Review of Qatar Airways flight Doha Bangkok in Economy

Airline Qatar Airways
Flight QR834
Class Economy
Seat 43A
Aircraft Boeing 777-300ER
Flight time 06:28
Take-off 20 Sep 18, 01:56
Arrival at 20 Sep 18, 12:24
QR   #4 out of 72 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 566 reviews
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Published on 21st October 2018
For the second time in this series, a very warm welcome to everyone!
This part will cover my second flight from Doha to Bangkok, Thailand with Qatar Airways.

Trip Overview

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This time it is another B777-300ER review between Doha and Bangkok.
Qatar Airways flys quite ofen between DOH and BKK per day so i had quite a few options.
When I booked that flight back in June I did not know, that flight QR834 is quite a special one.
QR834 departs DOH, arrives at BKK and after about 2 hours QR834 departs BKK for a 5th freedom flight to Hanoi, Vietnam.
Additionally at the bottom of this report I have added another special with a lot of pictues I took in wonderful Bangkok.
Enjoy and have fun! :)

Flight Data

General Info
Date: September 20th 2018
Flight No.: QR834
Equipment: B777-300ER
Registration: A7-BAP (about 7 years old!)
Seat: 43A

Flight time
Boarding planned: 12:40 am
Boarding actual: 12:48 am
Push Back: 01:40 am
Departure planned: 01:40 am
Departure actual: 01:56 am
Arrival planned: 12:40 pm
Arrival actual: 12:24 pm
Arrival Gate: 12:30 pm
*Note: All times are local times!

Pre Flight @ DOH

So as I mentioned in part 1 there were not many people onboard QR058 from MUC to DOH, so it took me just about 20 minutes to get off the aircraft and pass the security checks.
After that I still had plenty of time to get to my connecting flight which was luckily not too far away.

Can you spot my next flight? ;-)
photo 20180919_225235

As usual when you have a layover in DOH, you have to visit the huge Teddy Bear in the duty free area.
Short walk and a obligatory photo.
photo 20180919_23102056556

It was my third time connecting at DOH and for the third time and once again I did not feel like the airport is overcrowded like it is @ DXB or AUH ….
Obviously most of the people can be found in the duty free areas near the big Teddy Bear.

Anyway after a short stop at the Teddy, I bought something to drink and then proceeded to my gate.
Everything is quite easy to find at DOH.
photo 20180919_22565756556

When I arrived at the gate …. it was downstairs …. so a remote gate for the first time for me @ DOH.
There was already a huge crowd in the waiting area.
Funnily QR offers two flights to BKK within 20 minutes or so and on this day boarding for both flights took place at the two remote gates downstairs next to each other.

Flight QR834

Boarding started on time and the biggest bottleneck was - as usual - to get all the 300 to 400 passengers into busses and then to the aircraft.
I took quite a while but the bus frequency at DOH was quite good.

When I arrived at my aircraft outside - it was still bloody hot at 1am local time in DOH - I had a wonderful view of the B777-300ER engine! <3
Thats pure engineering! Awesome … you gotta love that huge engine!
photo 20180920_001611

Another perspective.
photo 20180920_001631

The aircraft is about 7 years old so this timeI had the "older" Economy seats.
Overal the comfort was quite the same.

View from my seat - 43A - another B787 was prepared for her flight to anywhere in the world.
photo 20180920_002642

Push back was on time and while we taxiied to the runway we got the annoucement that we will have to wait another 5 to 10 minutes.
But the delay was not too problematic as we expected some good winds!
With a delay of 18 minutes - full thrust - we roared into the night sky of Doha!
photo 20180920_005803

To be honest … from above DOH looks amazing! I guess a 1 or 2 day trip to DOH would be quite awesome for some sightseeing - maybe even ideal with a stoppover!

After we left DOH tbehind, the first part of the flight was quite unspectacular, just a little bit bumpy over the Persian Gulf.

About 1 hour after departure a light snack was offered - standard snack as so often seen on QR flights.
Nothing special to mention - just a pastry with some chicken filling and a muffin.
photo 20180920_013704photo 20180920_013751

I took another Whiskey and then rested a little bit.
photo 20180920_014044

When I woke up we were already over India - quite a northern route that day.
photo 20180920_030221

The windows blinds were down as the sun rose quite quickly outside.
And when we entered the Gulf of Bengal, "brunch" was served.
Three options were offered:
- Roasted chicken in ginger and soya sauce with vegetable fried rice
- Stir-fried prawns with egg noodles
- Sugar doughnut with strawberry compote with vinallia sauce

I choose the roasted chicken option which was not bad and really a good portion!

Here is the complete tray.
photo 20180920_050535

Main course - Roasted chicken
photo 20180920_051034

Weather over the Bay of Bengal was awesome!!! <3
photo 20180920_052809

I love this view … I could watch it for hours and it never gets bored. :)

Here is our flight path so far.
Getting closer to BKK.
photo 20180920_064002

Finally land was in sight!
photo 20180920_065721photo 20180920_070549

Just about 15 minutes until touchdown @ BKK.
Golf course from above.
photo 20180920_071012

We passed Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport on the west side - can you see the airport behind the clouds? ;-)
photo 20180920_071224

Over the sea we made a U-Turn to line up for landing @ BKK.
photo 20180920_071712photo 20180920_071938

Seconds from touchdown …
photo 20180920_072233

… Touchdown! Hello Thailand … Hello Bangkok!! :)
photo 20180920_072331

Very smooth touchdown, one of the best I have experienced and I guess the conditions were not that easy.
There were quite some adjustments on the final approach necessary.

Taxiing took about 6 minutes - thats quite fast on such a huge airport.
During my stay in Bangkok I got the information that BKK will be extended over the next few years to handle more passengers!
Another huge gateway to Asia and Australia is coming up?! ;-)

Philippines Airlines A350
photo 20180920_072836

Special B777 Star Alliance livery!
photo 20180920_072857

And finally parked next to a Air China - A319?!
Looks too small for a A320!
photo 20180920_072947

Post flight @ BKK

Disembarkment took quite long … but as I mentioned, flight QR834 is quite a special one as the next segment BKK to HAN is a 5th freedom flight.
There was an announcement that the crew will be changed and all passengers with final destination HAN have to stay on the aircraft.
During disembarkment and before you were able to enter the airport area there were airport personel who checked the names of the passengers who disembarked with a list.
Just to make sure the right persons exit the aircraft with final destination BKK and everyone else stays on the aircraft.

As I never was on such a flight where the next segemtn is the 5th freedom route, it was quite a nice experience to see how that situation is handeled.
The only other 5th freedom flight I was on, was in 2014 MUC > MAN, but back then I boarded in MUC and not in SIN to get the experience!

Pictures from BKK

Bonus : Click here display
See more


Qatar Airways

Cabin crew8.5

Doha - DOH


Bangkok - BKK



The flight was quite special, especially with the feeling of a 5th freedom flight - it was a little bit different.
Crew was - once again - very friendly and nice.
Meal and catering was also okay and definitely enough for another 6h hop from DOH to BKK during the night.

Hope you enjoyed the bonus pictures! ;)

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    loukas 343 Comments

    Hi and many thanks for this report and beautiful bonus! I love Thailand and Bangkok, Thai food, massage, temples and markets so reading your report was a great pleasure!

  • Comment 471355 by
    KL651 TEAM 4523 Comments

    Thanks for this FR.
    Transiting through the Gulf to BKK enables to have two shorter flights which i Like.
    But I find DOH creepy on every picture I see, it seems dark (I know it's not IRL) and that lamp/teddy bear is creepy.
    Good service onboard again on QR.

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