Review of Air Canada Rouge flight Toronto Bogota in Economy

Airline Air Canada Rouge
Flight AC1944
Class Economy
Seat 40K
Flight time 05:50
Take-off 17 Jul 19, 16:40
Arrival at 17 Jul 19, 21:30
RV 31 reviews
By 992
Published on 29th July 2019

Hi and welcome to the last flight of the day. Toronto-Bogota, operated by Air Canada Rouge. After dropping off of the 787 it was time to go to the passport control, where a machine read my passport according to the ETA (special visa needed if you want to go or transit in Canada) and after a very fast check I proceeded to the boarding gate.

As it was very early I decided to take a walk through the terminal. And spot some interesting planes such as this beauty triple 7.

photo 20190717_145446photo 20190717_145722photo 20190717_145840

Boarding started about 50 minutes before STD. As the flight was 100% booked it was quite slow to board the old-stilish 767. My first impression was disapointing because there the cabin was old and there was no IFE (even Air Canada Rouge offers an APP to get access into the IFE via you phone, tablet, laptop…). But I was advised about that so, nothing new.

Here we go again Colombia!

photo 20190717_151557

Old cabin but, at least, nice wingview.

photo 20190717_161231photo 20190717_163513photo 20190717_161237

Safety was made manually (no video shown) and pushback was executed. Engines ON and headed to the runway. We took off on time.

Bye bye Canada!

A few minutes after taking off engine power was reduced and we stopped our climb. I was quite suprised. I was expecting some kind of technical failure or something related maybe, but while watching the stormclouds in the north of Toronto I supposed it was because of the traffic in the area. A few minutes later, we continued our climb to the cruising altitude.
Reaching FL330

photo 20190717_172043

About an hour after take off meals were served. There were two options on this flight: chicken or pasta. As pasta wasn't spicy now, I took this option. Even flying with "Rouge" you get a free meal on this route. I think it should be the same on it's flight to Lima and of course on their european flights. But I don't know about their shorter flights to the caribean islands.

Pasta was well cooked it came with some kind of salad which I didn't taste and a chocolate brownie. Overall a good meal again. Anfd of course some bread.

photo 20190717_181423photo 20190717_181601

After that coffee was passed through the cabin. Outside the sun was shining, and as you can see, windows were VERY dirty. Sorry for the quality of the pictures again.

photo 20190717_190557

But soon sun was losing power. Our route took us to the United States, Bahamas, Cuba and some caribean islands before reaching Colombia. We flew over Santa Marta. 

About an hour before landing Air Canada pretzels were served along with another round of drinks. I like Air Canada is passing drinks on their flights quite often, even on this "low cost" flights. It was fully dark at the time.

photo 20190717_203114

We started our approach into Bogota. Was then when immigration forms were passed through the passegers. A few bumps (as always) before reaching Bogota, where we landed after a flight time of 5 hours and 20 minutes. While taxing to the gate, lufthansa A340 started running on it's long flight to Frankfurt. 

Buenas Colombia!

photo 20190717_221044photo 20190717_221302photo 20190717_221733

One last picture. We had arrived in Aviancaland.

photo 20190717_223418

After disembark I proceed to the immigration queque which was surprisingly fast (they told me during the night it gets very cramped because lots of flights from Europe and US are arriving at that time). Then I took my bag and headed outside to take a taxi to my friend house.

Thank you for reading! I will try to post as soon as possible a few flights inside Colombia. Stay tuned!

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Air Canada Rouge

Cabin crew5.0

Toronto - YYZ


Bogota - BOG



Air Canada Rouge is Air Canada low cost airline. I recommend it if you are nostalgic and wanna feel in the 1990 decade. Service was good and the meal was correct. Cabin crew was just OK.



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