Review of Alaska Airlines flight Seattle San Francisco in Premium Eco

Airline Alaska Airlines
Flight AS1742
Class Premium Eco
Seat 3F
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 01:40
Take-off 10 Jul 18, 07:05
Arrival at 10 Jul 18, 08:45
AS   #47 out of 95 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 85 reviews
Published on 14th August 2018


This past fall my parents decided to rent an Airbnb in Kona for 30 days this summer, and to invite various relatives of ours over while we were staying there. My grandfather and great-aunt were flying United because of price, on a BWI-SFO-KOA-SFO-BWI itinerary, my other grandparents flew Hawaiian on points with a SEA-HNL-KOA-OGG-SEA routing, and my parents and I took Alaska because my dad had a companion fare, with a SEA-SFO-KOA-SEA routing. I was particularly excited for this SEA-SFO flight as it was on an ex-Virgin America A320, I was flying in their extra legroom section, it was my first time visiting California, and I had never gotten to fly VX when they were around but I had always wanted to. But anyways, enough about me. Let's get to the part you really came here for-the flight.

Sea-Tac Airport:

Since we were staying in Kona for 30 days and thus airport parking would be obscenely expensive, we took an airporter to SEA. This necessitated waking up at 1:30 am, so I was really tired for most of the day. We arrived at about 4:10 am, and the airport was already humming but not too busy.
The Alaska check-in area.
photo 42913607995_57c52551d7_k
By 5 am, we had cleared security and gotten seated at our gate, which was D2. I grabbed something from Starbucks for breakfast in Concourse B, then headed back over.
The interior of Concourse D at SEA. The ceilings are kind of low, but it wasn't that crowded when I was there so it wasn't too bad.
photo 29947733048_c2b2dc2253_k
photo 29947733338_2535987073_k
This terminal is the home of a few AS flights, AA, and a lone NK gate. Admittedly, the dining options in this terminal are pretty bad. But to be fair, with most of the restaurants in the Central Terminal closed down due to renovation, it's pretty slim pickings everywhere.
Here's some plane spotting that I did while waiting for my flight to board.
photo 42913610275_f9964ab0ae_k
photo 42914076215_5a7e6e1921_k
photo 43101259454_657e575a13_k
This is our airplane, N638VA "San Francisco Pride", built in 2009.
photo 42009226070_917e512069_k

