Review of Japan Airlines flight Tokyo Singapore in Economy

Airline Japan Airlines
Flight JL 35
Class Economy
Seat 60A
Flight time 07:00
Take-off 12 Nov 17, 00:25
Arrival at 12 Nov 17, 06:25
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By 1385
Published on 16th November 2017
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Proceeded to Haneda via a 20min monorail ride from my hotel. Checked in for the flight using one of the self-check in kiosks and dropped my bags. It was rather busy as it was the midnight red-eye peak at the international terminal.

photo 26641204659_9e62ba21c3_b

photo 38386228722_be5895e137_b

photo 26641201949_1fbd4a855a_b

Boarding pass issued by the kiosk.

photo 38417628861_5fd4dd8b4a_b


photo 38361766546_3f77f22592_b

View from the observatory deck.

photo 26641199779_7e2fe620ef_b

Gate for the flight.

photo 38417627661_72ff2fb069_b

Our aircraft was towed into the gate about an hour before departure.

photo 37703265314_506e96f3d3_b

12 November 2017
Japan Airlines
JL 35
Tokyo Haneda (HND) - Singapore (SIN)
Economy Class
Flight Time: 6H54M

Boarding commenced and again priorities were enforced.

photo 37703263784_684c96e60b_b

Boarding the B767 and warmly welcomed by the JAL crew.

photo 38417626801_c578189d41_b

Similar to the previous flight, a pillow and blanket were already preset on each seat.

photo 37703262664_9475be033a_b

Boarding in progress and very efficient. Again, it was a fairly full flight on this red-eye.

photo 37703260854_f03201b7fa_b

View out the window.

photo 38417625471_41aa17dacb_b

Pillow, blanket and headsets. One feedback that I have was that the blanket seemed too short for me.

photo 38417623811_b1dbbd6c17_b

Doors closed and the 90s era safety video was shown.

photo 37703259034_8f0262c971_b

Starting the taxi to the runway.

photo 37703258594_31d838e509_b

It would be a 7hrs red-eye tonight.

photo 38417621691_fe57416295_b

We had a very powerful takeoff from the shorter bay runway Rwy05.

Once seatbelt signs were switched off, the crew came around to distribute bottled water to each passenger.

photo 37703256984_67772ae639_b

This was quickly followed by giving out of hot towels. I watched the latest Transformer movie.

photo 38417619371_2b13a43177_b

Refreshments were served immediately after.

photo 38361749036_f76df2a037_b

As no menus were offered, the online menu would have to suffice. At a glance, the menu for the flight did not looked too appetising, but boy was I wrong!

photo 38361730146_784abb5e89_b

For the late night refreshment, a packet of rice crackers and a bread was offered, which I washed down with a cup of apple juice. This was a sufficient snack prior to bedtime.

photo 38417617631_eca044bdca_b

After the snack service, I paused my movie and had almost 4 hours of sleep. Surprisingly, I was able to sleep quite well on this flight.

Slept all the way till the cabin lights were turned on and crew came around again with hot towels, signalling the start of breakfast service. Again, breakfast was served exactly 2hrs before arrival. Having seen the online menu, I did not have too high hopes for breakfast, but it actually turned out to be the most delicious inflight breakfast I have ever had on a flight in economy, and probably business too! On the breakfast tray were 2 starters, fruits, yoghurt and a main course.

photo 38417616041_67fb66a4a1_b

Main course revealed. I also had an apple juice and hot green tea to go along.

photo 38417614381_89cb614b3c_b

The starters consisted of mixed mushroom, and a smoked salmon with ham and potato salad. Both were delicious! Fruits were sweet and ripe.

photo 37703249344_086ba0a8a2_b

Yoghurt was a brand I had not seen before, but was very smooth and creamy. Loved it.

photo 38361740496_eed3fa3c58_b

The highlight was the main course, which was a superb warm bread roll with thick ham and melted cheese within, along with sides of still-runny scrambled eggs and brocolli. Honestly, this breakfast dish was amazing and I wondered how did the caterer managed to conjure up such a delicious meal in economy! Even my colleague also commented that the breakfast was fantastic!

photo 38361742696_18979a4efa_b

Ending the meal with green tea while continuing with my movie. A very satisfying breakfast indeed!

photo 38386207632_cbfb4609f0_b

Lavatory was nothing special with the basic amenities.

photo 26641184699_31380ea97b_b

View of the cabin.

photo 38361732766_b4d67c48cf_b

Descending and approaching Singapore.

photo 38361731616_ea9520d7ae_b

Dawn is breaking while on final approach.

photo 26641180629_ee0c7c0360_b

Landed on Rwy20R almost 20min ahead of schedule.

Thank you for flying with JAL.

photo 38361737786_ef4163e218_b

Disembarking the aircraft.

photo 38386206152_2bfbdf6b63_b

photo 38361735976_9242914051_b

Thanks for reading this rather short review.
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Japan Airlines

Cabin crew8.5

Tokyo - HND


Singapore - SIN



Again a very good flight on JAL on this mid-haul red-eye flight. Service was excellent again and the food was amazing for economy class standards. Definitely I would have no reservations flying JAL again in the future!

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