Review of Alaska Airlines flight San Francisco Kailua in Economy

Airline Alaska Airlines
Flight AS869
Class Economy
Seat 21A
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 05:15
Take-off 10 Jul 18, 11:55
Arrival at 10 Jul 18, 14:10
AS   #47 out of 95 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 85 reviews
Published on 15th August 2018


I took this flight with my parents as part of a SEA-SFO-KOA routing. You can see my report on the SEA-SFO flight here: I had a 2 hour layover at San Francisco before this flight, and since I had gotten up at a ridiculously early hour, I was quite tired. I did some plane spotting, walked through some shops in the terminal, and got an early lunch. Before I knew it, boarding started for my flight to Kona, so I made my way to gate 53.

Flight 869: SFO-KOA

At gate 53, I saw the 10-year old 737-800, N593AS, waiting to take us to Hawaii. They were boarding all rows at that time and there was no line, so I was able to get my boarding pass scanned and go onto the jetbridge without waiting,
photo 28880961087_1633a466f7_k
I took my seat in row 21, which had good legroom and was comfortable.
photo 42009324940_676a10b999_b
photo 28880962267_9ff400c666_b
Great wing view (but scratched, dirty windows). We were parked next to N286VA, "legally high".
photo 28881461697_79fabef28d_k
While the rest of the pax boarded and everything else was finished before pushing back, I saw a United 757-200 and China Eastern A330-200 in a special livery taxi by, among other planes.
photo 43101373814_1ee75eb360_k
photo 43101370774_e9f947adcb_k
And once we pushed back I saw a Cathay Pacific 777-300ER and a More to Love A321NEO.
photo 43101378954_0638259d53_k
photo 42131242440_5f9e93e6a0_k
After a short wait for takeoff, we launched into the sky, and had a really nice view of the California coast.
photo 42913665155_c81c2095e3_k
SFO after departure.
photo 43101388884_a809482c78_k
The views outside on mainland-HI flights are quite uneventful for 90% of the flight, because there's obviously nothing but the open ocean during that time, so I closed my window shade once I stopped seeing land. I then fell asleep for about 45 minutes and didn't wake up again until the beverage service. Entertainment tablets would have been available for a small fee during that time though, if my past flights with Alaska are any indication. When I woke up, the FAs were coming through the cabin with drinks and their BOB menu. I chose orange juice, was given Biscoff cookies for free, and bought a Tom Douglas-inspired coconut chicken bowl. Unfortunately, since I took this flight, Alaska has gotten rid of the Tom Douglas hot meal plates in favor of a new buy-on-board menu.
photo 29947786088_4f3f1a53d4_k
I spent the next few hours watching TV, dozing, and reading. Strangely enough, the streaming entertainment didn't work on my iPad so I had to watch Netflix on this flight, but on my flight back home it worked. A few water services were made, and I was surprised that they didn't serve free Mai Tais, because even though I'm not of age, they were always mentioned in other Alaska trip reports to Hawaii that I've read. 45 minutes before landing, the plane started its descent into Kona.
photo 43100794724_15bf681b2f_k
We passed over the northern tip of the Big Island, then we were over the ocean for a few minutes, until the western shore of the island came into view.
Some coral reef and very blue water down below. I imagine that this would look even better on a sunny day.
photo 42914170405_b90e93119e_k
Volcanic terrain. This flow was from the 1801 Huʻehuʻe lava flow from the volcano Hualālai, and it's where the current Kona airport was built on. .
photo 42914173335_cd39b2a5ca_k
photo 29947788398_d7a5fcc896_k
Alaska only has one gate in Kona, gate 7, and we were 20 minutes early, so we had to wait 20 minutes, just like in SFO, for the aircraft in our gate to leave.
Planes we passed while taxiing to our gate. United 737-900ER to SFO, American 777-200ER to DFW, and an American 757-200 to PHX.
photo 43101395744_09fdc62d25_k
Once we parked, I had expected there to be airstairs in the front and back, but there was only one set in the front.
Cabin view while deplaning.
photo 28880968787_80a999d925_k
I then left the plane, took my first breath of that warm, humid Hawaiian air, and got one last picture of ship 593 before she headed back to SFO later that afternoon.
photo 29947790168_49b1907ea1_k
The terminal at KOA that I arrived at. This one houses Hawaiian, Alaska, and Delta, and another similar building has all the other airlines.
photo 43100803424_2d28345e4e_k
My parents and I then went to Alaska's baggage claim, and thanks to their 20-minute baggage guarantee, we only had to wait a few minutes for our checked bags before getting our rental car and starting our Hawaiian vacation.
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Alaska Airlines

Cabin crew8.0

San Francisco - SFO


Kailua - KOA



All in all, I liked my Alaska flight from San Francisco to Kona. There was comfortable seats, friendly service, and I got from Point A to Point B safely and on time. What else could I ask for?



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  • Comment 460319 by
    KL651 TEAM 4535 Comments
    Thanks for this FR.
    Was the BoB menue expensive?
    AS does have a good reputation and their livery is great but I fail to see what's so different about them vs. UA or DL.
    • Comment 460827 by
      jetcitytraveller AUTHOR 13 Comments
      The BOB menu was reasonably priced for airplane food, I spent about $9 USD for my coconut chicken bowl. I do admit that Alaska's hard and soft products are similar to United and Delta, but some differences for me are that they have a loyal following in the Pacific Northwest, an excellent FF program, and I just feel like the employees care about you a little but more than the legacy airlines.

      Thanks for commenting on my FR, and I'm glad that you enjoyed reading it!

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