Review of Austrian Airlines flight Copenhagen Vienna in Economy

Airline Austrian Airlines
Flight OS306
Class Economy
Seat 11F
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 01:45
Take-off 25 Jun 17, 20:05
Arrival at 25 Jun 17, 21:50
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By 1020
Published on 27th June 2017
Hello and welcome to my flight-report on this Austrian Airlines flight in economy class. This flight to Vienna already is the return flight of my trip to Copenhagen, but I did not manage to take enough pictures to make a report on the previous flight.

As my hotel in the city was located near Copenhagen's main train station (København H), I decided to take the train to the airport. This is a very convenient and fast way, as it only takes thirteen minutes from the city center. The ticket is fairly cheap (for Copenhagen's standards) and only costs 36DKK (about 4.80€/5.42USD).

Ticket machines.
photo img_20170626_145726
My train departed at 18:08 on platform 7 and was bound for Helsingborg.
photo img_20170626_172614photo img_20170626_172811
We arrived at the Airport on time (18:21) and went up an escalator into the main img_20170626_173550
Walk to security.
photo img_20170626_150148photo img_20170626_173935
After passing security and parts of the duty free section, I went to the food court near my gate.
photo img_20170626_174229photo img_20170626_174339
After eating a sandwich I proceeded to gate A12, where the aircraft was supposed to wait for me. It turned out my aircraft had landed approximately 15 minutes late and was therefore just arriving at the gate. As I did not have a connecting flight, this wasn't a problem for me, though.
photo img_20170625_200721photo img_20170626_175350
To pass the time, I walked around in the terminal and spotted some planes.

Swiss A321-200
photo img_20170626_180729
Thai 777-300ER (in the distance)
photo img_20170626_181125
Czech Airlines (City of Magic Livery) A319-100
photo img_20170626_181426
Air France A318-100
photo img_20170625_195150
Adria Airways CRJ-900LR
photo img_20170626_181942
Alsie Express ATR 72-500 (sorry for the cut-off picture, it wasn't possible to make it any better due to a with decoration covered window)
photo img_20170626_182216
Danish Air Transport ATR 72-201
photo img_20170626_182812
Air Greenland A330-200
photo img_20170626_182959
And some SAS and Norwegian aircraft

Aircraft: A320-200
Age: about 9 years
Registration: D-ABZB
Airline: Austrian Airlines
Operator: Air Berlin (wet lease)
Flight Number: OS306
Load: 100%

At 20:05 boarding at automated gates began.
photo img_20170626_184602
Going through the glass jetbridge.
photo img_20170626_152456photo img_20170626_185259
Aircraft tail with registration. The aircraft has a German registration because it was wet-leased by Austrian from Air Berlin as part of a deal involving 5 aircraft. Therefore, the cabin is equipped with Air Berlin seats and Crew is from Air Berlin as well. Service, however, is “Austrian Airlines style“.
photo img_20170625_200852
Entering the aircraft.
photo img_20170626_151629
My seat for todays flight: 11F. Unfortunately, the seat did not recline due to an emergency exit row behind. However, this wasn't a problem for me, as I never use the reclining function on such short flights.
photo img_20170626_192036photo img_20170626_192453
Legroom (totally enough for me, but I am only 1.65m/5.4feet).
photo img_20170626_192740
At 20:23, boarding was completed. The captain welcomed us on board, apologized for the delay and explained that it was the result from a thunderstorm over Vienna, which prevented the aircraft from landing on the previous flight. At 8:28, doors were closed and the cabin crew began a manual safety demonstration.
photo img_20170626_194944photo img_20170626_152623
After a short taxi, we took off at 20:40 with a delay of 35 minutes.
photo screenshot_2017-06-26-20-24-54photo screenshot_2017-06-26-20-17-48photo screenshot_2017-06-26-20-20-27
Passing the clouds.
photo img_20170626_202304
Seat pocket content.
photo img_20170626_202956

Safety card.
photo img_20170626_203534photo img_20170626_203543
Cabin during flight with curtain to business class closed.
photo img_20170626_203819
Shortly after reaching our cruising altitude, drink service (with both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages) started. Afterwards, snacks were distributed. There was a choice of either sweet (Austrian hazelnut sticks) or salty (crackers). I took a cup of water and the sweet snack option. The food was good and enough for this short flight.
photo img_20170626_204840photo img_20170626_204655
After the meal, I visited the front lavatory. It was clean and looked as if nobody had used it during this flight.
photo img_20170626_205141photo img_20170626_205153photo img_20170626_205224
photo img_20170626_205514
Fasten seat belt sign was turned on when we started our decend to Vienna at 21:41.
photo img_20170626_205634
At 21:52, lights were turned off for landing.
photo img_20170626_210058
We landed in Vienna at 21:57, only 7 minutes after scheduled arrival!
photo screenshot_2017-06-26-21-04-12
photo img_20170626_210602photo img_20170626_210758photo img_20170626_210854
Unfortunately, I did not have time to take any pictures of the terminal because I had to rush to catch the train to Vienna. The S7 train to Floridsdorf via the city center departed at 22:18 and I arrived to the train just in time.
photo img_20170626_211506photo img_20170626_211408photo img_20170626_211444

Thank you for reading!
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Austrian Airlines

Cabin crew9.0

Copenhagen - CPH


Vienna - VIE



Copenhagen Airport: A nice airport and quite good for spotting. I would have liked bigger gates with more seating areas.
Austrian Airlines:
Cabin: Eventhough seats were from Air Berlin, they were quite comfortable. Everything was clean.
Cabin Crew: Friendly and helpful.
Entertainment: No TV, but an interesting magazine with lots of articles in both German and English.
Meal/catering: Not a lot but tasty and enough for me on this late flight.
Vienna International Airport: Because I was in a rush I did not notice a lot, but the walkway was short and everything was clean.



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