Review of ANA flight Tokyo Chicago in First

Airline ANA
Flight NH12
Class First
Seat 1K
Aircraft Boeing 777-300ER
Flight time 12:20
Take-off 30 Mar 17, 17:10
Arrival at 31 Mar 17, 15:30
NH   #30 out of 95 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 232 reviews
By SILVER 2939
Published on 10th May 2017
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Hold on to your pants - this is a long FR. :)

After 20 hours in Tokyo, it was time to head home. We decided to take the Narita Express to get to the airport. After paying at the kiosk, we headed down to the platform to catch our train.

We were in car #2.
photo 32996126504_455c9281ef_c

Local trains passing by.
photo 33710259071_e9eb4c4c3a_c

She approaches.
photo 33026133103_49cd5ab559_cphoto 33026132963_2c0f419597_cphoto 33026132703_e1864bdbbd_c

She left right on time. Gotta love Japanese punctuality.
photo 33026132453_2cbdd478b0_cphoto 33026102253_70de5d09df_cphoto 33710257661_6a4875c49f_c

1 hour and 24 minutes later, we arrived at NRT.
photo 33026132213_42c0107687_c

After getting off the train, we followed the signs to the terminal. Four flights of escalators later and we ended up in the North Wing. I saw the zone letters and realized that we were in the wrong side. I was looking for the Z zone since that is where you go for ANA F check-in, so turned back and made our way to the South side of the terminal.

photo 33683685292_969babe312_c

I found you.
photo 33026131993_96d7551d6c_cphoto 33683684652_5c02256694_cphoto 33026131723_30755ee5cd_c

The agents waiting behind the doors came forward to greet us and assisted with the check-in process. Cold towels were provided which was awesome. They checked us all the way to YYZ but informed us that since we were flying to ORD, we would have to pick up our bags, clear immigration and then drop off our bags which was right out the immigration doors. I never had to do this before, so I was kind of worried that time would be wasted by checking in again in ORD but in the end, I was worrying for absolutely no reason.

We were handed our boarding passes for ANA and the connecting United flight to YYZ and then directed to take the entrance near the back to go through security and immigration. The entire process was done in 10 minutes. Once we were through, we made the long walk to the lounge.

photo 33026131073_816000e0b5_cphoto 33710255391_7c4fbffb2d_c

Follow your nose … or the sign .. whichever works best.
photo 33026101783_0e092bac2f_c

Entrance to the ANA lounge. The First Class lounge is the inside right of the entrance.
photo 33683682912_78b6833e2b_cphoto 33683682622_037e223947_cphoto 33710254671_b8d4077463_c

An agent at the front desk welcomed us, scanned our boarding passes and directed to enter the lounge through the right side.
photo 33683682362_ff404babce_c

We were welcomed by the agent you see standing on the left of the hallway.
photo 33710254101_e563f5b93d_c

She said we could seat anywhere and we ended up sitting on the loungers next to the windows. These seats had a good view of the tarmac. She escorted us to our seats and ask us if we would like anything to drink - champers ofcourse! She quickly came back with cold towels - double awesome! She looked after us during our stay at the lounge. There were other staff members like her would who welcome F passengers and look after their needs. Most of the passengers turned out to be older Japanese men.

photo 33798680856_5ba40bff30_c

The decor felt slightly dated.

The self pouring beer machines.
photo 32996118824_cc9a936d78_c

The food buffet selection was not that great. This was more of a business class selection versus a true first class offering.

I forgave ANA for their poor food offering after eating the dessert - especially the Japanese cheesekcake on the top of the picture. WOW!
photo 32996117674_28ea9ac9c8_c

Not particularly appetizing.
photo 33026099643_e9728ae095_c

The lounge also had a walk up Noodle bar where you could select from a menu. I chose the ANA Katsu curry - sorry I forgot to take a pic of the Noodle bar! As I mentioned before, the curry was decent - Coco Curry house was the hands down winner.
photo 32996117164_403a448028_c

Finally, some pics of the tarmac.

