Review of Sky Airline flight Montevideo Santiago in Economy

Airline Sky Airline
Flight H2 554
Class Economy
Seat 22F
Aircraft Airbus A319
Flight time 02:35
Take-off 21 Sep 18, 23:55
Arrival at 22 Sep 18, 02:30
H2   #67 out of 93 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 58 reviews
Published on 21st February 2019
Welcome to the third leg on this trip to the beautiful capital city of Uruguay.

In case you're interested (most probably not) the reports for legs 1 and 2 are also available.

I'm here because there are many interesting things to see around Montevideo, but I ran short of time in my previous trip.

For example, watching Montevideo from the tallest and most modern tower in the city - the Antel Tower, aka Torre de las Telecomunicaciones - is a must. Another breathtaking landmark is the Palacio Legislativo, headquarters to the Uruguayan Parliament. And last - but by no means least - beautiful Colonia del Sacramento, a town that preserves its historical center with its lovely colonial buildings.

I'm leaving some photos in this…

Pre-flight Bonus

Montevideo seen from top of the Antel Tower

Antel is the Uruguayan telecommunications company. Their headquarters, the so-called Torre de las Telecomunicaciones…

photo img_20180919_162849

…is the city's pride and joy.

photo img_20180919_154318

It's a complex made up of several buildings…

photo img_20180919_154330

…of futuristic lines.

photo img_20180919_154423

It also has a museum of telecommunications…

photo img_20180919_154439

And a watching deck…

photo img_20180919_154501

…with a 360° view on the city.

photo img_20180919_154517

So we take the elevator to floor 26. There's a scale model of the complex.

photo img_20180919_160056
photo img_20180919_160104

As you see, Montevideo is not…

photo img_7678

…a megalopolis…

photo img_7679

…but it's not a small town, either.

photo img_7683

It's still a city "in a human scale." In fact…

photo img_7684

…my host and me went for a bike ride around town…

photo img_7685

…in my previous visit…

photo img_7687

…and it was a very enjoyable experience.

There's the Salvo Palace.

photo img_7697

You can go for a guided tour inside, but for some strange reason…

photo img_7699

…I didn't do it this time, either! A good excuse to come back to Montevideo for a third time! :D

photo img_7703

For the time being, we'll visit that building over there…

photo img_7706

…the Palacio Legislativo.

photo img_7707

Palacio Legislativo

Very close to the Antel Tower is the Palacio Legislativo…

photo img_7653

…where the Uruguayan Parliament (Asamblea General) meets.

photo img_7656

Outside, the Uruguayan flag and the Artigas flag fly together. The latter was created by the Uruguayan independence hero José Artigas, a federalist, reacting against the unitarian Argentine government of those years. Uruguay used to be only the eastern province of the United Provinces of the Río de la Plata. That's why its modern offcial name is Eastern Republic of Uruguay.

photo img_7658

Coming from a country where people hate what's beautiful and love what's ugly, I can't help beholding all those details in jaw-dropping amazement.

photo img_7660

Those are copies of the female figures of the Porch of the Caryatids at the Erechtheion, a temple on the north side of the Acropolis of Athens. The difference is that the Greek ones are columns themselves, while the Uruguayan versions are attached to columns.

photo img_7661

The walls of the little inner patio were decorated using a technique called sgraffito.

photo img_7663

Unfortunately, it's quite damaged in some places, and it can't be repaired because it crumbles.

photo img_7662

The central - and most splendorous - part of the building is the Salón de los Pasos Perdidos (Hall of the Lost Steps), a name given to the hall in some buildings, such as parliaments, or even mason temples.

photo img_20180919_101149

This hall divides the building into two halves. On one side is the Senate and on the other is the Chamber of Representatives.

photo img_20180919_105031

Among the many beauties of this place…

photo img_20180919_105045

…are its mosaics, which were designed by the Italian artist Giovanni Buffa and made by Venezian artisans. One represents the arts…

photo img_20180919_101324

…and the other, the sciences.

photo img_20180919_101132

It's difficult to keep up with the rest of the visitors in the tour because there are so many details to see, from the pillars…

photo img_7667

…meticulously decorated with little roses…

photo img_7669

…to the stained-glass windows…

photo img_20180919_101417

…the lamps…

photo img_20180919_101335

…and even the vines creeping up…

photo img_20180919_104357

…the sides of the marble seats.

photo img_20180919_104304

And FYI, all the marble in this building was taken from Uruguayan quarries.

photo img_20180919_103600

It's a pity that I have to keep up with the rest of the group.

