Review of Citilink Indonesia flight Medan Bandung-Java Island in Economy

Airline Citilink Indonesia
Flight QG813
Class Economy
Seat 10F
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 03:05
Take-off 09 Apr 18, 12:15
Arrival at 09 Apr 18, 15:20
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QG 19 reviews
By 419
Published on 29th May 2018
Hello welcome back!


This flight report will talk about my previous flight with Citilink Indonesia on last April with routing Bandung (BDO) - Medan - Kualanamu (KNO) v.v. Then, I bought myself a ticket to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for short weekend getaway and also visit my cousin and her family at Ipoh. As I was chosen as the winner of #citilinksignaturemeals photo competition that held between 18 December 2017 - 14 January 2018, I did took the chance when I was on Lombok to Jakarta on Citilink 167 flight so I snap, snap, edit here and there, post to Instagram, ask people to like, and wait for the announcement.

To be honest, there is one competitor with more likes than I did and also better picture, but she wasn't put all the requested hastag etc. so yeah I was lucky enough to win the competition. LOL. They announced the winner around early February (supposedly at the end of January), then I was contacted by several people to proceed my Free of Charge (FOC) Ticket as the reward. They reposted my picture when they announced the winner.

So I was thinking to go to Raja Ampat Islands or even to Weh Island before, but I convinced myself that I can't afford the accommodation and so forth there, so I searched ticket to Malaysia instead and yes it was way cheaper, then I plan to visit my cousin while I'm there. With lots of blackout dates that Citilink gave to me due there's lots of long weekend because lots of public holidays either monday/tuesday or thursday/friday from March to May in Indonesia and also the FOC ticket expired on 1st of June before the Mudik Season started. I need to considering lots of stuff at the uni so I need to be really careful to set out the date for this trip, I decided to go on early April.

The receipt that I received from Citilink when I contacted to convert the voucher to real ticket is they release the ticket with this price: 3.062.200 IDR (Rp) = 217,71 US$ / 186,02 € I was only paid IWJR, Airport Tax, and Extras (Seat & Meals) around less than 500.000 IDR (Rp) = 35,54 US$ / 30.38 €. Still Good deal right?
photo capture-20180529-232354

So here we go!

The Journey!

As the BDO-KNO wasn't so special and I'll cover the KUL-KNO later after this, we gonna talk about KNO-BDO leg first! This map will illustrates my whole journey with Citilink and Also Malaysian Airlines.
photo nnn

As I arrived from Kuala Lumpur with Malaysian Airlines I need to check myself again for this flight. There's not really long queue at the check in desk. After that I just walked to one of souvenirs shop to bought one famous sponge cake from Medan, right after that I guide myself to just straight to the boarding lounge.

This is really bright and big terminal compare to several airport in Indonesia.
photo 20180409_101646photo 20180409_101649

Walk to the lil shopping area and I reached the security checks. It was really chaos indeed. I did hate those kind of people that cutting line and also coming so close to their departure time so made other people in rush and anxious.
photo 20180409_101732photo 20180409_101750

After the security checks another little walk to the boarding gates at the second level.
photo 20180409_103529

My boarding pass and the gates.
photo 20180409_114318photo 20180409_114322

The QG's squad.
photo 20180409_114917

Flight Information:
Date: 9/4/2018
Flight: Citilink Indonesia QG 813
Route: KNO - BDO
Aircraft Type: A320-200
Aircraft Reg: -

Boarding called kinda late.
photo 20180409_120733

As the crew just changed, I believe there will be another delays, and as soon as we arrived at the bridge to jetway the ground crew need to hold us up because the cabin crew wasn't ready yet, another 3-5 minutes wait then we can proceed to board the aircraft.
photo 20180409_120818photo 20180409_121551

Next to another QG and boarding still ongoing with my estimation the flight was full load.
photo 20180409_121555photo 20180409_122304

Spotted the Sriwijaya Boeing 737-900ER's. Right after that, we took off!
photo 20180409_123707photo 20180409_125220

As the seat belt sign was off, I grab everything inside the seat back pocket which is: inflight magazine (Linkers), inflight menu, safety card, and the airsickness bag. These were the only thing provided onboard to keep you entertained, there's no Wi-Fi onboard yet. Sky outside.
photo 20180409_130451photo 20180409_131400

They gave my Pre-Booked Meals first, and both of them. I made order the Pre-Book Meals(PBM) from their mobile apps due its cheaper price and included bottled mineral water. Because one is never enough I need to bought two menus. On previous BDO-KNO flight I was ordered the Chicken Teriyaki and Arsik Fish Sibolga. Only Chicken Teriyaki one that I don't really like. Also, I'm pretty surprised that on KNO-BDO flight they brought my PBM on better presentation and also using tray?
photo 20180409_131614

