Review of Edelweiss Air flight Zurich Buenos Aires in Economy

Airline Edelweiss Air
Flight WK90
Class Economy
Seat 40A
Aircraft Airbus A340-300
Flight time 14:30
Take-off 05 Jun 19, 22:30
Arrival at 06 Jun 19, 08:00
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Published on 6th October 2019
Welcome to the sixth and last leg of this series of reports from my trip to Italy on May/June this year. I had arrived in Zurich from Florence, and was about to take the last flight home. ZRH-EZE flight is a relatively new route, Edelweiss started it on November 2018. Previously, Swiss International Airlines had flown it but stopped it in 2002.

The whole trip itinerary:

- AEP – IGR on LATAM Argentina A320
- IGU – GIG on LATAM Brazil A320
- GIG – FRA on Lufthansa Boeing 747
- FRA – LIN on Lufthansa A320
- FLR – ZRH on Swiss A220
- ZRH – EZE on Edelweiss A340 YOU ARE HERE

Date: 05/06/19
Origin: Zürich - Kloten ZRH
Destination: Buenos Aires – Ezeiza EZE
Departure: 22.30 (22.30 real)
Arrival: 08.00 (08.25 real)

As I mentioned, I had arrived from FLR on a LX flight, with an hour of delay. At the time of arrival, I was supposed to be boarding this last flight.
So, I kept walking on Concourse A/B, looking for directions for Terminal E. I had read that I hade to take an underground train from one Terminal to another. Apparently, most flights had already departed on this Terminal because it was almost empty.

photo img_5537photo img_5538

Finally, I found the stairs leading to the people mover terminal. Previously I had to pass through passports checkpoint. I got my passport stamped and I went down.

photo img_5539

This ride is quite interesting and funny. When it speeds up you can hear some typical Swiss Alps sounds like cow´s moo, and men yodeling. The ride is pretty short and then you get to Terminal E.

photo img_5542photo img_5543

I went up the stairs and I saw the Edelweiss A340-300 (HB-JMK) waiting on the tarmac. It was 21.30 and boarding hasn´t started yet.

photo img_5546

Some minutes later, a lot of people started gathering (most of us, Argentineans) and the boarding call was made. First passengers on business class (on this aircraft it´s in the middle, not in the front as usual), then passengers with small kids and finally the rest.

photo img_5549photo img_5554

I was one of the firsts to board. This A340 was very clean and tidy. It felt really packed, like the seats are closer than I remembered in others A340 I flew.

photo img_5556photo img_5557photo img_5559

The IFE system is pretty good. I think it was almost the same that in Lufthansa.

photo img_5560

When boarding was almost completed, my seat neighbor moved with her friends, so I relaxed and stretched my legs. But some minutes later more people arrived quickly, so she came back to her original seat. From what I heard we were waiting some passengers coming from Rome. This flight had some serious turbulence and most of them ended up soaked in coke and other drinks. The flight arrived late but we still waited for them. Another thing I heard was that as I mentioned before, most of passengers were Argentineans. I got this flight from a terrific offer. But when I booked this flight to Italy, I saw some interesting offers to Southeast Asia. Many people were coming from those destinations, and most of they had paid pennies for those flights too. It was a common comment I heard. My seat neighbor was coming from Singapore, and she was from my hometown too.

Magazines on board

photo img_5561

Minutes before 22.30 the crew introduced themselves and we took off heading west. The FAs were mostly young (very), a little bit serious but very kind.

Shortly before departure, the handed headphones, refreshing towels and water bottles.

photo img_5563

An hour after departure aprox, they served the dinner. The options were meat and pasta. I was thinking of ordering pasta (as I do most of the times). But when my turn came, there was only the meat meal left. It was a veal sausage, with roti potatoes. The serving FA was mentioning it was a typical Swiss meal. I was surprised of how good it was, as I´m not used of eating this kind of things. There was also a salad, and for dessert some thing with cream and raisins. They also passed a couple of time offering different kinds of bread. It was a nice touch.

photo img_5574photo img_5575

After, they passed to collect the trash. They turned off the lights as it was time to sleep. I kept myself entertained with the Freddy Mercury film. I went to the restroom before to sleep and I found on the galley a basket with muffins and sandwiches.

photo img_5577

While we were flying over Africa, I turned the tv off and I tried to get some sleep.

photo img_5579

I woke up at 4.30 am Argentina time, and we were flying near Rio de Janeiro.

photo img_5580

About an hour and a half before landing they served the breakfast. It was a plate with cheese, cold cuts and a yogurt. Also, they passed offering breads from the basket.

photo img_5582

At a quarter to 8 the captain announced we were starting the descent; we were still over Uruguay.

photo img_5585photo img_5589

Later the captain announced that because of the high traffic in Ezeiza we were on a holding pattern over La Plata. He apologized and assured that some minutes later we will land. I couldn´t wait to land! We were flying over 14 hours, and I was still missing the last part of the trip: the shuttle to Rosario (4 hours ride). My seat neighbor had the same feelings.

photo img_5590

After some long minutes the FAs prepared the cabin for landing and at 8.30, we landed.

photo img_5593photo img_5595photo img_5598

We headed to Terminal A, near LH Boeing 748.

photo img_5599

Later on, the passport checkpoint, an agent asked that Argentinean adults passed through the automated control. There were 5 working stations. It was supposed to be faster than the manual check but it was pretty slow. There was an agent helping people.

photo img_5607

Then I collected my luggage. It took a long time to appear on the belt. Then I passed through customs and finally I got to arrivals to wait for my shuttle. I leave a screen shot with my flight´s data. It was over 14 hours! Too much for me ha-ha.

photo img_5608photo img_5609

I hope you enjoyed this series of reports as I enjoyed registering and writing it.
I hope to be back soon with new flight reports!

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Edelweiss Air

Cabin crew8.5

Zurich - ZRH


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Well, it was an interesting experience. The FAs and their service were really good. The meals were tasty and they had some nice details as the hot bread basket. The seats weren’t pretty comfortable. As I mentioned before it felt very packed.



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