Review of Qatar Airways flight Munich Doha in Economy

Airline Qatar Airways
Flight QR058
Class Economy
Seat 42A
Aircraft Boeing 777-300ER
Flight time 05:16
Take-off 19 Sep 18, 17:04
Arrival at 19 Sep 18, 23:20
QR   #1 out of 99 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 551 reviews
By 1998
Published on 16th October 2018
A very warm welcome to everyone!
This time I will report about my trip to Bangkok, Thailand with Qatar Airways.

Trip Overview

- Part 1: MUC > DOH | QR058 | B777-300ER => YOU ARE HERE!
- Part 2: DOH > BKK | QR834 | B777-300ER => CLICK HERE!
- Part 3: BKK > DOH | QR833 | A380-800 => CLICK HERE!
- Part 4: DOH > MUC | QR059 | B777-300ER => CLICK HERE!


So you can see and as I said, this series of reports covers my holiday in Bangkok, Thailand.
I have never been to Bangkok or Thailand before, so I was really looking forward to it.
When I booked that trip back in June, the initial plan was to enjoy a holiday with my girlfriend. Unfortunately she broke up with me at the end of July … so I had to make a decission … go to BKK alone or try to cancel everything. Well … hotel was not cancellable and regarding flight I would have got about 40% back.
A lot of money would have been lost, so I made the decission to go alone …. nevertheless another fact that made me strong about this was … that the four flights listed above would be my flights #97, #98, #99 and #100!!
Finally breaking the 100 barrier and well … can you do it better than with an A380 für #99 and a B777 für #100?
You might know, B777 is my favorite … so hell yes … that number will stand forever - #100 with a Boeing 777-300ER! :)

Flight Data

General Info
Date: September 19th 2018
Flight No.: QR058
Equipment: B777-300ER
Registration: A7-BEU (just about 3 months old!)
Seat: 42A

Flight time
Boarding planned: 03:55 pm
Boarding actual: 04:04 pm
Push Back: 04:47 pm
Departure planned: 04:55 pm
Departure actual: 05:04 pm
Arrival planned: 11:30 pm
Arrival actual: 11:20 pm
Arrival Gate: 11:28 pm
*Note: All times are local times!

Pre Flight @ MUC

Weather in September was awesome in Bavaria, so when I arrived about 2.5 hours before scheduled departure, Terminal 1 - which covers the flights for QR was almost empty.
Already on my way to the airport, I saw a LH A350 arriving.
photo 20180919_141343

Qatar Airways is located a the older Terminal 1 in Munich. After I was dropped off by my parents in the short term parking area (10min free parking) I walked to the check-in counters and was surprised that there were almost no people waiting! After 10 minutes I got my flight tickets and yep …. here we go!
Proceeding through the security checks was easy ….. once again no people on that sunny Wednesday afternoon.
One thing is quite tricky regarding QR at MUC, the check in counters are located in Module A of Terminal 1 …. but the flight itself departs from Module B …. so you cannot pass the security next to the check in counters in Module A …. you have to go to Module B.

When I passed the security checks, I still had about 1 hour until boarding started. So I took the front row seat and admired my aircraft for the flight DOH!
photo 20180919_151259

Not far away from my Gate - in Module C - the big belly monster!
Emirates A380 was also prepared for her flight back to DXB.
photo 20180919_154127

Flight QR058

Boarding was - lets say good on time.
There were not many poeple for that flight to DOH …. hard to say, but I would say about 150 to 200?!?!
Defenitely not a lot of people as a lots of rows in the back of the aircraft were free …. so yes, jackpot! I got 3 seats for myself. ;)
The aircraft was just a few months old so she - ;) - was fitted with the new Economy seats.
Overal the new seat was very comfortable … but as always …. 3-4-3 in a B777 is a no-go!
Seat pitch and width in the B777-300ER as usual with 3-4-3 config!
photo 20180919_161231

Some action which took place right in front of my window while we waited to get pushed back.