On the second floor is the library…

photo img_20180919_105947

…which resulted from the fusion…

photo img_20180919_105957

…of both the library of the Senate and the library of the Chamber of Representatives…

photo img_20180919_110008

…in 1929

Finally, we had the chance to see one of the chambers for some minutes.

Colonia del Sacramento

The last stop in this bonus is 150km west of Montevideo.

photo img_7734

After a 2-hour bus trip…

photo img_7743

…through the lovely, green rolling landscape…

photo img_7747

…of the Uruguayan countryside…

photo img_7749

…you come to Colonia del Sacramento…

photo img_20180920_110754

…which in many ways…

photo img_20180920_111458

…looks like many other touristy towns, with souvenir shops…

photo img_20180920_111501

…and restaurants, which in Uruguay usually specialize in asados (barbecues)…

photo img_20180920_110812

…like this one, which announces "Thousands of plants die every year because of vegetarians. Save a plant!!! Eat an asado!!"

photo img_20180920_111228

But this town has also…

photo img_7762

…preserved its peculiar…

photo img_7764

…historical quarters…

photo img_7763

…which are a witness to its…

photo img_7771

Spanish and Portuguese heritage.

photo img_7777

Uruguay in general…

photo img_7783

….was disputed by Spain and Portugal…

photo img_7792

…based on their interpretations of the Tratado de Tordesillas…

photo img_7793

…the treaty that assigned the portions of the world…

photo img_7795

…that each country could explore and conquer.

photo img_7839

Each corner seems to be asking…

photo img_7840

…to be photographed…

photo img_7841

…but you have to be careful…

photo img_7844

…or you'll end up falling "arse over tits" in these streets.

photo img_20180920_111628

This part of the town…

photo img_20180920_111835

…is a UNESCO World Heritage Site…

photo img_20180920_111939

…sonce 1995.

photo img_20180920_113006

You wouldn't believe how much this façade reminds me of the town where I grew up. Before the 1985 earthquake that flattened it, of course.

photo img_7789

There's a little pier, too, which reminds us…

photo img_7845

…that Colonia del sacramento is the town…

photo img_7849

…through which most people travel to and from Buenos Aires…

photo img_7851

…by ferry.

photo img_7852

Colonia is barely 50km from the Argentine capital. In fact, you can see it over there, on the other side of the Río de la Plata.

photo img_7853

Those must be the buidings of Puerto Madero, which we visited in this report not long ago.

photo img_7813

Those were beautiful sights. But the restaurants were rather expensive. I cant wait to go back to Montevideo and get my hands on a chivito canadiense for lunch. :D

Carrasco Airport - MVD

Access to MVD from Montevideo is extremely easy. You have taxis, transfer vans, or even the public transport, which means buses leaving Montevideo every half an hour or so.

You take the bus at Rio Branco bus station, on galicia and Rio Branco streets), which is about 60 UYU (less than 2 USD)

We leave Montevideo to the east along the highway to Punta del Este. The buses drop you at the very door of the terminal building.

Leaving the highway.

photo img_20180921_205808

Entering the airport. I apologize for some blurry photos. I'm using my cellphone only, because my camera is even crappier when it's dark!

photo img_20180921_205908

MVD is a little futuristic jewel. The old terminal was terribly ugly!

photo img_20180921_205924

Needless to say, taxis wait at the entrance…

photo img_20180921_210117

…by the bus stop…

photo img_20180921_210201

…just like transfer vans.

photo img_20180921_210143
photo img_20180921_210206

The estacionamientos.

photo img_20180921_210130

Its designers wanted to give MVD an inspiring twist, so you can see the message "Uruguay, welcome to the world" as you leave, and "World, welcome to Uruguay" as you arrive.

photo img_20180921_210231

As you see here, MVD hast three levels.

photo img_20180921_210236

On the first level, car rentals and arrivals… domestic departures?! Private flights, it must be.

photo img_20180921_210921

Also water fountains…

photo img_20180921_210937

…ensuring that Uruguay's tap water can be drunk safely.

