Review of Citilink Indonesia flight Lombok Jakarta in Economy

Airline Citilink Indonesia
Flight QG167
Class Economy
Seat 27D
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 02:20
Take-off 26 Dec 17, 09:50
Arrival at 26 Dec 17, 11:10
QG 19 reviews
By 650
Published on 9th February 2018
Welcome back to my flight report on previous family trip to Lombok and after spending 3 night I guess, then we've to go back to Bandung.

Bandung (BDO) – Surabaya (SUB) by Lion Air JT918 = Click Here for Link
Surabaya (SUB) – Lombok (LOP) by Lion Air JT646 = Click Here for Link
Lombok (LOP) – Jakarta (HLP) by Citilink Indonesia QG167 = We're Here!
Jakarta (HLP) – Bandung (BDO) by Wings Air IW1720 = Will be posted soon…

So I'll post here again, the four flight leg will be like this: ((Well actual flight plan doesn't look like this, but yeah.))
photo bdo-sub-lop-hlp

Our Stay at Lombok

During our stay there we stayed at Sheraton Sengigi. Its pretty dated like remind me of Sheraton Bandung when we stayed there back to 2006-ish, Sheraton Bandung already renovated but this isn't yet. The occupancy percentage during Christmas break was absolutely good for the hotel.
photo img_0459photo img_0325photo img_0327

We went to the Southern Lombok to visited nicest beaches on the Island. Its mostly took around 1 to 2 hours from Senggigi area to Selong Belanak Beach, Kuta Mandalika Beach, etc.
photo img_0253photo img_0255photo img_0263

To go to the Gili Meno Island, Gili Air Island, and Gili Trawangan Island for another spot to visit we need to go there by public boat or you actually can rent one for yourself. So we went a day trip to all of three Gili to snorkel and do things there.
photo img_0386photo img_0445photo img_0531

Just a day before we went home we just bought the Wings Air ticket for reaching Bandung, because at first my mom thought we'll be able to get a train ticket from Jakarta to Bandung but that was wrong, the train ticket was sold out that day to Bandung and go to Bandung with shuttle bus services is not an option since not really much option at Jakarta - Halim Airport (HLP) and also the condition of Jakarta - Cikampek Toll Road was crazy it can up to 4-6 hrs driving time with only less than 150 km or around 93 mi. distances between Jakarta and Bandung. So the second last option was to bought a Wings Air ticket for Jakarta Halim (HLP) - Bandung (BDO) flight! The last option is actually to remain stay at our apartment in Central Jakarta but we just want to go home so bad, our pet (6 cats, yes 6)
probably already waiting for us to come home.

So here we go!

Drive from Senggigi Area to Praya Area where the Lombok airport located
photo img_0460photo img_0462

The Flight Report

It tooks about an hour to get to the airport, at the departure area that was fine and free from the crowds.
photo img_0464photo img_0467photo img_0468

The Check-in hall is not really that busy at that morning. But as you can see there's a construction going on to improve this terminal building. Up to the second floor to the second security post and here we are at the domestic departure area of LOP, some shops, and also the FIDS showing you half day information.

Boarding Pass and the common boarding gates for domestic departures.
photo img_0483photo img_0484

After we wait not so long at the coffee shops, they called to board the aircraft. I guess there's more than 30 seats empty, and as the safety issues to balance the aircraft some of passengers from the back of the aircraft requested to move to the front cabin. So from aisle seat I got window seat! Hahahaha.

The seat pitch was okay I took this picture before I moved to the window seat, cabin situation during the process of moving passengers, view outside there is a 737 classic belongs to Batavia Air that defunct on 2013, push back and taxiing process, and the cabin prepared to entered the runway.

As we soon entered the runway, back track to the end of the runway, turn a round, and soon enough the airbus A320 Citilink climbed up to cloudy sky!

During the flight, the Citilink inflight magz., Citilink inflight BOB menu, Citilink inflight merchendise catalogue, and also the safety card of QG's A320s, same with the Lion Air now Citilink equipped their seats with head cover, cabin situation during BOB inflight sales of hot meals, snacks, and some beverages options,
photo img_0538photo img_0543photo img_0546

As usual and a routine for me to bought Citilink's BOB products. Its only cost around IDR 50.000 or about US$ 3.66/ € 2.98. I only bought the meals the mineral bottle actually from the hotel. lol. So when I was onboard QG there's a quiz or a challenge to buy one or more Citilink's Signature Meals its range from Special Fried Rice, Spaghetti Bolognese, Bali Rice, etc. took picture of it and post it on Instagram. The winner will get a free ticket from QG. So I did all the things and….. see down below at the end of the flight report to know the results!
photo img_0550photo img_0551

Most of the flight time we faced couples of turbulences not really severe one but yeah kinda bumpy tho still, and most of the time I wasted it by took a picture for the challenge so it was fun. You can spot the new elevated toll road to connect Jakarta to Bekasi. Its pretty close to HLP if we already can see the skyscrapers of Jakarta far beyond there. And we're arrived at Jakarta Halim Perdana Kusuma Airport (HLP) where this airport used for military (air force base), VVIP (presidential and any other governmental visit), general aviation, private jets, and also civilian.

The terminal building looks so bright with that colour.
photo img_0593photo img_0599photo img_0602

Disembark took pretty long even tho the aircraft not full. Thanks PK-GQD! To the arrival area, baggage claim area, and we directly heading out because we didn't checked any baggage.

The actual flight plan from Flight Radar 24 during that flight:
photo capture-20171226-213138

Thanks for stop by on my flight report here and hope you enjoy reading my FR. Comments and suggestions are welcome. Sorry for grammatical error here and there. The other flight leg will be continued soon….

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The Results from The Challenge

photo capture-20180209-192507
So I was the first to submitted the quiz/challenge on the Instagram there's actually some of another good or even better post but the key is what they've requested and told us to do, which is tag their official account, using the hastag #citilink, #citilinksignaturemeals, and also the most important one that most of other participants didn't put on their post #citilinkdigitalmarketing. So I guess I'm pretty lucky to won the challenge. I've been contacting with the Citilink representatives about the free ticket and will looking forward to flight with them to next destination I really want to visit!
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Citilink Indonesia

Cabin crew8.0
Buy-on-board menu8.0

Lombok - LOP


Jakarta - HLP



As part of Garuda Indonesia Group, Citilink always have a good service and safety standart. Also, as subsidiary of Garuda Indonesia now we can use our Garuda Miles frequent flyer program on Citilink flight. and then there's so many things I really like about my trip to Lombok and the flight home with Citilink.



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