Review of Lufthansa flight Hong Kong Munich in Economy

Airline Lufthansa
Flight LH731
Class Economy
Seat --
Aircraft Airbus A350-900
Flight time 13:20
Take-off 25 Jan 18, 23:20
Arrival at 26 Jan 18, 05:40
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By SILVER 3079
Published on 10th March 2018
Welcome to the second part of the Lufthansa A350 journey back to Munich.

1. MUC->HKG LH730: Here!
2. HKG->MUC LH731: You are here!

I took a taxi and arrived at the airport at 21:50pm. The checkin counters were completely deserted and I quickly checked my luggage. Then I went to Starbucks to have a drink before proceeding to gate.
photo dsc05449
The security check and the immigration were also empty and the processes were extremely smooth. I had already completed the online check-in the night before and had my boarding pass saved in my phone. My flight will be departed from gate 214 which was located in the midfield concourse so I needed to take the automatic people mover to get to my gate.
photo img_1781.jpg
Gate 214 in the midfield concourse
photo dsc05450
My ride to Munich. The brand-new A350-900XWB, D-AIXE with the name of "Essen", delivered to Lufthansa on the 1st September 2017. Next to us at gate 212, parked the Lufthansa B747-8i to Frankfurt.
photo dsc05452
At 22:05pm, there was an announcement that the boarding will begin very soon, so I queued up in from of the gate. Boarding eventually commenced at 22:23pm.
photo dsc05453
My seat 38K. For this return flight, I chose to seat on the right side but there was no different since the flight departed at night and arrived before sunrise. As we can observe from the cabin, the yellow Lufthansa corporate color was almost eliminated. Blue becomes the dominating color.
photo dsc05456
Cabin during boarding
photo dsc05457
Welcome screen on the monitor, with the city view of Munich in the background. My seat number 38K was shown on the screen.
photo dsc05458
I checked out the aircraft camera and watched people boarded the aircraft. There are a total of three outside cameras installed in this aircraft.
photo dsc05459
At 22:44pm, boarding was completed and the seat next to me was unoccupied. Pushback was then started two minutes later and with about 15 minutes taxi to the runway, we took off at 0:01am. The cabin light was turned off a few minutes before take-off. 20 minutes after take-off, I watched the first movie of the flight, transformer.
photo dsc05460
At 0:51am, together with the snack I received the menu card. I opted for a coke as the complimentary drink.
photo dsc05461
After entering China airspace we kept heading north. I checked the route for the past few days and realized that this time we will fly through Mongolia to enter Russia, instead of flying through the north west part of China.
photo dsc05463
Dinner was then distributed at 1:53am. I took the "beef"option and had an orange juice for the drink.
(Black Bean Beef with steamed Rice and Chinese Vegetables)
photo dsc05464
Had a tea after the meal.
photo dsc05465
At 3:04am, I finished the transformer movie and began to feel sleepy. I took a nap for about 2 hours.
photo dsc05466
I woke up at 5:15am, and we had already entered Russia airspace.
photo dsc05467
At 5:31am, I visited the lavatory. I realized that there were also some blue LED lighting inside the lavatory.
photo dsc05468
Self-service bar at the back gallery. Drinks with a lot of choices available and at last I got myself an orange juice.
photo dsc05470
Backed to my seat I started watching the second movie, Dunkirk. About one hour later, I fell asleep again
photo dsc05472
At 9:23am, I woke up again and cabin light was turned on. According to the flight map, there was only 2 and half hours left to Munich. We were flying over Bryansk and about to left Russia into Belarus.
photo dsc05473
The view showing the total flight route from Hong Kong.
photo dsc05474
After finishing the second movie, I continued with the Lego movie.
photo dsc05476
At 10:23am, I decided to stretch my legs and visit the lavatory again.

The blue LED mood-lighting.
photo dsc05477
The aft gallery.
photo dsc05478
The entrance to the crew rest compartment.
photo dsc05480
The same lavatory.
photo dsc05483
Breakfast was served at 10:45am, one and half hours prior to landing. I took the "Egg" option.
(Scrambled Egg with Spring Onion and Mornay Sauce, roasted Potato, Spinach and Chicken Chipolata)
photo dsc05484
Had a coffee after the meal
photo dsc05485
At 11:30am the announcement informing that we had commenced the descend and seatbelt sign was turned on 10 minutes later. Eventually we landed at 5:03am on RWY08L. With a short taxi, our plane parked at gate 216.
photo dsc05486
Thanks for reading!
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