Review of Qatar Airways flight Bangkok Doha in Economy

Airline Qatar Airways
Flight QR833
Class Economy
Seat 79A
Aircraft Airbus A380-800
Flight time 06:38
Take-off 25 Sep 18, 21:20
Arrival at 25 Sep 18, 23:58
QR   #7 out of 141 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 522 reviews
By 2282
Published on 31st October 2018
It is already the third part for my review about my trip to Bangkok, Thailand with Qatar Airways.
After the journey from MUC to BKK and some bonus pictures from BKK, this time you will get some information about the return flight - more precisely - for the first leg between BKK and DOH.
So welcome everyone and enjoy!

Trip Overview

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- Part 2: DOH > BKK | QR834 | B777-300ER => CLICK HERE!
- Part 3: BKK > DOH | QR833 | A380-800 => YOU ARE HERE!
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As I already mentioned, my return journey from BKK will cover my 99th and 100th flight in my life so far … maybe not very special for other but as I love statistics in life, it is quite special for mel! There will only be one 99th and one 100th flight in a lifetime.
So I was super exited and super happy to be able to get - in my opinion - the two most impressive aircrafts for that journey.
My 99th flight was done by an Airbus A380 and my 100th flight, which you will see in part 4, by my favourite aircraft - Boeing 777-300ER.
So Ladies and Gentlemen … fasten your seatbelt and let's start!
I am very happy to share that with you. :)

Flight Data

General Info
Date: September 25th 2018
Flight No.: QR833
Equipment: A380-800
Registration: A7-APD (about 4.5 years old!)
Seat: 79A

Flight time
Boarding planned: 07:55 pm
Boarding actual: 08:20 pm
Push Back: 08:53 pm
Departure planned: 08:55 pm
Departure actual: 09:20 pm
Arrival planned: 11:40 pm
Arrival actual: 11:58 pm
Arrival Gate: 12:06 am
*Note: All times are local times!

Pre Flight @ BKK

I spend 5 days in BKK of sightseeing and I checked everything from my to-do list …. well of course there is a lot more to see in BKK, but not why check that from the to-do list at another trip to BKK later? ;)
Anyway, my flight on that very hot Tuesday, September 25th 2018, was in the evening … so I still had a full day to do something I wanted.
Unfortunately I had to check-out in my hotel in BKK at around 11am.
So first of all, I had to wake up my SQ Teddys from their rest … well they were not very happy with that! ;)
photo 20180925_105403

Then I made my way to Phaya Thai Station - which was just a stone throw away from my hotel in BKK.
photo 20180925_114213

As I know that I had to check-out early and no late check-out was available, I was looking for a day-room at the Novotel Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport Hotel.
Thankfully there was a room for an acceptable price available, so I booked it for a total of 6h which gave me quite some time to take a rest, a shower before check-in for my flight from BKK to DOH and a lot of time to check out Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport.

If you wanna see some bonus from the Novotel Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport Hotel, you can find that in the bonus section next.

Pictures from Novotel Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport Hotel

Bonus : Click here display

After an relaxing afternoon @ BKK, I left my room at about 6;30 pm and walked to the check-in counters.
BKK's check-in hall is quite huge and as Qatar Airways offers a lot of flights per day and two flights from BKK to DOH within an hour in the evening, there were a lot of counters availabe.
Check-in was done within a few seconds … okay, let's say minutes and I was ready for flight #99!
photo 20180925_184526

Many peoples in the check-in area.
photo 20180925_184619

After check-in I proceeded to the security checks … I really like the figures which you can find almost everywhere @ BKK.
photo 20180925_193440

Security checks and immigration was very efficient and after 20 minutes I was in the duty free area.
photo 20180925_194549

Well - no surprise - BKK is huge! So I started my walk to the Gate for my flight …. both QR flights that evening back to DOH departed from neighbour Gates.
photo 20180925_195047

Let's check one more time … am I at the right flight to DOH? ;)
photo 20180925_195150

Flight QR833

Boarding started a little bit late and while I was queueing up, I tried to see my A380 for my 99th flight … but the building @ BKK is not very spotter friendly. :(
photo 20180925_202327

Really looking forward everytime when I can fly with an A380, the last time was back in June 2018 when I flew with Korean Air from ICN to CDG.
This time it was QR A380 - look at that huge wing!
photo 20180925_202835