British Airways getting ready for her flight back to LHR.
photo 20180919_161120

Quite a special one for me as I have never seen it before live!
Royal Jordanian gets pushed back for her flight to AMM.
photo 20180919_161255

Another LH A350 departed …
photo 20180919_163056

Finally at about quarter to 5:00 pm we were pushed back!
photo 20180919_165232

And another LH A350! We overtook her and departed right in front of her!
Another front row seat for me to see that beauty. :)
photo 20180919_170151

Finally … Let's goooo …. let's head South-East again!
photo 20180919_170300

And wupp … airborne!
photo 20180919_170344

Shortly after takeoff, we made a sharp left turn - almost 180° to headed towards South-East.
That gave me the opportunity to make a great aerial photo of MUC!
photo 20180919_170451

Overall, the weather that day was gorgeous … clear sky and just a few small clouds.
photo 20180919_171121

About an hour into the flight it was time for dinner.
Three options were offered:
- Thai red chicken curry with jasmine rice
- Beef and mushroom casserole with mashed potato and garden vegetables
- Penne rigate pasta in an arrabbiata sauce with grilled vegetables, pesto and feta cheese

I choose the Thai chicken option whith was awesome - one of the best meals I ever had on a flight!

Here is the complete tray.
photo 20180919_180703

I like the QR branding in the cutlery.
photo 20180919_181515

Starter - Seasonal salad
photo 20180919_180745

Main course - Thai chicken curry
photo 20180919_181644

Dessert - Srtawberry cheesecake <3
photo 20180919_182539

After dinner I took a Johnnie Walker Red Label - cheers!
photo 20180919_183004

A view of the cabin as the night falls in while we passed Iraqi airspace.
photo 20180919_184043

The entertainment system was huge! So many movies, music and all that stuff.
I chose to watch "Invictus" … a great movie which I really recommend to everyone!
photo 20180919_193156

When my movie finished we were just 1.5 hours away from Doha.
The flight - up to that point - was very calm. No bumps on the road … but as almost everytime … when we entered the Persian Gulf some turbulences occured.
Nothing heavy at all…
photo 20180919_213120

Last few minutes of the flight were quite spectacular as we flew directly over Doha … it looks amazing at night.
photo 20180919_221625

Final approach into DOH!
photo 20180919_221721

Touchdown … welcome to DOH. :)
photo 20180919_221940

After about 8 minutes we arrived at our gate and parked right next to an LATAM A350 - she is currently used by QR.
photo 20180919_222823

Her registration was A7-AMA … and I have some good memories about her.
She brought me safely back home last year in August on my Flight DOH > MUC! :)
We had a short chat - she is doing great! ;)
But I had to leave her to catch my connecting flight to BKK!

Post flight @ DOH

As there were not many people onboard - disembarkement was done quite fast and I guess 99% of the passengers proceeded to the connecting flight area.
Security checks were very efficient and fast - so it took me just about 20min to leave my seat and pass the security. Which I guess is quite fast!
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Qatar Airways

Cabin crew9.0

Munich - MUC


Doha - DOH



Another great flight with Qatar Airways - it was my fifth overall and once again I was very happy.
The cabin crew was very friendly and asked several times if everything is okay ... well I guess it felt more personally as the flight was not full.
Meal and catering was great, I was also asked if I want a second glass of Whiskey ... well of course! ;)

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  • Comment 470521 by
    KL651 TEAM 4510 Comments

    Thanks for this FR.
    Wow flying out of MUC really shortens this flight to a medium haul one.
    And for a medium haul flight the service is indeed really good.

  • Comment 470763 by
    Rob777ER AUTHOR 42 Comments

    I guess ... especially from Europe ... QR is quite a good option!
    Obviously QR is one of the best airlines, new equipment, great service and a professional crew.
    The price for the flights is quite the same as with EK or EY ... but you don't have to pay extra for a seat reservation!
    I mean that's quite a huge advantage ... just take a look at EK or EY in Economy, if you have a comparable flight to BKK ... you have to pay 4 x 25€ for seat reservation ... so another 100€ additionally!
    And to be honst ... 5 hours pass by so damn fast. :D

  • Comment 471166 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 5399 Comments

    Hi Rob777ER, thanks for sharing a nice report as usual! QR seems like a really good and convenient option to Southeast Asia from Europe. The seat pitch looks decent, so at least there is some legroom with the tight 3-4-3 configuration. From Europe, the trip to SE Asia is broken up into two shorter flights, which is probably more bearable from a comfort level--better than 3-4-3 on a 10+ hour nonstop flight. Meals also look good for Y and it's nice that they were generous with the drinks. Thanks for sharing!

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