Review of Avianca flight Cusco Lima in Business

Airline Avianca
Flight AV842
Class Business
Seat 03K
Aircraft Airbus A319
Flight time 01:15
Take-off 16 Feb 19, 11:00
Arrival at 16 Feb 19, 12:15
AV   #88 out of 108 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 96 reviews
By GOLD 636
Published on 7th December 2019

Let's continue this trip with some intra Peruvian flights!


After a more than wonderful stay in Cusco, it is already time to go down to sea level. I had not that much problem with altitude sickness apart being short of breath after climbing steps. It is pretty easy to forget that your are at 3'500 meters high.

As I arrived at the airport I immediately noticed that the building is very torn and old. A new airport is scheduled to be build in Chinchero. While I fully see the need to have a new airport, Cusco's airport has absolutely no room for anything, being in the middle of the town, the Chinchero location is a perfect non sense. That time, it would be in the middle of archeological ruins, another non sense. Furthermore, Chinchero is even higher than Cusco and 30KM away from Cusco with a very dangereous road from and between.

Maybe the best idea would be to limit traffic at CUZ, renovate the airport and stay with that. But the debate is almost never ending.

photo dsc_0569_resultatphoto dsc_0571_resultat

As said, the airport is surrounded by the town:

photo dsc_0568_resultat

Quick pit stop at the check in counter, no wait, attentive service, easy :)

photo dsc_0565_resultatphoto dsc_0566_resultat


photo dsc_0567_resultat

Thank you but no thank you :)

There is one international service, daily, to BOG from CUZ:

photo dsc_0572_resultat

The way to the domestic departures and right the international departure (no "s" here as there is only one daily flight to BOG operated by Avianca. In fact, my plane arrives from BOG!)

photo dsc_0573_resultat

This way up:

photo dsc_0574_resultat

Security was a breeze, you can keep your liquids in the bag and taking water with you is allowed. Some shops before it:

photo dsc_0575_resultat


photo dsc_0576_resultat

Only one flight is delayed today. Guess who it is?

photo dsc_0577_resultat

I liked the Happy Valentine's day screen mode :)

photo dsc_0578_resultat

That is the boarding room, not really fancy:

photo dsc_0579_resultatphoto dsc_0580_resultat

The lavatories were clean but a bit smelly :)

photo dsc_0581_resultat

Travel docs with a nice Machu Picchu stamp in my passport!

photo dsc_0582_resultat-50425

I wasn't aware that there was a small lounge in the airport so waited near my gate. Wasn't that big deal as I arrived at the airport only an hour before departure and the time to clear check in and controls, boarding was in 15".

photo dsc_0583_resultat

LCP Peru is longer gone:

photo dsc_0585_resultat

Also gone by now:

photo dsc_0584_resultat

That's my plane:

photo dsc_0586_resultat

the flight

Boarding started on time and I could spot this nice CRJ200 Amazonas:

photo dsc_0587_resultat

Through the boarding bridge:

photo dsc_0588_resultat

Smilling welcome at the door, here is the business class of this bird:

photo dsc_0589_resultatphoto dsc_0590_resultatphoto dsc_0591_resultat

We are only 4 passengers for 12 seats, I initially sat row 2 but moved to row 3 to be alone :)

photo dsc_0592_resultat

There is an IFE but no headsets were provided.

photo dsc_0593_resultat

Old school seat controls, only one works, the one at the far right is working:

photo dsc_0594_resultat


photo dsc_0595_resultat

Duty free brochure from the previous leg:

photo dsc_0596_resultat

Safety card:

Onboard magazine, but only in Spanish, not really good.

photo dsc_0617_resultat

Avianca fleet:

photo dsc_0619_resultat

A route map a bit weird with Europe left from America :(

photo dsc_0620_resultat

My seat mate is still with me :)

photo dsc_0622_resultat


photo dsc_0604_resultat

LATAM old livery:

photo dsc_0601_resultat

Pushing back:

photo dsc_0602_resultat

The buildings are so close:

photo dsc_0603_resultat

The 319 just left and an A320 pulls in:

photo dsc_0605_resultat

Seat recline:

photo dsc_0606_resultat

Lateral view:

photo dsc_0610_resultat

The seat recline is quite genereous:

photo dsc_0616_resultat

The plane has moodlighting:

photo dsc_0615_resultat

On time push back:

photo dsc_0608_resultatphoto dsc_0609_resultat

The safety video is played:

photo dsc_0611_resultat

Viva Air:

photo dsc_0612_resultatphoto dsc_0613_resultat

We had to wait for a while, with one runway and almost no taxiway, the holding time can be a bit long.

