Review of Emirates flight Dubai Nice in Economy

Airline Emirates
Flight EK 077
Class Economy
Seat 43K
Aircraft Airbus A380-800
Flight time 07:15
Take-off 24 Dec 19, 08:20
Arrival at 24 Dec 19, 12:35
EK   #2 out of 92 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 621 reviews
Published on 16th January 2020

Hello everyone.

Here we are for this journey's final flight. A flight from Dubai, United Arabian Emirates (UAE) to Nice, France aboard EK's flagship, The Airbus A380.

Our route

French version:

English version

The transit in Dubaï

Previously, after a wonderful flight on EK 317 coming from KIX to DXB, I left you here.

photo correspondance

We landed at Concourse B. And from Concourse B to Concourse C, we need approximatively 20 minutes to go.

photo pour aller au c

The transit security passed quickly. We are presently in transit area.

photo censure terminal

During check-in back in KIX, I asked the check-in agent if I could have an upgrade in Business class only for this route. They answered me they couldn't do it here, so I had to do it during my transit in Dubai.

As I arrived to the connections desk, the agents were busier chatting than working. I turned around and I saw an agent, who was eating sweets but was willing to inform me. As a matter of fact, the upgrade in Business was possible only if I paid the fare difference, which was 2100€. For such a price, I'd rather keep my current seat.

Let's go to the boarding gate.

photo vers la porte

A stroller stand for family with infants.

photo ek strollers censur

DXB airport looks really nice despite renovation works…

We're passing by BA's former lounge and Concourse C Emirates's First and Business Class lounges. Maybe next time for the last one.

photo ancien lounge baphoto ek-first-class-cphoto censure ek business class lounge c

This is A6-EUM, our aircraft, getting ready for its flight. I had a few doubts about the aircraft that will bring me back home. Back then, it could have been replaced by another A380.

photo voil notre avionphoto carte-didentite-a6-eum-anglais-fr

Pre-boarding started. DXB wants to be a silent airport, there will be no announcement, including the start of the boarding.

photo censure embarquement lanc

BP on my smartphone.

photo bp modifi

While waiting for the authorization to board, I'm spotting our aircraft's neighbor heading towards Tehran (IKA) Islamic Republic of Iran. a BA's 777 coming from London Heathrow (LHR), Great Britain and a FZ's 737. I'll also meet an old colleague, who, just like me, also did his first flight aboard the A380.

photo 77w ikaphoto 777 baphoto emirates et flydubai

We can now board inside the aircraft. Boarding staff will however strictly control the boarding area. Because I'm seated in front of the main deck in area F, I'll board among the last passengers, which doesn't really matter… We're boarding in a jetbridge with dirty glasses.

photo embarquementphoto embarquement 2photo censure devant la porte

Door and playstation moment.

photo porte

Our aircraft's neighbor in front of us, A6-EWI going to Basra (BSR), Republic of Iraq.

photo a6-ewi pour basara

No mistake about it. Although it's still a baby, it travels alone like an adult (UM for Unaccompanied Minor)

photo pas de doute


the stairs that lead to the upper deck. Maybe next time.

photo censure escalier jfphoto escalier 2

Cockpit shot.

photo cockpit

I just sat, I'm already looking for the tail camera, which I admire for the first time (and probably not the last one :D). The screen is very clear and quick reacting, unlike the previous flight.

photo vigie et tlcommande

The pitch. Like the previous flight, the middle seat will remain vacant for the entire flight.

photo pitch

clean test… ok.

photo test horatius

The A380's safety card double sided.

photo safety card a380 2photo safety card a380 1

View from the cabin, the window and motors 3 and 4 from my seat before we push-back. I'll receive a poor quality headset. I'll pick-up my own once inflight and the seatbelt sign off.

photo cabinephoto vue du hublotphoto racteurs

The flight EK 077 from dubaï to Nice

Time to go ! The A380's safety video started first in Arabic and in English. (No French, neither for the safety video, nor the ICE) followed by an ICE announcement.

photo langue ice

A330 CX.

photo a330 cx

Bye bye superjumbo-land. It's incredible to see all those wonderful machines in only one place. Especially QF's. :)

The 100th EK's A380, which one day, replaced ours for the same destination during the year.

photo 100me a380

Rotate !!

A few views to the outside.

photo hublot 1photo hublot 2photo hublot 3

For this flight, we'll have 2 meals.

From UAE to France, EK flies from Dubai to Paris CDG three times a day with its A380, five times a week for Lyon (LYS) in a 777-300ER and finally, Nice daily first in 77W before they pass to the superjumbo the same year. According to the DXB-CDG reviews (all in French), EK doesn't always include the second service in its flights going to the capital city although the distance is longer than ours. Besides, our aircraft was one of the most recent one compared to those that go to Paris back then.

That's why, as I replied to Guillbcn's comment on my previous FR that it's a bit difficult to consider that EK back then, started a "cost-cutting policy".

photo repas du vol 2

Meanwhile, I start to watch Cars 3.

photo cars 3

Breakfast will be served approximatively 1 hour after take-off. It will be excellent once again. Like the previous flight's meals, cutlery will be in stainless steel and with EK's logo.

photo petit-djeunerphoto couverts en mtal sigls

Soon after, the cabin crew ordered all passengers in the front to lower their windows, including mine without any explanation. And when I looked behind me, windows were still up !!