photo img_20180921_211000

Some shops and ATMs…

photo img_20180921_210944

…and a very nice touch…

photo img_20180921_211029


photo img_20180921_211113

No domestic scheduled commercial flights within Uruguay, you see? Uruguay is a small, flat country, and the prefered means of transport is car or bus. My flight is on time.

photo img_20180921_211135

The information kiosk is between the two only escalators…

photo img_20180921_211427

…that we are taking now to look around…

photo img_20180921_211510

…the second floor.

photo img_20180921_211515
photo img_20180921_211519

Damn. No ads with semi-naked people like the last time? XD

photo img_20180921_211523

They say that nothing is written in stone, but MDV's management seems to have lost hope of having a long list of airlines landing at MVD.

photo img_20180921_211608

On the left you have the check in counters…

photo img_20180921_211551

…and something I have not seen at SCL yet…

photo img_20180921_211558

…a drugstore/pharmacy (whatever you call it)

photo img_20180921_211636

Money exchange is open until late. It was when I arrived some days before, almost at 10.

photo img_20180921_211713

…the offices of Amaszonas (which is a Bolivian airline whose fleet is made up of Bombardier CRJ100 and 200, and tried unsuccessfully to fly domestic point-to-point routes in the north of Chile) and of course, self-check kiosks for many airlines…

photo img_20180921_211812

…except mine. Ha.

photo img_20180921_211820

Walking towards the other end…

photo img_20180921_211848

…what seems to have become a permanent Dolce&Gabbana exhibition… (Did you know that there also is a Dolce&Banana brand? XDD )

photo img_20180921_212000

What makes you think that it's too late to buy a souvenir, BritShop??

photo img_20180921_212025

There's also a cafeteria (but the photo was too blurry), more shops, and restrooms at the bottom.

photo img_20180921_212055

There, in the middle, is the access to the boarding area. They have a new system in which you need scan the code in your boarding pass to open a little sliding door.

photo img_20180921_212131

I fail to understand why cars and houses are sold in dollars in many countries. Can't they just convert the amount?

photo img_20180921_212153

Let's go up to the third level.

photo img_20180921_212244_1

The third level was designed as a large watching deck over the apron, taking advantage of the "roof" of the boarding room below.

photo img_20180921_212334

Well, a watching deck with some limitations. Not extremely spotter friendly.

photo img_20180921_212823

There's a cafeteria…

photo img_20180921_212947

…and ample space for exhibitions…

photo img_20180921_212339

…like this one…

photo img_20180921_212358

…intended to promote…

photo img_20180921_212416_1

…the plans to introduce…

photo img_20180921_212425

…electric transportation in the city.

photo img_20180921_212451

Even a whole driving ground!

photo img_20180921_212546

Though, considering the size of the cars…

photo img_20180921_212722

…it's intended for children only. :(

photo img_20180921_212834

Both "interventions" are explained…

photo img_20180921_212610


photo img_20180921_212634
photo img_20180921_212654

There's a little museum at the bottom, too. More photos and information in the report to my previous flight from MVD.

photo img_20180921_212744

WTF?! A lady who works at the airport explains to me that this corner is often used as the background for photo sessions, especially when girls turns 15. Celebrating a girl's 15th birthday is a strong tradition in some countries. Not in Chile… yet.

photo img_20180921_213218photo img_20180921_213221photo img_20180921_213223

Second level seen from above.

photo img_20180921_213052
photo img_20180921_213055


At 21:40 I decide it's a good time to go airside. Great! Ther are veru few people in the queue!

photo img_20180921_213843

Nothing like a relaxed working environment, huh? Well, at least at the moment!

photo img_20180921_213942

Yes, it's gonna be fast. Or that's what I think at first. Of the 10 booths, only one is open!

photo img_20180921_214104

And for some reason, each person is taking ages to go through customs. In the end, I hear that one fo the staff tell the other that they are in urgent need of support.

photo img_20180921_214325

At last! I clear customs at 10:00. Twenty minutes for about fifteen people! Too long.

photo img_20180921_220153

From the center, where the duty free area is located, the boarding room extends to both sides.

photo img_20180921_220956

The left side is a bit lonely at this time, with only a cafeteria open…

photo img_20180921_221100

…and this advertisement of some company that helps you decorate your home…

photo img_20180921_221138

…with the latest in Danish design. Tonterías! I can do wonders with a couple of old tires and some plywood. Ha!

