Review of Lufthansa flight Hong Kong Frankfurt in Economy

Airline Lufthansa
Flight LH797
Class Economy
Seat 44K
Aircraft Airbus A340-600
Flight time 11:35
Take-off 18 Jun 18, 23:40
Arrival at 19 Jun 18, 05:15
LH   #53 out of 137 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 1137 reviews
By SILVER 3036
Published on 25th August 2018
Hello everyone. Welcome to the 7th part of the trip to Asia. This report will cover the return flight from Hong Kong to Frankfurt.

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Before 25 March 2018, Lufthansa Hong Kong-Frankfurt route was served by A380, the A380 was then deployed to the Hong Kong-Munich route while A340-600 was the replacement aircraft. It was not bad, since the opportunity to fly an A340-600 would not be too much as Lufthansa gradually retired the A340-600 fleet. I arrived at the airport at 21:15pm. The check-in counters were quite empty as usual, and we finished the check-in process in 15 minutes. We then went through the security and headed directly to the gate.
photo dsc06410
Our gate was assigned at 210. This is located in the satellite terminal.
photo dsc06411
At 22:30pm, announcement was made to inform passengers that boarding will be starting in 10 minutes. We think it was about time and started to queue up in front of the economy class lane.
photo dsc06413
My plane to Frankfurt. A340-600, D-AIHV, delivered to Lufthansa in May 2008.
photo dsc06416
Pilots were preparing for the flight.
photo dsc06417
Boarding started at 22:41pm.
photo dsc0649
Walking down the jet bridge.
photo dsc06420
My seat 44K. The seat is located at the first row of the second section of the economy class. Good things of the seats are with more legroom, but for me I can only enjoy half of the window. Blanket and pillow were already placed on the seat.
photo dsc06421
view of the cabin from my seat.
photo dsc06422
Seat pocket was placed at the bottom of the partition wall in front of me. The safety card was already updated with the new livery color.
photo dsc06423
Armrest was not able to be lifted up, due to the presence of the tray table and the monitor. Headset was distributed to us soon and at about 23:02pm, boarding was completed. At this point we all think that everything was going smooth and we could obvious depart on-time, but turned out that it wasn't.
photo dsc06424
About 20 minutes later, the cockpit announcement that due to the traffic control of the China airspace, the time slot that given to our departure would be two hours later. I took out the monitor and started the entertainment system.
photo dsc06425
In no time, the crew was serving drinks and I took an orange juice.
photo dsc06426
Because of the delay, I was able to continue watching the Worldcup match of Belgium against Panama.
photo dsc06428
At 23:44pm, snacks was served. Several minutes later, an update from the cockpit that they had changed a new routing with just a slightly increase in flight time and we were able to leave in 10 minutes. The flight time would be 11 hours and 45 minutes.
photo dsc06429
At 23:56pm, pushback was started and the cabin light was switched off. With about 10 minutes taxing to the runway, we finally took off from RWY25L. I switched to the flight map mode, and as you can see the plane in the map was already wearing the new livery.
photo dsc06430
At 1:05am, dinner was served. This time Lufthansa did not distribute any menu beforehand, so I did not know exactly what would be serving. I just simply took the pork option with coca-cola.
photo dsc06431
A cup of coffee after the meal.
photo dsc06433
After the dinner, I watched the second Worldcup match inflight, Tunisia against England. About 20 minutes later, the cabin light was turned off.
photo dsc06436
I slept for approximately three hours and woke up at 6:42am. I checked the flight map and learnt that we were flying over Russia.
photo dsc06437
Then I started watching a Japanese film called Blade Of The Immotal.
photo dsc06438
At 7:46am, I visited the toilet. Generally speaking, the toilet floor was quite dirty after several hours of flight and obviously no one was taking care of it.
photo dsc06439
Five lavatories were available.
photo dsc06440
Staircase to the toilet at the lower deck.
photo dsc06441
The small minibar opposite to the staircase and I took a glass of apple juice. Back to my seat, I continue watching the movie and at 8:30am, I slept for another hour and as I woke up, the cabin light was switched on again, meaning that we were close to destination.
photo img_2661
Breakfast was served at 10:07am.
photo dsc06442
I took a cup of coffee and apple juice for the drinks.
photo dsc06445
At the breakfast I visited the lavatory again.
photo dsc06446
Lufthansa fleet introduction in Lufthansa Magazine, all wearing the new Lufthansa livery.
photo dsc06448
At 11:13am, announcement from the cockpit that we had passed Berlin and would be landing in 30 minutes. 5 minutes later seatbelt sign was on.
photo dsc06449
Guten Morgen! Frankfurt.
photo dsc06451
At 5:48am local time, we landed on RWY25C. Total flight time was 11 hours and 21 minutes. We finally parked at terminal 1, gate A52.
photo dsc06452
Last view of the aircraft.
photo dsc06454
Thanks for reading!
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Flying this route so many times, I really do not have much to say about the airline and the service. But this time I would really like to emphasize that they should really check the lavatories from time to time, as I was really quite messy during the flight.

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