To be honest … flying with an A380 is definitely more comfortable than with an B777 … but a B777 has the most powerfull engines in this world … for me as an Engineer, that's what counts!
For that power, that sounds … I give up any comfort! :D

My first impression of QR's A380 was very good … I tried to get an Economy seat in the upper deck, but unfortunately there was no seat empty.
Nevertheless … the seat in the A380 was good as usual…. a little bit wider and pitch was also good.
photo 20180925_203327

That days flight from BKK to DOH was quite full, I did not see any empty seat in the back and this time I was not that lucky and did not get a complete row for myself.
photo 20180925_203413

View from my seat.
photo 20180925_203715photo 20180925_203842

Oh yes … camera on the A380 was available.
photo 20180925_204518

With a slight delay we were pushed back and taxied to the runway.
photo 20180925_205515

During taxiing a lot of Thai beauties were visible.
Thai B747
photo 20180925_210538

Thai B777
photo 20180925_210715

Thai A380
photo 20180925_211029

Sadly … as we lined up on the runway it was time to say Goodbye Bangkok and see you later once again!
Full thrust and away we go!
photo 20180925_212008

My 99th takeoff was stunning!!! We departed in a western direction but made a U turn to fly directly over BKK!
photo 20180925_212617photo 20180925_212634

More pictures from BKK during departure!
photo 20180925_212650photo 20180925_212657

After we reached cursing altitude everything settled down and I was looking for some music and a movie on the in-flight entertainment system.
When my first short movie was finished, we entered already the Gulf of Bengal!
photo 20180925_221815

And just a few minutes later, dinner was served.
Three options were offered:
- Stir-fried chicken with hot basil with Thai style fried egg and steamed jasmine rice
- Braised beef with potato puree and parmesan cheese
- Stir-fried noodles with tofu in sweet and spicy sauce

The complete tray with …
photo 20180925_223637

… noodle salad as starter.
photo 20180925_223743

Main course - Braised beef.
photo 20180925_224115

And some cake and KitKat for dessert.
photo 20180925_224814photo 20180925_225053

Once again … some whiskey after dinner! ;)
photo 20180925_225238

When dinner was finished we were almost over India … and just a few minutes after we entered India - turbulences occurred - let's say "as usual over India". ;)
photo 20180925_232050

Cabin was dimmed and some passengers took a nap while others were watching some movies or series.
photo 20180925_232726

Time flew by quite fast and soon we passed India and left it behind us.
photo 20180926_010656

Because of the restrictions for QR, we were not able to fly directly over the UAE … instead we flew over Pakistan and Iran before we headed to Qatar.
photo 20180926_014406photo 20180926_021338

1.5 hours before landing @ DOH a snack was served.
photo 20180926_021603

It was the usual QR snack box …
photo 20180926_021646

… some "bun with chicken filling" and a muffin.
photo 20180926_021800

Well to be honest … that QR snack is not too bad, I mean … you can get worse snacks on Economy class flights. ;)

We passed the UAE on the north side …
photo 20180926_031347

.. before turning south to DOH.
photo 20180926_032509

As we came closer to Qatar, the bright lights of Doha were visible …
photo 20180926_034141photo 20180926_034255

… we passed DOH …
photo 20180926_034414photo 20180926_034503

… before making another U-Turn to line up for ILS-landing @ DOH.
photo 20180926_035159

Final approach followed by a very smooth landing @ DOH on my 99th flight! :)
photo 20180926_035521

As we were delayed since departure in BKK, we also arrived about 15 minutes late in DOH.
Taxiing took a while but I had plenty of time until my next flight - my 100th flight!

Post flight @ DOH

Well post flight @ DOH was … unspectacular!
We arrived at the A-Gates and my next flight to MUC departed - if I remember right from the C or E Gates … anyway I took the train inside DOH Airport which was very convenient.
After that I took a break, did some duty free shopping … some more Whiskey for home and then walked to my Gate for my outbound flight back to MUC …. Flight #100 coming up.
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Qatar Airways

Cabin crew9.0

Bangkok - BKK


Doha - DOH



So ... my 99th flight ... and it was great.
The crew was very friendly, the equipment (A380) awesome and the seat quite comfortable.
I am quite happy that I had the opportunity to fly QR's A380.
Now I have flown with Lufthansa, Emirates, Korean Air and Qatar’s A380.
The comfort on the A380 is always spectacular and every time during boarding I question myself "How can that fat belly monster take off" ;)

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