Lunch is served while we're flying over Egypt. The chicken on the previous flight wasn't that good. But because I'd rather eat chicken than lamb, I gave chicken a second chance with a tomato juice.

photo repas servi

"Potato salad with green beans, Grilled chicken with tomatoes and peppercorn sauce, green beans and mashed potatoes and Chocolate mousse topped with Oreo crumbs".

photo plat fermphoto plat ouvert

Cheers !

photo photo signature

The lunch was good all in all, but the chicken had too much pepper for me. A hot oshibori will be given after the meal.

photo oshibori brlant

If, during the Online Check-In (OLCI) I chose to have a window seat, it's for taking photos and watch from the sky our homeplanet. And when I saw the windows behind me still up, I opened my window. But my neighbor ordered me to lower it down again. Difficult to satisfy my whim and his.

photo rcidive

We are now approaching Italian's coasts.

photo arrive en italie

We're approaching our final destination. I hope we'll land in direction of Cannes…

photo nce en vue

Meanwhile, I tried to take shots from the sky. And It was easier since the crew wasn't around.

photo braver linterdit 1photo braver linterdit 2photo braver linterdit 3

Wrong guess! We'll land in the opposite direction which is Ventimiglia's direction. Last moments inflight under a rainy sky. We'll fly above the cap d'Antibes.

Like the AF flight to NRT, the landing will be done with zigzags.

photo approche finale 6

A few aircrafts we can spot in NCE airport.

Our parking, the only one in this airport for such an aircraft as ours.

photo point de stationnement

Last meters.

photo avancez

This picture shows how wide this aircraft is for a regional airport like NCE.

photo avion gar 1

Our neighbors. Another similarity with the flight to NRT, we'll park next to a KLM aircraft.

photo klm voisin

If Nice Côte d'Azur airport has a special parking for wide-body aircrafts, it only has 2 jetbridges. In our case, one gateway is docked on the 1UL door and the other to 2L door.

photo vue en sortantphoto vue des racteurs 1 et 2

Bye bye A6-EUM! You did a great job. I hope we'll fly together once again.

photo a380 de facephoto dernire vue de lappareil

First and Business class passengers can use the fast track to reach borders while economy class passengers must take an escalator on the left.

photo passage aux lites

The Schengen immigration counters started to be very crowded, so I went to the non Schengen immigration counters, where formalities will be done very quickly. I'll receive my suitcase 15 minutes later.

Our flight's replay.

photo route ek pour nce finale

futuristic Japan's bonus

The Akihabara district, the district of trends.

photo censure-akihabara

An "owl" café is quite an original idea! Owww :)

photo censure-owl-coffee

The cosplay, unlike carnival in occidental culture, is part of the Japanese's futurist culture. If some people just put their favorite videogame or anime character's clothes, other people go super deep into it! (No banana peels or shells on the road! Sorry…)

photo censure-4-mkphoto censure-mario-kart-1

Seiki Kuroda's memorial, Seiki Kuroda is a Japanese painter who previously studied law school in France and then became very famous as he moved to art in 1900's Paris universal exhibition. A French street also bears his name in Grez-sur-Loing city where he lived.

photo memorial-seiki-kuroda

The Tokyo Museum. Its name could refer to the British Museum, which is almost a coincidence because, in 1865, Machida Hisanari, the museum's first director, and it's creator, came to visit London and took inspiration by it. A memorial stele at his name is set on the museum's park.

photo tokyo-museumphoto stele-de-machida-hisanari

Osaka's Dotonbori District by night, is often very animated with its colorful streets

The author's last words

And that's the end of my trip in Japan. It was wonderful and I shall go back again. I thank you for reading my review and I hope you enjoyed it too. If so, don't forget to leave a like and subscribe. As for me, I'll say bye bye and have safe flights.

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Cabin crew7.5

Dubai - DXB


Nice - NCE



To conclude this flight, there are good points and bad points :

Cabin very clean and very well-lit. The aircarft's silence and comfort aboard are very significant. Of course, we were on the front. We could also see the airplane was still recent.

Cabin crew correctly did their job but I didn't appreciate to be forced to lower my window for most of the time especially when I chose a window to watch outside. Besides, I noticed they strolled in the alleys less frequently than in the previous flight.

Entertainment: the offer is slightly richer on A380 than 777. Almost perfect but I'm removing 0.5 point due to no French version.

Meals: all good except the chicken with too much pepper.

DXB: calm airport despite chipyards. For a 2-hour and more connection, we can have a very relaxing transit. However, I had the feeling that I disturbed the connection desk's staff about my upgrade request, which was far too much expensive.

NCE: immigration fast but it took time for the baggage delivery. Having said that, we flew aboard an A380, so I considered that it was okay, especially for a regional airport.

If from Osaka to Nice, this solution is longer than the original flight on AF, (21h versus around 15h), I have no regrets experimenting this airline and more importantly to fly the superjumbo, especially when carriers started to withdraw it from their fleets :(

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    Manbou BRONZE 67 Comments
    Hey, thanks for your detailed review - it was an interesting read. Emirates seems to be a good choice, even though they might not reach up to the hype from a few years ago anymore. And also glad you enjoyed Japan that much; it's really a destination you can go to over and over again, always discovering something new without having a lot of negative experiences. I liked your shots of Nice and surroundings, too! :)
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      Thank you for your comment. Glad to hear you liked it.

      it's really a destination you can go to over and over again.

      Actually, I already planned my next trip. Which is soon... :)

      I saw your FR about your journey in Japan and Republic of Korea and I hope you enjoyed your stay in Seoul.

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