ANA 787 pulling in.
photo 32996116694_0b7264842f_c

Thai and AC pulled in shortly.
photo 33455034800_408d19046f_c

Our bird being prepped for the flight to ORD.
photo 33798682056_85cc2093fb_c

Before going to board our flight, we hit up the gift shops and scoring a few boxes of Kit Kat.
photo 33842857445_27748da6f3_c

The ANA Suites Lounge is good but not great. There are two ANA Suite lounges at differnt points of the terminal but I read they are virtually the same. The service by the staff was great and its nice when the nice is quiet. When the lounge gets busy, the staff tends to be a bit hectic and that was our cue to leave. We headed to gate 54 where our bird was departing from. Gate Lice were already crowding/lining up and agents were going through to check boarding passes. We were requested to stand in the F/Diamond line - some people with families lined up behind us. Hmm.

photo 32996116044_60007fa5cc_c

Our birdie.
photo 32996115684_34400255be_cphoto 32996115484_e52d2bd556_c

Boarding was delayed by 5 minutes due to pre-boarding of passengers with wheelchair assistance and we waited in line for a total of 10 before boarding was finally called. F/Diamond passengers were called first and we quickly scanned through.

Left at the fork.
photo 32996115264_74a67e73c7_cphoto 32996115004_a6cd0e5582_c

We were greeted by two staff members at the door and one of them escorted us to our seats. The F cabin has 8 seats in total - 2 rows of 4 seats. Both of us took the K window seats. The flight attendant helped Mrs.I to her seat, knelt down and offered her slippers. She even removed the slippers from the plastic cover and place them at Mrs.I's feet - Mrs.I was politely refusing the slippers as she was not prepared for this sort of attentive service provided by the flight crew. :)

Need more leg room. :D
photo 33839493175_3d62ba3e42_c

While the cabin was cleaned thoroughly, there were signs of wear and tear.
photo 32996113584_81e6b90962_c

The other seats in the cabin. We were 2 of 3 in F for the flight. :)
photo 33839492845_97c3c3446c_c

Looking down at J class.
photo 32996113254_19ec4469a9_c

The flight attendant helping Mrs.I earlier came by my seat and introduced herself and again welcomed us aboard. She asked if I would like a PDB and went with the usual. She also asked if I would like to change into PJs now and I accepted. Mrs.I went first, then the other gentleman and me last. She escorted me to the washroom, opened the door and closed the door when I got in. I did not take pics of the washrooms - it was the usual set up with the exception that both F washrooms had the Japanese toilet. No heated seat option unfortunately. When I came out, the flight attendant immediately took my clothes, hung them all on a hangar and hung it in the coat area behind my cube. Awesome service.
photo 33839491785_1b955a22d1_c

Touch screen seat controls.
photo 33455034260_0154526a88_c

Usual clunky TV controls and power sockets.
photo 32996112484_59fe2480f2_c

Decent headphones provided.
photo 33839487435_bf1dafcde4_c

Looking across from my seat.
photo 33798637606_37cb2c2e2e_c

The awesome amenity kit.
photo 33798655876_4f2e7d7f3d_c

Which turned out to a dud in terms of contents. Some contents were in the case while the rest was provided on a tray which the flight attendant brought over to us to select. The case is still a winner.
photo 33683665682_dd03e0ce4e_c

Boarding was done eventually and we were pushed back. As we were taxi-ing, the purser announcement that due to a delayed pushback and traffic congestion at NRT, we would be late arriving into ORD. Yay. :|
photo 33839491115_9907aceea8_c

Getting into position to say bye bye. The purser came by and introduced herself - she welcomed us onboard and requested that we contact her in case we needed anything. Another thing to point out - the captain never came once on the PA to make the usual spiel. The first officer did come on the PA after take off and advised of a flight time of 11 hours and a delayed arrival into ORD. After that, all announcements were made by the purser or another member of the cabin crew.
photo 33839490785_5c779a474a_cphoto 33839490515_0535f04170_c

photo 33798638346_7a8d012a26_c

Birds as we were taxi-ing.
photo 33839489795_bd833e9b4c_c

All departing planes lining up for take off.

