Review of Turkish Airlines flight Istanbul Bogota in Economy

Airline Turkish Airlines
Flight TK800
Class Economy
Seat 7D
Aircraft Airbus A330-200
Flight time 14:00
Take-off 09 Jul 17, 01:45
Arrival at 09 Jul 17, 07:45
TK   #13 out of 96 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 775 reviews
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Published on 6th September 2017
Hello and welcome to the second part of my FR from Barcelona to Bogota. In this part I don't have many pictures from the flight because I was in an aisle seat on the middle row of four. Also most of the flight was dark outside and I couldn't see absolutely anything.

Well, after the flight from Barcelona, I arrived in Istanbul with quite a plenty of time so, even the late departure, we landed on time.

I don't know why but flights coming from Europe (at least in my case) don't have to pass throught security control. But, on the flights back to Barcelona I have to.
At all, I love Istanbul. Even it is always a cramped airport, here you can find people from all over the world and I simply enjoy walking throught the long corridor looking at the TK tails and those destinations.

Find wally :D

photo 21433174_10212522756217446_7425671809067130554_n

An hour before my flight I went to the gate, which was full of colombian passengers. Today's flight is going to be full. I wasn't expecting that…

Our plane being ready for the long flight

photo 21314351_10212522758017491_4683412778329122605_n

Boarding started some 45 minutes before flight. Again, different queques were waiting. Here I was one of the last persons to board the plane because I was seated at the first section of the cabin. Today we'll be flying the TC-JNC, an old aircraft with an old, very old cabin. Turkish airlines is using those old A330-200 for flights to Latin America because they have an area for the cabin crew. Even that, the cabin itself was, as said, very old. At least space for the legs was quite good again! We also had a Blanket, pillow and headsets.

PTV. Quite a long trip ahead.

photo 21271361_10212522755537429_2902606915382778167_n

Boarding complete and we were ready for pushback. Flight time was expected to be about 14 hours to Bogota. Pushback, engines, flaps, and taxi to the runway. It was quite long taxi, probably because of the traffic. Finally we took off from Turkey. Next stop, Colombia. As I said, plane was full today but my row of four wasn't full at all, so we had one seat left. My seatmate, a Colombian woman who was coming from Dubai, felt asleep quite fast after take off.

We reached the cruising altitude and cabin crew started service. First they displayed the menus, which were in turkish, english and spanish. Oh, hopefully there are still giving menus on economy's long haul flights. Also they gave us night kits and hot towels to clean our hands. And finally they came with the immigration formularies which should be completed before arrival.

photo 21369369_10212522753217371_8938479938306047061_n

After one and a half our dinner was served. I didn't know where we are because the position map wasn't available during all the flight. I hate that and isn't the first time it happened to me. Bad luck. Choices were between pasta and Chicken again. My option was the same as in the other flight. We had beans, a salad and a good dessert.


photo 21370878_10212522756657457_7804771687394717281_nphoto 21271352_10212522758697508_7166161117249975979_n

After the dinner lights were dimmed off and almost everyone was felt asleep. I imagine we were at the western part of Europe getting ready to across the atlantic. I started a movie called "The Passenger" it wasn't that bad.
photo 21314651_10212522756017441_6882852400967897763_n

I paid a visit to the galley. There was a very friendly woman from the cabin crew which I started talking for a good time. The front galley is very quite and you don't have the feeling to be on a plane. There you can have sandwiches, juices, water, coffee… I took a few.

photo 21317580_10212522755017416_1408682254918159995_nphoto 21371132_10212522757737484_4986082298153323409_n

The flight was quite bumpy when we reached the Atlantic Ocean (I don't know the position exactly, but after 4 hours flying we should be there). The seat belt sign was turned on quite a lot of times during the night and is very unconfortable to keep 10 hours moving, even turbulences were not very heavy here.

This is the In flight map? Ok…

photo 21317616_10212522757337474_3534738537898674684_n

Halfway there!

photo 21371358_10212522759257522_7375625538992413926_n

During the night I was taking short naps and waking up, visiting the toilet and the galleys and watching the rudimentary TV. About three hours before landing lights were opened and quite later breakfast service started. There was a single option but it wasn't bad at all. Even that I didn't eat too much because I was getting dizzy because of the turbulence.

Breakfast Service

photo 21272345_10212522754577405_2476459856511806933_nphoto 21272425_10212522753737384_6207687655430054130_n

And after the breakfast most of the windows were opened. Time was passing slow and again, turbulence was increasing, specially when we were in Colombia. One of the bumps made some people scream. The woman seated next to me said: welcome to Colombia. It's always the same. Thank you! I'm not a big fan of turbulence, sorry…

Getting closer…

photo 21432827_10212522752737359_1582032426732515512_n

And then descent started. Bogota was waiting for us. Views seemed to be very nice. Colombian landscape is full of mountains and people next to me, who were colombians, were explaining to me the areas we were flying over very proudly. Flaps again, gear down and a smooth touchdown welcomes me to Colombia. It was almost 8AM. We've been for 14 hours flying. Some people clapped. I don't have any pictures of this part, sorry.

In Bogota it was cold. we passed throught the passports check and after that to collect baggages. Here it comes the funniest part of my trip, so nearly half of the passengers had their bags lost, including myself. Colombians were very angry and rude. I had to wait for nearly 3 hours to make my bag claim. Finally the bag arrived four days later on the next flight. This is the worse part of the trip, of course.

At all I arrived in Colombia. I was for a week in Bogota before I started discovering this beautful and nowadays, hopefully, quite more peaceful country.

Thank you again for reading my 2nd part of this first FR. As soon as I can I will post my flights back on this FR

Best wishes!
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Even the cabin was too old for such a long flight, and it was a bumpy flight, I had a nice experience on board. Again, I will appreciate your comments below in case of any mistake or comments. And if you have any question just ask me, I will try to anwser you!



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