photo dsc_0614_resultat

Runway 10 today, and as always in Cusco:

photo dsc_0623_resultat

A playgroud absolutely suitable for AvGeeks:

photo dsc_0624_resultat

We had to give way to a landing LATAM Airbus:

photo dsc_0625_resultat

Here it is:

photo dsc_0626_resultatphoto dsc_0627_resultat

The approach is impressive:

photo dsc_0628_resultatphoto dsc_0629_resultat

Here it is:

photo dsc_0630_resultatphoto dsc_0631_resultat

We weren't the only ones to wait:

photo dsc_0633_resultatphoto dsc_0635_resultat

Leaving the runway:

photo dsc_0634_resultat

Our turn!

photo dsc_0637_resultatphoto dsc_0638_resultat

Max trust mandatory due to the runway elevation:

photo dsc_0641_resultatphoto dsc_0642_resultat

Two hours delay for this Peruvian bird :

photo dsc_0643_resultat

Off we go:

photo dsc_0644_resultatphoto dsc_0645_resultat

The climb is very slow:

photo dsc_0646_resultat

And the scenary wonderful:

photo dsc_0648_resultatphoto dsc_0649_resultat


photo dsc_0650_resultatphoto dsc_0651_resultat

We reached the clouds too soon for me :(

photo dsc_0652_resultatphoto dsc_0653_resultat

I used the IFE as moving map, since we had no headsets:

photo dsc_0657_resultat

Front view:

photo dsc_0658_resultat

Small tablet:

photo dsc_0659_resultat

Some more outside views:

I quickly go to the bathroom, there is breads in the galley and the oven is turned on. I would be much surprised if we get a hotmeal on this super short sector.

photo dsc_0666_resultat

Front door:

photo dsc_0668_resultat

The lavatories are clean but no business touch here:

photo dsc_0669_resultat

Ready for the meal :)

photo dsc_0670_resultat

The hostess offers the choice between only coke, diet coke, water, coffee, tea or .. rhum. Diet coke for me.

photo dsc_0671_resultat

Served with lime but in a plastic cup. Not that business class …

And this is it. No hotmeal, nor even peanuts. The bread and the meals in the oven were crew meals :(
That is really much too light, I wasn't expecting a meal but at least a snack, something!!!

photo dsc_0672_resultat

Lima is nearing

photo dsc_0674_resultatphoto dsc_0676_resultat

What a wonderful day today!

photo dsc_0677_resultatphoto dsc_0678_resultatphoto dsc_0679_resultat

Air to air with LATAM below:

photo dsc_0680_resultat

The coast:

photo dsc_0681_resultatphoto dsc_0683_resultat


photo dsc_0685_resultat

LIM is in sight:

photo dsc_0687_resultatphoto dsc_0688_resultat

Still don't want to go for a swimm here:

photo dsc_0689_resultat

Slats, reverse and spoilers:

photo dsc_0690_resultat


photo dsc_0692_resultatphoto dsc_0693_resultat


photo dsc_0695_resultat


photo dsc_0696_resultat

Last view of the seat, the only good part of the trip!

photo dsc_0697_resultat

Jet bridge to exit the plane:

photo dsc_0698_resultat

The way out is pretty simple and easy:

photo dsc_0701_resultat

Peruvian again late with Jauja and 05H late, Arequipa 01H50 … Tarapoto is only 15' late, that would mean : ontime for them ^^

photo dsc_0702_resultat

Waiting for my luggage:

photo dsc_0704_resultat

That will arrive as last, despite the priority tag :)

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Cusco - CUZ


Lima - LIM



The only thing that was great with AV was the cabin, all the rest was not acceptable for business.

The crew was only present for the drink service and did not do anything else. Worst was that there was absolutely no safety checks: people were on the phone until after take off. Seats were reclined from boarding to deplaning.

Having an IFE is good, having a headset is better!

Serving drinks in plastic glasses in Business isn't acceptable.

CUS was old but perfectly acceptable.

LIM is a nightmare to access or to leave, not super clean and with almost no service at the domestic terminal.

Stay tuned for the return with KLM!

Thanks for reading!

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The airline with the best average rating is LAN Peru with 7.2/10.

The average flight time is 1 hours and 25 minutes.

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  • Comment 532902 by
    biscayne 33 Comments

    Merci pour ce FR ! Cela ne fait pas rêver effectivement ....heureusement que les sièges vous rappellent que vous êtes en business...pour le reste.... À bientôt

  • Comment 533208 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 5376 Comments

    This FR brings back good memories of my trip to Cuzco a few years ago. I've always wondered how service was on this flight as I'd considered it since Avianca was the only airline offering a Business class on this route, but I ultimately decided on LATAM because of my loyalty to oneworld at the time. And I'm glad I did, because aside from the better seat, it doesn't look like there was really any service worthy of Business class. Also find the lack of attention to safety by the cabin crew to be very disconcerting. It's one thing to be lazy about service, but quite another to ignore safety protocols and regulations!

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Comment 533215 by
      Esteban TEAM GOLD AUTHOR 12573 Comments

      Thank you Kévin for the nice comment which I agree to in full. There is no point paying for J with that kind of service unless the price really good is. Also safety should be the top priority of the crew and here they clearly missed that point.

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