Review of Air Canada flight San Francisco Toronto in Business

Airline Air Canada
Flight AC756
Class Business
Seat 4A
Aircraft Airbus A320
Flight time 05:11
Take-off 24 Aug 19, 13:30
Arrival at 24 Aug 19, 21:41
AC   #12 out of 72 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 332 reviews
By BRONZE 1297
Published on 1st October 2019

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8th leg – TPE-SFO

Checked in at the Westin SFO for one night as our flight back to Toronto was at 1.30pm the next day. We were ‘upgraded’ to a room with a lovely view of the airport. We walked over to the In-n-Out for a light dinner and called it for the night.

photo 48716956962_3b9a7ef71d_c

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photo 48716453508_3fc204de51_c

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photo 48716785276_909149abc9_c

The next day, we took the shuttle back to the airport for our flight. Check-in at the Air Canada desk was a breeze and security was a nightmare as usual but we made it through unscathed. Tried getting into the United Polaris lounge but got shut down hard LOL.

photo 48716956742_2206ff2c32_c

We were told to go the United Club lounge which was god awful and not worth reporting on. Well, I will say that the food was bad and the lounge was overcrowded.

photo 48716956677_026c72a466_c

We went to the gate to find out that the flight would be delayed slightly as the inbound bird was yet to arrive. SFO was a gong show that day as there were multiple announcements of gate changes and pages for people who were last to arrive for their flight. The screen for our flight was even showing United which caused a lot of confusion for people.

“Yes sir – this is the AC flight back to Toronto, please ignore the screen.”

photo 48716956597_cc3967a0fc_c

Once the bird arrived and people were booted off, boarding was called.

photo 48716453248_9813574f73_c

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photo 48723982357_545cea0edb

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photo 48716453103_b3bae0f5bc_c

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photo 48716784836_e9f4ea6024_c

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photo 48716784756_5e514073e3_c

The flight to Vancouver next to us - the plane was undergoing a maintenance check due to a bird strike upon landing and was severely delayed.

photo 48716452888_2f25dc295e_c


photo 48716452643_54af64c69e_c

What’s for lunch?

photo 48716452578_5f881757aa_c

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photo 48716955967_97b53e6d05_c

Boarding done and we were outta here.

photo 48716449918_7f3414dc4b_c

Timelapse – take off

photo 48716784136_7819046aef_c

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photo 48716955657_bf5d510370_c

Peace out San Fran

photo 48716783936_18b85bb7f4_c

With the seat belt signs off, it was time for a drink. Black label for me and apple juice for her. Our meal selection was also taken down before take-off and we were given priority as half of the J cabin was op ups.

photo 48716955412_400bb2cf2e_c

Ooooh, alien crop circles

photo 48716451733_60385d7833_c

Salad to start

photo 48716953427_7337e74904_c

The main attraction – cheese tortellini for her, braised veal for me

photo 48716955132_fbf7c0366f_c

To end – fresh baked cookie plus ice cream

photo 48716783186_57abcd910e_c

Fast forward to landing and we were back home safely.

photo 48716451158_f7db45b80d_c

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photo 48716781576_6c1478d90e_c

Timelapse – landing

There was one crew member serving J class and she was friendly for the entire flight. She informed the op ups that there was no meals catered for them but she was able to get anything from the economy class menu if they wanted something. She even gave us first choice of desserts and who can pass on the fresh baked cookie. A decent flight for AC overall.

If you have been reading thus far, then please accept a heartfelt thank you. Hope you enjoyed this TR and look forward to sharing the next one!

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Air Canada

Cabin crew9.0

United Club - International


San Francisco - SFO


Toronto - YYZ



Airline - didnt have high expectations and was decently surprised with service from crew and decent food.

SFO airport - security was long but made it through. The United Club lounge was packed and food was terrible.

YYZ airport - wonders will never cease but NEXUS saved us from long immigration lines and our bags were on the belt by the time we got into the baggage hall. Was home in 1 hour from time we got off the plane - a record for YYZ.



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    757Fan 611 Comments

    Air Canada looks like they offer a decent Business Class service, but interesting they don't have a service up to their international Business Class standards like Delta offers when flying trans-continental in the US with their Delta One product, and Jet Blue's Mint. The tortellini looks good though - I'd order that for sure!

    Thank you for sharing.

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