Yikes. Long line up.
photo 33839487845_2ec32b3df4_c

Blurry take off pic.
photo 33839487145_312355bb04_c

After the seat belt signs went off, the crew got into action. We were presented with two menus in a thick book cover.
photo 33446044844_0d4aa03e13_c

One menu for drinks, the other for food.
photo 34156766061_b9f10ce298_cphoto 33446044344_f953cbf463_c

Shall we start with the food menu first? The entire menu shows the selections for NRT-ORD first and then ORD-NRT.
photo 33903863520_1282238dec_c

The Japanese Set menu.

The drinks menu for all you alcoholics. :)

Yes, I'm sure the wines are "enchanting".

The flight attendant came by to take our dinner order and I went with the Japanese menu. She look surprised that I would select that option and asked if I liked Japanese food. Er … who doesnt? ;)

She also asked for my drink order and I went with the sake. I asked for her recommendation and she indicated to go with the Miyakanbai Junmai Gingo Sake as it was the lightest in taste. Deal.

Stupid flash.
photo 33446040454_d022622370_cphoto 33798636176_755fe54e66_cphoto 33798656916_8cfea708aa_c

Showtime. The amuse bouche, which was not documented on the menu. The flight attendant asked if I wanted chopsticks or a fork - I wanted chopsticks and she was surprised again. Yes, Westerners do know how to use chopsticks. :)
photo 33798658146_f0775f9427_c

The brown roll was sliced beef stuffed with cream cheese, while the yellow ball tasted like mango. I did not know what to make of the mousse in the shot glass and the white jello but they were all tasty.
photo 33798657916_7221378445_c

Next was the Sakizuke (on the top) and Zensai (bottom). I could not bring myself to eat the whole fish piece - the eye starting at me was enough to wuss out.
photo 33798657286_3aa30a91e8_c

Next up - Owan - clam fishcake, marinated bracken and butterbur. I made the mistake of breaking the fishcake as it broke up into small piece rather than halves. Made it messy to finish but I managed it.
photo 33683667132_033340f35c_c

Moving on to the Otsukuri course - sashimi. I devoured the fish and left the rest.
photo 33798656556_d0b92afe51_c

The next three courses were all brought out together. The flight attendant asked if I wanted the steamed rice/miso course with the rest or after and I said to bring with the rest.

At 12 o'clock is the Kobachi course, Nimono at 11 o'clock and Shusai is smack in the middle of everything. The Shusai course was grilled trout and was over cooked - I barely ate half of it. The Nimono was the steamed tilefish and it was excellent - the salted cherry blossom leaf had a good flavour and it kept the fish moist. I honestly did not know what to make of the Kobachi, picked around it and didnt eat much.
photo 33683666762_dbd5e2acc5_c

Miso soup which is as good as it can be.
photo 33798656226_e585cf3aa1_c

Finally, the dessert course - somehow I did not end up getting the Wagashi course but instead was asked if I wanted a dessert of the International menu. I went with the Croissant Waffle with apricot jam and vanilla ice cream. It was excellent.
photo 33683666242_4acfb95af1_c

The service took around 1.5 hours and the crew were discreetly watching us through the cracks in the curtains. As we finished each course, she would come out to take the plate and replace it with the next course - good pacing. At end of the service, I could not keep my eyes open due to the food coma. The flight attendant asked to notify her whenever I wanted to have the bed made and I asked it to be made now. She converted the seat next to me into a bed and I crashed for the next 7 hours or so. The total flight time was 11 hours, so I was happy I slept that long.

photo 33798655556_bdc73dfd24_cphoto 33455032030_e869d1df42_cphoto 33798655116_43b0cd2138_c