Flight 1742: SEA-SFO

At about 6:20 am, boarding commenced. Once I got onboard, I was pleased to notice that there was still mood lighting on the plane, and there might have been music playing too, I don't remember. I took seat 3F, behind the bulkhead between first and economy.
photo 29947779278_289eeb8906_k
This was the empty row of seats across me, to better show the legroom. (I got this shot while disembarking at SFO.)
photo 42008673490_b2fbe37901_k
The seat was comfortable, and had great legroom. Once I got settled though, I started to realize that although this onboard hard product was elegant, it was starting to get a little bit long in the tooth. For example, there was a shared storage pocket near my feet, but it was ripped in the middle, so it was basically unusable. Plus, my remote had some signs of wear and tear and my tray table got stuck halfway for a few minutes when I tried to remove it.
photo 43100740084_e858351aa6_k
photo 42913615575_dcf6e8563c_k
That being said, the rest of the cabin was tidy, and I liked it overall.
Obligatory legroom and window shot.
photo 42914096005_747b104a56_k
photo 42009249140_2c4dceb501_k
We pushed back on time, and the safety video was played, with the flight attendants standing in the aisle doing a manual demonstration. I found it inconsistent on Alaska's part that the flight attendants were wearing their VX uniforms and that the video showed no mention to AS, even 2 1/2 months after the merger was completed. I hear that the safety video is going away soon though, so at least that consistency issue will be resolved. There was a small line for takeoff, after which we took off into the cloudy skies of SeaTac. The cloud cover was so heavy today that it took a minute or two just to clear through them.
Here's a view of that from above, just to emphasize what I was saying.
photo 43100741164_40bd443749_k
The climb was uneventful, during which I explored Red, Virgin America's entertainment system.
photo 43817335801_11d5b92f87_k
I set out to explore as much of the system as I could, as I hear that it's going away soon. I was impressed by the flight map, but disappointed by almost everything else, since it appears that Alaska has "pared down" the content, and gotten rid of the shop, live TV, chat, and possibly more. All that was left was some generic episodes of some TV shows, some movies, info on AS, and onboard ordering for snacks and drinks.
photo 43769334322_1ea0a357e4_k
photo 43181910204_f73e63ef46_k
photo 43817342181_73c53b9c99_k
photo 28880898247_c08530bc56_k
photo 43817338311_113b1ee415_k
photo 43817352751_d7c4de6ff4_k
Around the Washington-Oregon border, the flight attendants took drink orders. I ordered cran-apple juice, and it was delivered to me with a Virgin America napkin. This was another inconsistency that I noticed, although I understand that if these were spare napkins that they'd want them used rather than thrown away.
photo 43851995472_dcc1dd0c58_h
Packs of trail mix was served shortly afterwards, which were good and appropriate for a flight of this length and at this hour.
photo 29947746778_4fdd4e1574_k
After this, I took a peek into First Class to see what was going on there, then I explored the contents of the seatback pocket. I would have talked to the FAs, but unfortunately my aisle seatmate was asleep, so I decided to not mess with that.
photo 42913618755_5533d6b7aa_k
photo 42008666710_baedba0f00_k
Even though it's normally blocked at about 2 hours, the flight from Seattle to San Francisco only takes about an hour and a half on most days. Thus, between taking photos and videos, eating and drinking, listening to music, and watching an episode of The Big Bang Theory, the flight passes by quickly. All too soon, the nose pointed down ever so slightly, signifying that descent had begun, and that my experience with Virg-*COUGH* Alaska Airlines was coming to an end. During the descent, there was a view of San Francisco for those on the left side of the aircraft, which the crew kindly pointed out.
We made a parallel approach with a UA 752, which was fun to watch.
photo 43817813151_f07ab489c2_k
The plane made a smooth landing at about 8:40, then we started to taxi towards our gate, only it was still being used since we had arrived early, so we waited for a little while between teminals 1 and 2 and watched various planes taxi by.
United 738 and the distinctive SFO tower.
photo 42008673320_c61d6df756_k
Interjet A320! I definitely don't see that at home.
photo 42009270500_219f1ef254_k
United Express CR7. Apologies for the glare, the sun's position was kind of awkward so it was unavoidable.
photo 42009268400_e8e11abac8_k
After a few minutes, our gate, 51A, opened up, then started taxiing to the gate. On the way I saw the Alaska A320 and A321neo, which look quite smart in Alaska's livery.
photo 42009265230_615f9a2d8b_kDSC03405 by ian_m.03, on Flickr
photo 43101321064_881bf63c77_k
When I stepped off the jet bridge, I saw this sign. I really like that Alaska has these, even though it's such a small thing.
photo 42008704940_f209722aed_k
One last glimpse of N638VA.
photo 28880951587_8eb7d3853b_k
The interior of Terminal 2 at SFO, where Alaska and some American flights are located at, and where I would spend 2 hours at before my next flight to KOA.
photo 43768838482_e21b37984f_k
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Alaska Airlines

Cabin crew8.0

Seattle - SEA


San Francisco - SFO



I had a good experience with Alaska on this leg of my trip. While the cabin was slightly beat up and there was some brand inconsistencies, I think that they are usually a tad bit better than the Big 3. With a robust network in the PNW, a decent presence in California, and a great frequent flyer program, I would recommend Alaska Airlines to anyone travelling in those areas.

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    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6909 Comments
    Hi JetCityTraveller, thanks for sharing your first report here! It's great that you got to fly on a VX A320 as part of your itinerary. It's harder to fly AS/VX here on the East coast, but I hope to get one last time on a VX plane to the West coast before they're all reconfigured to the boring Alaska cabins. It's a shame that AS has taken content out of the VX IFE, though I honestly find your IFE grade a bit harsh considering there are still PTVs, with some content and a good moving map, which is still way better than 99% of other U.S. carriers on similar length flights.

    Wow, a month on the big Island, that's awesome. Love Hawaii, enjoy!

    Welcome to Flight-Report!

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