugini logo at the entrance of their head quarter located near the airport in Port Moresby.

photo IMG_1675

Time to leave. A few local aircraft following us…
Sadly I am flying on the same 767 aircraft as my inbound flight…..argh….

photo IMG_1685

About to start our descent to Brisbane Airport

photo IMG_1695

Bonus: The Sailing Club in Port Moresby. An oasis for the expat community. A very British colonial feel to that establishment

photo Sam in Drummoyne 001photo Sam in Drummoyne 002

The plane I flew with on my first trip to Port Moresby in April 2011. A 757-200
The 757 is a very rare visitor in the South West Pacific skies. Currently there is no 757 scheduled passenger services into Australia. Only DHL runs a 757 freighter across the Tasman.
See the Pacific Blue 737 in the background. Virgin has since been rebranded Virgin Australia across its domestic and international network, and terminated V Australia, Pacific Blue and Virgin Blue.

photo IMG_1402

The room at the Gateway Hotel where I stayed the first time. Both the Airways and the Gateway are located very near the airport.

photo IMG_1407

The 767 I flew with when returning (to BNE) during my first visit, at the ramp in BNE in April 2012

photo IMG_1416

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Air Niugini

Cabin crew9.0

Brisbane - BNE


Port Moresby - POM



A very pleasant trip to Port Moresby. Sadly the city is rather unsafe, thus I only saw the hotel and the meeting room of the company I was visiting.
I had had a look at the city (car locked, and we did not stop at the light...) during my previous trip. Not a place you want to walk or break down....
However the surroundings is just magnificent. Beach, bays, rolling hills, palm and coconut trees everywhere....A rough town on the surface, but paradise underneath...

Air Niugini service was impeccable. The cabin of the 767 is very spacious. On the way back I was initially seated on that stand along middle seat, with aisle on both side. But quickly changed for a window seat as having aisle on both side offers no privacy and is not very comfortable in that respect. The food was ok, and the crew very friendly.

Brisbane Airport is a great place to be, whether your journey starts or terminates there, or your transit. The domestic and international terminals are a few km apart, but there is a bus and a train services that run very frequently.

Port Moresby Airport is pretty shaby. You just want to get out of it as quickly as you can. Fortunately they are pretty efficient processing passengers. For departure, again you just want to spend as less time as possible in the airport. There is nothing to see or do. The lounge is ok and offers free wifi, however it is small and get pretty crowded. The food in the lounge is made of snacks mainly.



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  • Comment 133282 by
    Mathieu 2076 Comments
    Thanks for haring this report of this airlines.
    I didn't know this airline before...
    Btw, thanks for sharing.
    Nice cabin.
    See you,
  • Comment 133287 by
    NGO85 GOLD 1917 Comments
    Thanks for this first (and maybe last?) report of PX!

    Your typo 2-1-1 had me really intrigued to see this cabin! NH also uses a 2-1-2 on their B767s.

    Not a bad livery.

    I'm surprised at the size/quality of the IFE, seems like it doesn't belong on this previously unknown airline. I like their interesting city selection for the IFE, St. Louis is quite the classy city and probably as safe as Port Moresby, maybe that explains how it ended up on there...

    Any recollection of the menu (type of service or number of options) or general feelings about the catering?
    • Comment 314149 by
      flywunala AUTHOR 155 Comments
      Thank you . No not necessarily the last. I might have to go back to PNG. It sounds bad, but it is not that bad (if that makes sense). Yes it is 2 x 1 x 2 I have corrected the report.
      I had the same reaction as you when I saw which city they show on the IFE map....quite funny really. The food was ok as far as I can recall.
  • Comment 133294 by
    SMilano 1288 Comments
    Thanks for this report on a very rare airlines !

    2-1-2 is a strange configuration ! But why not ^^

    The quality of the hard product is a really good surprised.
    It's a pity that we don't have pictures of the catering. It will be interesting to know.
  • Comment 133300 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6424 Comments
    Thanks for sharing the first report on this exotic carrier! I am thoroughly impressed by the Business class cabin--I would have never thought it would be that nice. The 1-2-1 configuration is perfect for a 767 as I find the more common 2-2-2 configuration to be too tight.
  • Comment 133333 by
    lagentsecret 12304 Comments
    Thanks for sharing this FR

    I didn't know that Port Moresby was such an unsafe city

    The cabin is airy and pleasant

    Great spotting of Air Niugini aircrafts

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