Review of Lufthansa flight Munich Moscow in Economy

Airline Lufthansa
Flight LH2530
Class Economy
Seat 21F
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 03:00
Take-off 10 Aug 18, 19:55
Arrival at 10 Aug 18, 23:55
LH   #54 out of 73 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 1240 reviews
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Published on 25th May 2019
Hi, dear visitors!
It's time for last part's reading. Of course, you may read previous 6 parts, just click below to the report you're interested in.


The last flight of this trip was so close. It was really difficult to realize because everything happened too rapidly.
The final thing I mentioned in my previous report was the passport control. The next step was idea of visiting the sattelite. I had 2.5 hours for everything so the idea looked clear and executable..

Travel time between the buildings is 1 minute.

photo img_4259photo img_4260

So here we're, that's non-schengen zone L:

photo img_4262photo img_4265photo img_4268

This ad attracts almost all people going here.

photo img_4266

The beauties of local terminal..The more you go the less you see))

To reach the "south" part of this building wasn't possible because its main target is to serve LH's A380 flights to USA(as far as I understand):

photo img_4281

Even the spotting wasn't so various. Not enough planes for depicting..(

photo img_4263photo img_4271photo img_4282

That's why I didn't waste my time and returned to the T2's main building.

Here I had more opportunities to take pictures..

I found this terminal rather various for relax zones. Here's one of them:

photo img_4302

The boarding was shortly delayed but then I knew the real troubles would wait me later..)

Approximately one hour before the departure time I saw our plane(D-AIPF). Probably, it will be placed in museum after the end of flight services. That was new experience for me to fly on 28.9 years aged plane:)

Flight LH2530 Munich-Moscow

We're on the board! European business and usual economy, the seats are the same, of course.

photo img_4323

My seat was 21F. Regarding the pitch, it was quite comfortable..

photo img_4327photo img_43281

The panels and overhead compartments are trivial for A320 produced till 2004.

photo img_4329photo img_4330

As usual, the full case of literature is available for passengers. The belt with buckle looked pleasant.

photo img_4331photo img_4332

Look around the apron..Later 1-hour delay was announced because of the weather in Poland and Belarus. That meant I wouldn't have any time to move from the airport to one of the railway station in Moscow. The nature made my destiny to have been determined..on the ground
photo img_4333photo img_4334

Then I saw LH's A321 with D-AIRD registration number which was a little younger than D-AIPF..)

photo img_4336

45 minutes later..As I promised, we departed with the 60-minutes delay.

photo img_4340photo img_4342photo img_4346

photo img_4350photo img_4352

Soon the european lands were hidden with the cloudiness and..let's move to meal assesing. The common views of LH's supper:

photo img_4358photo img_4359photo img_4360

Unfortunately, I forgot what food options were available in addition to the pasta but..I think you'll never make a mistake in case of taking the pasta. I'm not sure that dish could have called as "pasta" but they think so. Well, let it be.
I liked everything given to me except of..plant tops. That was too difficult for chewing.
Alcohol is included, just ask the attendant))

Then I fell asleep. That was the only flight I really felt exhausted. When I woke up, I saw the city of Mogilev situated in Belarus(as usual, I apologize for the quality).

photo img_4364

Here is Russia, this is Smolensk:

photo img_4373

Suddenly the plane approached from the north that's why I saw night lights of Moscow from the such points. Too impressive! Unfortunately, the cabin illumination was switched off too late and there're big blicks on my photos.

photo img_4395photo img_4397photo img_4399

Arrival to Moscow-Domodedovo airport

We landed at Domodedovo with 40 minutes delay. Obviously, I didn't have an opportunity to arrive to the Kurskaya railway station on-time. Moreover, to reach the city at night is possible by taxi only. That wasn't necessary for me because the next train leaves Moscow 5 hours later and I was sleeping(actually tried to do it) at the airport till the first Aeroexpress departs. In few words, that was "unforgetable" night:)

But return to our details. As you guess, the time of leaving the plane wasn't the priority of my life at that moment. Several minutes or several hours, it didn't matter. It means we may forget about hurrying up and have a look of cockpit. The last look for this series!

photo img_4408photo img_4409

Then I see the corridors of the airport which "meets" me more often than others..passport control took 5 minutes, luggage claim was finished for me with the same mark.

Taken my suitcase I left the arrival zone..

The window views at night and early morning:

photo img_4426photo img_4429

Finally, I left the terminal building crossing one of its freshest parts..

..and took a train to Moscow.

photo img_4437photo img_4438

After that I had another train to the city of Ivanovo. That's my hometown situated 300 km north-east to Moscow.

Dear viewers, that's all I wanted to tell about this series. Despite all the problems and crazy sceneries, I liked it! These events give you more energy and make you journey extremely various and fascinating. Don't forget to read the summary of this flight more request for you. Please, write in comments if you want to see some reviews of domestic flights like Moscow-St.Petersburg e.t.c. I know there're similar reports but maybe you'll be interested in viewing the version of russian flight made by russian citizen or.. I don't know, just write about it:) The only downside is the fact these flights took place in 2017 and 2018.
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Cabin crew9.0

Munich - MUC


Moscow - DME



I got pretty nice impression after LH's Moscow flights. The service looks charming, especially for flights with the 3 hours duration(in fact, it's less). LH group is appropriate for many variants of travelling in Europe if you want to fly with the stop(of course, I mean the situation when you fly from/to Russia).



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