photo img_20180921_221149

Some new devices have popped up here and there in the boarding room since the last time I was here.

photo img_20180921_221248

For example now, besides the outlets on the floor…

photo img_20180921_221237

…they have these charging stations.

photo img_20180921_221354

But no USB ports.

photo img_20180921_221411

The floor version is still the most popular, though. Your feedback…

photo img_20180921_221316

…is also appreciated.

photo img_20180921_221327

What do you think about the speed of service at Patria (the cafeteria)? Hm. Wasn't there but I'll press the red face. (Kidding)

photo img_20180921_221333

Free wifi provided by Antel (those of the tower in the bonus!

photo img_20180921_221422

And a self help kiosk where you can buy…

photo img_20180921_221506

…your travel insurance. You never know!

photo img_20180921_221515

I just couldn't resist the cuteness of this teddy bear. "I love Uruguay". Such a reflection of my own feelings! :D

photo img_20180921_222255

On the other side of the duty free area the boarding room continues…

photo img_20180921_222501

…with my gate for tonight…

photo img_20180921_222530

…ans some shops like Victoria's Secret. BTW, did you know that I have much in common with Victoria's Secret's angels??

photo img_20180921_222533

Yes. Just like them, I am always hungry!! XDD (Badum tsss)

photo img_20180921_222614

Ant the other end…

photo img_20180921_222626

…another Patria cafeteria. Don't they believe in free market in Uruguay? The same cafeteria airside, landside, on all floors… Well, except McDonald's on the first floor.

photo img_20180921_222727

It took me some time to take this picture because it was being used by two very noisy little children whose father…

photo img_20180921_222857

…was asking for admittance at…

photo img_20180921_222829_1

…the VIP lounge. After he, his wife and the couple of boisterous beasts enter the lounge, I ask the guy at the counter if there's a separate area for families with children. "No", he answers. I cringe. I'm not missng much out here!

photo img_20180921_222843

When I check at 11 sharp, the app sshows that the plane has just landed. I go to the window but… is that the plane?

photo img_20180921_230149

It is!

photo img_20180921_230200

Today we'll be flying on CC-AFX. However…

photo img_20180921_230349

…I am noticing a worrying pattern:

Many flights, planes or routes are terminated after I have used them! :O

This has happened since my very first report - PMC > MHC. That route was cancelled by LATAM shortly after my flight.

Then my flight on Latin American Wings. Few months after my flight the airline went belly up.

Then JetSmart's newly inaugurated CCP > PMC point-to-point route. Eliminated in a matter of months. And now…

…good bye CC-AFX! Sky Airline is renovating its fleet and CC-AFX will fly to Germany and join Sundair.

photo cc-afx

And there's more:

GOOD BYE SANTIAGO > MONTEVIDEO ROUTE!!!! According to this article from, this route stopped being profitable for Sky Airline, so LATAM will be the only airline with direct flights between both cities. :'(

photo no more sky

I am not "super-stitious" but… isn't there enough reason to be at least "a little-stitious"?? XDDD (Badum tsss)

Ich hoffe, dass du ein bisschen Deutsch gelernt hast, CC-AFX!!

photo img_20180921_230355
photo img_20180921_230403


First call. Plenty of time for boarding!

photo img_20180921_230525

Over there, on the right…

photo img_20180921_230513

…I see that the airport provides the scales for weighing and measuring the baggage. You see Sky's and JetSmart's own contraptions in Chilean airports because their baggage policies are a bit different. But Sky seldom bugs you about the size of the bags, unless the excess is evident. On the other hand, LATAM will weigh your hand luggage as you enter the jetbridge.

photo img_20180921_230537

A panic button. It will activate an alarm, and the doors to the jetbrodge will open… 30 seconds later?! Enough time to die in the hands of an extremist, I reckon. :O

photo img_20180921_231119

Here we go. The ramps are long here.

photo img_20180921_231427

The end of the ramp almost looks…

photo img_20180921_231447

…like a second boarding room!

photo img_20180921_231450

Then the jetbridge…

photo img_20180921_231453

…which is also quite long.

photo img_20180921_231502

Sky's traditional mouse-grey seats.

photo img_20180921_231544

Anyway, they are more comfortable than JetSmart's ironing boards, and they can be reclined.

photo img_20180921_231629

This ad hurts. Very much. You'll learn why in a future report. :'(

photo img_20180921_231636

The pitch, as usual, acceptable.

