Review of ANA flight Tokyo Hong Kong in Economy

Airline ANA
Flight NH859
Class Economy
Seat 27K
Aircraft Boeing 787-9
Flight time 04:35
Take-off 20 May 17, 08:50
Arrival at 20 May 17, 12:25
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By SILVER 1899
Published on 4th June 2017
Welcome to the second part of the report. This part will cover the flight from Tokyo Haneda to Hong Kong.

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2. NH859 HND to HKG You Are Here!
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After an overnight layover in Tokyo, I returned to Haneda airport the next morning. There is a bus connecting Osaki station and Haneda airport which is very convenient (Tokyu Limousine). Since my flight to Hong Kong will be departing at 8:50am, I need to leave hotel very early to catch the first bus. The bus station is just a few minutes from my hotel. I was so surprised that I was the only passenger on the bus. The bus left at 6:00am and the trip to the international terminal will take 42 minutes.

Bus to Haneda airport. The bus went to the domestic terminal 2 and 1 first before reaching the international terminal.
photo dsc03860
Bus arrived at the airport at 6:32am which was earlier than expected.
photo dsc03861
I immediately checkin my luggage at the ANA counters which are located at the 3/F departure lobby.
photo dsc03862
Already lots of people in the terminal.
photo dsc03863
Then I headed to the observation deck on 5/F
photo dsc03864
Observation deck view
photo dsc03867
On the left side of the deck.
1. Japan Airlines B777-200ER JA701J to Shanghai Hongqiao as JL81 (with "JAL SKY SUITE 777" sticker)
2. Japan Airlines B787-8 JA821J to Guangzhou as JL87
3. China Airlines A330-300 B-18352 to Taipei Songshan as CI223
photo dsc03868
ANA B787-9 JA883A to Hanoi as NH857
photo dsc03869
This will be my ride today, JA886A. The configuration of this plane is different from the one that I flew yesterday. JA886A is a middle range international version (中距離国際線仕様), with Trent1000D2 installed and 246 seats. This plane was delivered to ANA in October 2016.

Before 22nd August 2016, HND/HKG flight was operated by B777-200ER. Since then the flight was changed to B787-9. Comparing with B777, the B787-9 has 78 seats more in economy class while business and premium class are largely reduced.
photo dsc03870
Then I visited the Edo-Koji street in the 4/F. The restaurants and shops are designed in a way to recreate the ambiance of days in 17th to 19th century.
photo dsc03871
Still too early in the morning, most of the shops were closed
photo dsc03874
As the departure time approached, I went through the security check and immigration and arrived at gate 109 which is just 2 minutes from the immigration.
photo dsc03876
At 8:23am, the boarding commenced and I boarded the plane after the priority boarding of the business class. My seat 27K, which looked exactly the same as my previous flight from Munich.
photo dsc03877
But on a closer look, I found that the latch of the table is totally different.
photo dsc03893
Cabin during boarding 1
photo dsc03878
Cabin during boarding 2. The seat next to me remained empty for the whole flight.
photo dsc03880photo dsc03882
View outside the window. JA801A parked next to us, ready for the flight to Seoul Gimpo as NH861.
photo dsc03883
Pushback started at 8:47am
photo dsc03885
Taxing to RWY05. An ANA 787-8 was landing on RWY34L.
photo dsc03886
Crossing the bridge that joining the runway and the airport island.
photo dsc03887
lining up on RWY05
photo dsc03888
We took off at 9:06am, the plane immediately made a 180 degree turn to the south. I can had a very good view of the airport below.
photo dsc03890
15 minutes after take off, Fujisan was observable in the distance.
photo dsc03894
The 787 tinting window.
photo dsc03896
20 minutes after take off, snacks were served and I had green tea for the drink.
photo dsc03899
Passing through Muroto-shi in the Kochi prefecture.
photo dsc03900
Lunch was served at 10:02am. I chose the option with Braised beef sukiyaki style over steamed rice (牛すき焼き丼). And I had another tea for the drink.

Japanese udon noodles
Shredded egg crepe
Sauce for Japanese noodles

Mixed leaves
Yuzu citrus soy sauce dressing

Coconut mousse
photo dsc03903
We were leaving Kyushu, Koshikijima Islands (甑島列島) can be seen.
photo dsc03905
The cabin view again
photo dsc03906
During the flight, I watched four episodes of the Japanese drama series.
photo dsc03907
According to the flight map, we were now flying over the northern part of Taiwan.
photo dsc03908
At 11:51am, I went to visit the toilet. While I was waiting behind my seat, an FA directed me to the toilet next to L3 door.
photo dsc03909
Same toilet layout
photo dsc03910
Somewhere over Penghu.
photo dsc03913
At 12:25pm, FA distributed the ANA candies and there were some postcards on the basket as well, so I took one with the star war jet.
photo dsc03915
Very soon I fell asleep. By the time the FA woke me up again, we were closed to landing.
photo dsc03916
Final approach. The bridge that joining Hong Kong to Macau and Zhuhai.
photo dsc03918
We landed on RWY07L at 12:12pm local time.
photo dsc03922
Reaching the final parking position at gate 28.
photo dsc03923
Thanks for reading!
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    aussenrist 225 Comments
    Thanks for sharing this flight report with nice pictures!
    You are so lucky to fly on one of the NH's newest B789. Glad to know NH had updated its IFE system which provides more viewing options for the route map.
    The food looks good as always. NH uses the new meal tray which looks more colorful and plastic than before :P
    • Comment 400972 by
      NGD16 SILVER AUTHOR 59 Comments
      Thanks for the comment. The IFE system is easy to use and the sensitivity is very good. One thing about the tray is that there is a rubber layer to keep the food and drinks in place which I think is very nice. I know some other airlines already did that.

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