On BDO-KNO flight they only gave my PBM like this? Yes without bottled mineral water and no tray such a things.
photo 20180405_095713photo 20180405_095746

First Round, The Nasi Kuning Cakalang (Yellow Rice Cakalang).
photo 20180409_131722photo 20180409_131803

The Sales On-board and they actually gave me another bottled water from the seat order via their mobile apps. So not only one but I got three bottled water on this flight! Previous one I only got one! Big question here with their services. Note that all cabin crew still wearing the old uniform that QG's introduced back in 2011-ish and since May 2018 all cabin crew already wearing their newest uniform.
photo 20180409_131904

Second Round, The Nasi Ayam Tangkap Aceh (Aceh's Chicken Rice).
photo 20180409_132419photo 20180409_132454

The outside situation and I'm done with my meals in 20 to 30 minute-ish.
photo 20180409_133008photo 20180409_133016

Cabin throughtout the flight and outside situation
photo 20180409_142149photo 20180409_142155photo 20180409_143453

As we can spotted Jakarta CGK Airport it'll be fast enough to arrive at Bandung Area. We need to wait around 10 minutes due the air traffic controller didn't gave us the permission to land yet.
photo 20180409_143655photo 20180409_150745

Landing process
photo 20180409_151116photo 20180409_151207photo 20180409_151309

Turn around at the runway and taxi to the apron, then parked next to one of Garuda Indonesia's (GA) Retro Livery.
photo 20180409_151425photo 20180409_151635photo 20180409_151804

Sometimes I hate this slow people that rushed to be disembark first but they don't even ready yet and clog peoples way.
photo 20180409_151953

BDO's apron view that time of the day.
photo 20180409_152322photo 20180409_152323

Since I didn't checked any baggage I just walk thru the baggage reclaim area.
photo 20180409_152804

Walk passed of The BDO's teritorial so that I can ordered GrabCar that will cost me cheaper 50%, thru the Pasupati Fly Over and we can see the view of Tangkuban Perahu Mtn. and soon enough I arrived at home.
photo 20180409_155647

So here is the end of my first leg about short getaway to Kuala Lumpur with Citilink Indonesia and Malaysian Airlines. The second leg I'll post it after this report reach 300ish views :D

The End

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Thank you so much for stopping by and read my flight report! Really sorry for typo, bad grammar, etc. Hope you enjoy!
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Citilink Indonesia

Cabin crew9.5
Buy-on-board menu9.5

Medan - KNO


Bandung-Java Island - BDO



As one of the loyal Citilink Indonesia frequent flyer since 2016, I would probably really lucky enough to won the competitions just because I like to order their meals while fly with them and made a flight report about it. Yes I know QG's still need lots of improvement and also inconsistency of services standard that they need to minimilise. As they introduced the new cabin crew uniform I guess it looks really good and freshen up the old uniform that they've been used since 2011-ish. I wish QG's will expand their routes to some regionals destination and increase the frequency from some route so they can compete with other competitors.



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    Pilpintu SILVER 855 Comments

    Hi, Emyrrs!

    I was chosen as the winner of #citilinksignaturemeals photo competition

    Congratulations! You're really lucky... and a good photographer, too. Your winning photo has a beautiful composition! I see why it was the winner.

    This is really bright and big terminal compare to several airport in Indonesia.

    Good thing, because there's nothing more depressing than a dark airport.

    one famous sponge cake from Medan

    I must try that some day!

    Next to another QG

    I love the colorful liveries of Indonesian airlines!

    Garuda Indonesia's (GA) Retro Livery.


    slow people that rushed to be disembark first but they don't even ready yet and clog peoples way

    I hate them, too. But I'm never in a hurry to disembark, anyway! :)

    The second leg I'll post it after this report reach 300ish views

    I usually wait until my reports reach the end of the homepage, but it takes too long sometimes.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Comment 447864 by
      emyrrs AUTHOR 109 Comments

      Hello Nechus, thanks for stopping by.
      ---Congratulations! You're really lucky... and a good photographer, too. Your winning photo has a beautiful composition! I see why it was the winner.
      Thanks... I know I am really lucky, because my competitors actually like way out of my league but then again there's lots of requirement like this hastag, mention this mention that hahaha.
      ---I usually wait until my reports reach the end of the homepage, but it takes too long sometimes.Thanks for sharing!
      Hahahaha, I know I know. Thanks again for visiting, reading, and also commenting here Nechus!

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