photo img_20180921_231729

Ads plastered everywhere.

photo img_20180921_231738

Tray table… Wow! I never saw microorganisms this clean!

photo img_20180921_231755

Seatback pocket contents.

photo img_20180921_231825_1

From the BOB menu… I know what I'll order. I tried this marraqueta sandwich on the previous flight, and it's worth a second round!

photo img_20180921_231855

In the magazine…Cerro Castillo! Lovely memories! You can see more photos in my report to my flight to Balmaceda, when I visited those amazing blue caves.

photo img_20180921_231957

This photo was taken from a lookout by the road.

photo img_20180921_232021

Somebody disagreed with Sky placing ads on the windows, it seems.

photo img_20180921_232247

We have to wait with the belts unfastened while fuel is being loaded. No visits to the restroom allowed during the process!

photo img_20180921_233451

The flight

Some additional information about this flight.

photo route


photo img_20180921_233601

Unlike SCL, that has two parallel runways…

photo img_20180921_234037

…MVD's runways are perpendicular…

photo img_20180921_234042

…so you never know if you'll take off or land northward, southward, westward or eastward.

photo img_20180921_234101

But this time we taxi towards the east. I can see the road to Punta del Este over there as we…

photo img_20180921_234200

…turn around…

photo img_20180921_234302

…and take off westward…

photo img_20180921_234318

…so I'll be able to see a bit of Montevideo today, but downtown will be on the left. :(

photo img_20180921_234441

Anyway, the view is quite interesting. Those buildings would be the Punta de Rieles jail.

photo img_20180921_234506

The north of the city comes in sight.

photo img_20180921_234530

José Belloni and 8 de Octubre avenues forming a Y…

photo img_20180921_234545

The black spot in the middle is the Cementerio del Norte, and the bright avenues are José Batlle Boulevard and General Flores Avenue.

photo img_20180921_234609

José Batlle and Millán avenues continue to the north-west.

photo img_20180921_234628

The Ruta 5 - aka Fructuoso Rivera highway - starts down there and goes all the way north to Rivera, on the border with Brazil.

photo img_20180921_234651

Manuel Oribe - white, on the left - is the highway that took me…

photo img_20180921_234711

…to the west…

photo img_20180921_234833

…up to this town, Colonia del Sacramento.

photo img_20180921_235958

If you come to Chile, don't forget to bring a pen with you!

photo img_20180922_000322

As I fill in the form declaring that I'm taking no plant or animal products into the country, Buenos Aires comes in sight.

photo img_20180922_000450photo img_20180922_000523photo img_20180922_000550

Huge Buenos Aires.

photo img_20180922_000640

Rayita!! You'll be in my heart forever!! :'(

photo img_20180922_000718

The BOB has started and I get my superb marraqueta! Yummy!

photo img_20180922_004113

Great value for your money. If they say that it's a beef sandwich, it has beef in it.

photo img_20180922_004340b

But before I make it disappear, I want to introduce a new friend of mine that I met in Montevideo.

Meet Cecilio, the measuring tape. Together we will measure what BOB menus have to offer.

photo img_20180922_003937

I named him after the sea serpent in one of my favorite childhood cartoons, Beany and Cecil. Whenever Beany was in trouble, he screamed "Help, Cecil, help!" But this worked out much better in the Spanish-speaking version, called Benito y Cecilio. Benito screamed "Auxilio, Cecilio!" which sounds much better because it rhymes!

So c'mon, Cecilio. here's your first job! Hmm! Not bad. About 15cm long! Definitely worth every peso.

photo img_20180922_004247

Ten minutes after 1 we are flying over San Luis.,_Argentina
photo img_20180922_011000

And at 2 we enjoy a s-s-s-s-o-o-f-f-f-t-t l-l-a-n-n-d-d-d-i-n-g-g-g-g at SCL. XD

photo img_20180922_015806_1

Long taxiing because we go round the domestic side of the terminal…

photo img_20180922_015811
photo img_20180922_015838

…to the international side.

photo img_20180922_020136

Here we are.

photo img_20180922_020939

The corridors at SCL's international side are long, lonely and creepy at night. You don't want to be the last to disembark.

photo img_20180922_021030

Luckily, they had the good idea of using the walls for an exhibition of Renate Neumann's art, which I love!