The flight attendant saw me taking many pictures through the course of the dinner and the bed. She offered to take a pic of myself and I obliged. She asked how the flight was so far and I commented that the service was excellent so far. She also asked if it was my first time on ANA and I said yes. I commend her for making the effort to speak with me but there were awkward moments in the conversation.
photo 33798654696_0474d73359_c

Two hours before landing, the flight attendant woke me up for the refreshment service and I woke up with a start - it was a really good sleep lol. I took a look at the menu and ordered the Croque-Monsieur and ANA original curry. Yes, I want moar curry. :)

photo 33710230961_81d2cd68c2_c

Croque-Monsiuer. Dry but passable.
photo 33798654326_3cae0e7295_c

ANA original curry. Tasty but again, Coco Curry house was the winner in the curry wars.
photo 33710221901_fa6d687f54_c

Soon after the meal was finished, she asked if I would like to change back into my clothes and I said yes. She brought my clothes out of the locker - removed them off the clothes hangar, folded them and escorted me to the washroom. She handed me the clothes and closed the door. Attention to detail.

Descending into ORD.
photo 33710230841_d16322300c_c

Almost there.
photo 33026111663_110e6edf87_cphoto 33710230641_d0e6cd578d_c

Smooth touch down and taxi to Terminal 5.
photo 33026111373_9b727d44e7_cphoto 33710230531_281510cb62_c

We had to disembark via door 2L. The flight attendant looking after us during the flight escorted us to the front of the line - no stare downs or anything of the sort. We thanked them and made our way to immigration and it took around 10 minutes in total to use the kiosk plus speak to an officer. Bags came out 10 minutes later and our bags were first on the belt. Right after the immigration doors was the bag drop off - our baggage tags were scanned/dropped off and the lady informed to head to Terminal 1. After the quick train ride over to Terminal 1, we headed through security. I dont understand the different level in service between the TSA at Term 1 versus Term 5. TSA @ Term 1 - leave shoes and belt on, TSA @ Term 2 - take everything off and go through the body scanner.

Our United flight to YYZ was supposed to leave at 5.30pm but the FIDS indicated that it was delayed to 6.30p due to traffic congestion. Alot of United flights were delayed in terms of boarding and leaving the gate - ours was no exception. We began boarding at 6.15pm and push back was at 6.45pm. During boarding, the captain came on the PA and advised that traffic control changed pushback time to 7.30pm (collective groan) but she would try for earlier.

photo 33026111183_5c1c13f15f_c

As we started pushback at 6.45pm, the captain came back on the PA to announce that re-negotiated take off at 7.30 but we would wait on the taxi-way until then. We did take off at 7.30pm and it was a bumpy ride all the way through. When approaching, the captain came on the PA to advise that we were in a holding pattern due to bad weather at YYZ (snow) and even though there was extra fuel, there would be a chance we would have to divert to Buffalo (louder collective groan).

15 minutes later, she came on and she requested to prepare for landing (collective sigh of relief). Touchdown at 10:40pm ET.

Home sweet home. We were just happy to be home despite being delayed 2.5 hours.
photo 33842857595_118598f0c3_c
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Cabin crew10.0

ANA Suite Lounge Satellite No. 4


Tokyo - NRT


Chicago - ORD



Final thoughts - what an amazing journey! Mrs.I was blown away by everything on the trip and was appreciative of all the work put into planning the trip. For myself, there were many highlights. In terms of comparing First Class flights - each airline had its own strengths. Cathay Pacific had great service but was not over and above what we experienced on Singapore Airlines while the service on ANA was unique and reflective on Japanese culture.

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    Thanks for the review. I flew NRT-IAH in first last week, and (as will be noted in a future flight-report) agree completely with your conclusion on the Suites Lounge. In the week-and-a-half I spent traveling on the trip, there were several business class lounges that eclipsed the Suites Lounge, which is disappointing, given how nice the onboard product is.

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