Review of Copa Airlines flight Mexico City Panamá City in Economy

Airline Copa Airlines
Flight CM121
Class Economy
Seat 30A
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 03:55
Take-off 26 Aug 19, 14:00
Arrival at 26 Aug 19, 17:55
CM   #84 out of 141 Airlines A minimum of 20 Flight-Reports is required in order to appear in the rankings. 64 reviews
Published on 21st September 2019

Hello and welcome to the second part of this FR which covers my flights back to Colombia from Mexico. After my first flight from Oaxaca City I had a lot of time before my Copa Airlines flight departs. So the first thing I did was change the terminal. Copa operates from terminal 2 but Interjet is operating from Terminal 1. So I took a bus which made a fast 10 minutes trip to the other building.

Once there I went to Copa Check In counters which were already open. There was literally nobody on the queque so I was attended very fast. Ground crew in Mexico airport was very friendly.


photo 20190826_102317

After the security and immigration controls I went to the airside where I was walking a little bit. I also caught some local planes here. Aeromexico and Delta are the main airlines operating here.

photo 20190826_123711photo 20190826_123713photo 20190826_104359

After that I went to the bar to spend my last mexican pesos. I had some breakfast. I took an orange juice along with a chocolaty pastry. I remained for a good time there, just until few minutes before boarding. So after a visit to the toilet I went to the gate. Boarding started some good 55 minutes before departure, at 1:10PM. Police officers were waiting at the gate and were taking some passengers to check their hand baggage. I wasn't selected.

Here we go

photo 20190826_132011

Seated on 24A

photo 20190826_132730

USB power wasn't working here so, when boarding was completed I realized half of the plane was empty, specially the back rows. So I requested a change to the cabin crew, so I was re-seated on the 30A seat.

photo 20190826_135233

Route Map

photo 20190826_132755

mexico city-panama

Captain welcomed us and informed us about the flight. Route, flight time, weather… And Pushback started a few minutes later, on time.

Ready to go

photo 20190826_140022

taxi and take-off

Latam arriving from Lima

photo 20190826_141201

And finally it was our turn. We took off at 14:15.

Bye bye Mexico, see you soon!

We made a right turn and headed to Veracruz. There we made another right turn and headed to Chiapas, where we left Mexico.

By the time I started using IFE. Jack Sparrow on the left and flightplan on the right. I've never had a free row for me on such a "long" flight.

photo 20190826_143348

We are now reaching Veracruz

photo 20190826_143907photo 20190826_145654photo 20190826_145704

About an hour after takeoff lunch was served. I was at the rear part of the aircraft, but it didn't take long until my meal arrived. A salad as appetizer, beef with rice and vegetables (single choice) and some chocolate cookies . It tasted quite good but portion could be a little bigger.

photo 20190826_153123photo 20190826_153152

Cabin during flight

photo 20190826_151016

Some nice cloud formations over Guatemala and Honduras

photo 20190826_151719photo 20190826_151823photo 20190826_161332

While we were flying over Nicaragua skies got overcasted and seat belt sign was turned on due to some turbulence. Nothing serious, but kinda annoying.

photo 20190826_162112

Skies remained cloudy until we reached Panama. So I spent the rest of the flight watching the IFE. On this flight there were more choices than on the PTY-MEX flight.

We're getting closer

photo 20190826_163640

Cabin crew gave me some water at the rear galley. They were listening to music.

Still cloudy outside

photo 20190826_170223

And soon descent started. The views were so nice as sun was starting to set and the famous Chanel was able to be seen from the left side of the plane.

Soon we were again over the pacific. Cabin crew was prepared and we were aligned with the runway.

We landed right after 17:30 in the afternoon. As I had a very short connection (32 minutes). When seat belt sign was turned off I ran to the plane gate in order not to be the last one to disembark and I started running across Panama Airport.

Thank you very much for reading!!

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Very comfortable flight with Copa Airlines. Good service, in flight meal, IFE and friendly cabin crew.



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