photo img_20180922_021418

Renate is a Chilean artist, and her designs can be found even on some Oster kitchen appliances. they look beautiful!

photo img_20180922_021401

Here's her number!

photo img_20180922_021325

To the left.

photo img_20180922_021531

Thank goodness for these lines…

photo img_20180922_023341

…because I'm walking in zombie mode at 2:30 in the morning.

photo img_20180922_023415

My flight home leaves in the morning, so now I'll head for the domestic side, where I'll be able to sleep on the comfortable seats that the new concession's holder used to replace the old, hard ones. God bless them!
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Sky Airline

Cabin crew10.0

Montevideo - MVD


Santiago - SCL



Sky Airline's service is characterized by comfortable, reclinable seats; great, fair-priced BOB (great beef sandwich!) and punctuality. You can expect the same on domestic and international flights.



If you liked this review or if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to post a comment below !
  • Comment 489571 by
    ThomasDutch SILVER 611 Comments
    -- …I am noticing a worrying pattern: Many flights, planes or routes are terminated after I have used them! :O
    ** Please stay away from regular airliners I am using :D

    - If Sky really decides to cancel this route, I fear prices of tickets will raise accordingly as Latam would have a monopoly. How was the payload on both of your flights? Decent or rather low? While many Latin airports do have great connectivity, I am surprised how poorly connected Montevideo is.
    • Comment 489628 by
      Pilpintu TEAM BRONZE AUTHOR 981 Comments
      Please stay away from regular airliners I am using :D

      Hm. I'll try, but KLM might be at risk because they fly from Santiago to Buenos Aires, which has become a usual route for me. XD

      How was the payload on both of your flights?

      It was OK!! That's why this announcement came as a shocking surprise. But it's also true that Sky is opening domestic routes in Peru, which might be more profitable than SCL > MVD.

      I am surprised how poorly connected Montevideo is

      It's a real pity. It's either bad management or very bad luck, or corruption, I'm not sure, but their flagship airline - PLUNA - went belly up some years ago. Then they tried again with Alas Uruguay, but it didn't last, either. Too bad, because Uruguay is a beautiful country to vsit and tourism should be booming. But, tell you what? I found it very weird that, whenever I went into a shop, for example, they didn't even smile at you! Most people seemed to be fed up, bored, or something like that. It's like a big national depression. Looks like legalizing marijuana didn't help!
  • Comment 489576 by
    loukas 342 Comments
    Hi Nechus, "Coming from a country where people hate what's beautiful and love what's ugly" - you made my day! Don't worry, you are not the only one! Is the teddy still available??? :) He could be a great friend of the penguin! ;) Thanks for another amusing report! Montevideo seems a very nice city and the Palacio Legislativo is stunning inside!
    • Comment 489582 by
      Pilpintu TEAM BRONZE AUTHOR 981 Comments
      - Is the teddy still available???
      Of course!! I'm happy that you asked! I think I have your address somewhere. Otherwise I'll get in touch again in a couple of hours. I'm downtown with my mother at the moment. Best!
  • Comment 489744 by
    marathon SILVER 10012 Comments
    I would have the same frustration of having to keep up with a group while visiting the parliament.
    Interesting advertising of the local barbecue !
    The airport seemed very empty (or maybe you scared the passengers away ?)
    I would have removed this advertising sticker on the plane's windows :(
    I wonder about the plumbing of the restrooms if you can't use them during refueling. XDD
    I remember about your beloved Rayita ;)
    Haha, a new member in my exclusive Airline Food Measurers Club ! ;)
    Thanks for sharing !
    • Comment 489867 by
      Pilpintu TEAM BRONZE AUTHOR 981 Comments
      The airport seemed very empty (or maybe you scared the passengers away ?)

      Thant's another pattern I have noticed ever since I opened my account. Caring to have enough time to look around and take pictures for the reports, I usually arrive at airports quite early, and I am the only one at the boarding room! Oh well. Maybe they are running away from my bad luck. I'm going to become paranoid.

      I wonder about the plumbing of the restrooms if you can't use them during refueling

      Airbus, I need to have a look at the schematics of your planes!

      Haha, a new member in my exclusive Airline Food Measurers Club !

      Yeah, will measure nothing but muffins and cookies, though, but it still might have an effect. I have proof that airlines do read these reports!

      Thanks for dropping by!

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