Review of easyJet flight Nápoli Vienna in Economy

Airline easyJet
Flight EZY4851
Class Economy
Seat 21A
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 01:55
Take-off 05 Nov 17, 18:40
Arrival at 05 Nov 17, 20:35
U2   #11 out of 22 Low-cost airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 519 reviews
By 476
Published on 7th November 2017


Hello and welcome to my report of an EasyJet flight from Naples to Vienna. This is the return flight from my holiday in Italy with sunny weather and rather warm temperatures (at least compared to Austria). I even enjoyed a last swim in the ocean on a sunny day, but now I is time to fly back to Vienna, with it's cool temperatures. The following is my itinerary:

26.10.2017 / VIE-NAP / EasyJet / EZY4852 / A319 / Economy ~ Click here

5.11.2017 / NAP-VIE / EasyJet / EZY4851 / A320 / Economy ~ You are here

Naples Airport

I arrived quite early to the airport by rental car.
photo img_20171105_155129

From the car-return a shuttle bus should depart every five minutes. However, a lot of people were waiting for the minibus, so I decided to just walk to the airport. In the end, this took me 6 minutes and the shuttle did not overtake me.

As Naples airport is rather small with oly 6.8 million passengers in 2016, it only has a single terminal.
photo img_20171105_165516
A few shots of the interior. I am not sure when the airport was modernised, but at least it is quite well maintained.

I had to check in a bag at the check-in counter. Again, nobody was in front of me, so I was finished in less than five minutes.

My flight on the FIDS, with gate not fixed yet.
photo img_20171105_170137photo img_20171105_170102
After check-in I immediately proceeded to security. There was no line again, so it was very swift.
photo img_20171105_170303photo img_20171105_170551

Afterwards, I decided to sit down on a free seat, as the airport was getting fuller. At 17:50, when checking the FIDS, I was quite surprised that boarding had already begun. So, I swiftly walked to my gate for today's flight, A1. Arriving there, however, I discovered that passengers were only let into a waiting zone, probably to speed up the boarding process when the aircraft is ready. The waiting area was tiny and very crowded, so I waited almost until real boarding to enter the zone.
photo img_20171105_175746photo img_20171105_190550photo img_20171105_190832

The Flight

Airline: EasyJet
Aircraft: A320-200
Age: 1.7 years
Registration: G-EZPE
Flight Number: EZY4851
Seat: 21A
Actual flight time: 1 hour 19 minutes

Soon, actual boarding started and I walked to the aircraft, again, on the tarmac. Personally, I prefer this to boarding through a jetbridge, as long as the weather is good. As this flight was in darkness, the photos of the aircraft and later of the outside are not of very good quality.

Our Airbus A320 in EasyJet's new livery. This aircraft was only 1.7 years old by the time of the flight and therefore equipped with the new Recaro seats.

photo img_20171105_181259photo img_20171105_181321
The Sharklet.
photo img_20171105_181341photo img_20171105_181346
The aircraft's tail.
photo img_20171105_181414
Fuselage and registration.
photo img_20171105_181559photo img_20171105_181610photo img_20171105_181621
photo img_20171105_181637
Entering the aircraft. As this is a low-cost carrier, passengers are not greated apon entry. A crew member was at work in the galley.
photo img_20171105_191533
Walking to my seat. Finding a space for my cabin bag in the overhead compartments took a while. Normally, I put my bag under my seat, however, this is impossible with EasyJet, due to the short seat pitch.
photo img_20171105_191604photo img_20171105_181743photo img_20171105_191713
Finally at my seat, 21A.
photo img_20171105_191746photo img_20171105_202602
photo img_20171105_192657
photo img_20171105_192546
Overhead panel.
photo img_20171105_182814
View from my seat.
photo img_20171105_183155
At 18:28, boarding was completed and we were welcomed on board.

Our neighbor, an EasyJet A319-100.
photo img_20171105_183109
Soon, safety demonstration followed in English and Italian (I believe it was not in German). Then, we were pushed back.
photo img_20171105_192259photo img_20171105_192225
photo img_20171105_183839photo img_20171105_184013photo img_20171105_184150
Then, we taxied almost to the runway. Shortly before the runway, we came to a halt and waited 10+ minutes for some aircraft to arrive, as announced by the captain.

photo img_20171105_184731photo img_20171105_185246

A few minutes prior to take-off, cabin lights were dimmed.
photo img_20171105_184042photo img_20171105_184518
Finally, at 18:58, we aligned with the runway and took off with a delay of 18 minutes.

I tried to do some aerial shots during climb, but unfortunately the quality mediocre, at best.

After some bumps, the seatbelt sign was turned off at 19:18 and cabin lights were turned on again. Generally, this flight was a bit bumpy due to bad weather over central Europe.
photo img_20171105_192140photo img_20171105_192055
Tray tabel.
photo img_20171105_192731
Seat pocket contents.
photo img_20171105_194141
Safety card.
photo img_20171105_194156photo img_20171105_194202
Duty-free magazine.
photo img_20171105_194215
BoB selection.
photo img_20171105_194226
In-flight magazine.
photo img_20171105_194506photo img_20171105_194354photo img_20171105_194419
At 19:15, the crew started selling snacks. Again, I did not purchase anything.
photo img_20171105_192951photo img_20171105_193030
Shortly afterwards, I went ro to the rear-most lavatory. It was quite clean.
photo img_20171105_194710photo img_20171105_194702photo img_20171105_194717
photo img_20171105_194832photo img_20171105_194843
Duty-free cart.
photo img_20171105_195110
Soon, lights were dimmed again and we started our descend towards Vienna.
photo img_20171105_200946photo img_20171105_201005
Flying over Vienna.
photo img_20171105_201326photo img_20171105_201434photo img_20171105_201550
At 20:17 we landed at Vienna, 18 minutes before schedule.

photo img_20171105_201932photo img_20171105_202012photo img_20171105_202018

Last view of my seat.
photo img_20171105_202615
photo img_20171105_204958photo img_20171105_202752

This is it from this flight, I did not take anymore pictures of the terminal, as I left the gate the same way I arrived in my previous report. I only collected my bag, which arrived very fast and then left the airport by 'airport driver', a taxi service at a fixed fare.

Do not hesitate to leave a comment and stay tuned for new flights in 2018. Thank you for reading!
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Cabin crew7.0
Buy-on-board menu6.5

Nápoli - NAP


Vienna - VIE



Naples Airport: No long queues, but waiting areas rather small.
Cabin: Small legroom, rather hard seats, not too clean.
Cabin Crew: OK, but not proactive.
Entertainment: No TV, not very interesting in-flight magazine.
Meal/Catering: BOB with good selection but rather high prices.
Vienna Airport: Efficient and clean.



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