Review of Lufthansa flight Frankfurt Beijing in Business

Airline Lufthansa
Flight LH 720
Class Business
Seat 3H
Aircraft Airbus A340-600
Flight time 09:10
Take-off 25 Oct 18, 17:00
Arrival at 26 Oct 18, 08:10
LH   #49 out of 67 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 1277 reviews
By GOLD 1647
Published on 20th April 2020


Hello again everyone for this new flight to China in Business Class.

Back then, LH started to remove its Airbus A340 from its fleet to renew it by the newest Airbus A350 as well as 787. So I could fly for the first time and maybe the last time on this aircraft.

The Route

Version Française

English Version


  • LH1059 - Economique - Nice → Frankfurt - Airbus A320 Past

Before our parting to Beijing

Last time, I let you at the lounge after lunch. Smoking area and professional side is desert…

photo espace-fumeurs

… like the no-smoker one. this one is larger though. Wi-Fi works pretty well.

photo espace-de-travail-non-fumeur-18

The Website's home page back then.

photo une-du-jour

BP on my smartphone.

photo bp-fra-pek-prototype

You can also make phone calls without disturbing the other passengers.

photo espace-telephonie

If the lounge gives you a sight on aircrafts, the windows aren't very spotter-friendly. The most avgeeks will notice that D-ABYT, the 747 with the retro livery is here.

photo terrasse

For those who don't see it, Here it is.

photo 747-8i-retro

With its 3 liveries (older, newer and *A), Lufthansa made its hat trick.

photo triple-lh

Newpapers side. German speaking magazines on the ride side. On the other side, the foreign press.

photo presse-allemande

World time.

photo horloges-mondiales

Televisions side.

photo televiseurs

This lounge offers the possibility to take a shower. But I didn't get in.

photo douches

You can also relax on these transits.

photo transats

2 hours before our flight departure, I looked on my e-mails and noticed that our aircraft's parking had changed. We are now boarding gate Z50. As far as I'm concerned, it won't have any consequences but my travel companions almost missed their flight because they weren't informed about this !
The 747 we saw at the forefront earlier left its parking heading for Chicago (ORD), Illinois. That same parking is now occupied by our "dragon", D-AIHV.

photo voila-notre-avionphoto ci-avion-30-anglaise-definitive

onboard the dragon

Boarding staff is preparing the boarding. Like the previous flight, the boarding staff will manually board passengers travelling in First, Business and Premium Economy as well as frequent travelers on the left side. As for the rest of passengers, they will board on the right side via self-boardings.

photo porte-z50photo embarquement

Some views of our aircraft.

photo quil-est-longphoto avion

A close-up on motors 3 and 4.

photo reacteurs-3-et-4

Boarding starts with a slight delay. If priorities are respected, I notice no ID controls before starting the boarding.

photo embarquement-j-modifiee

On the left.

photo a-gauche-ou-a-droitephoto pas-de-doute

Fuselage shot. It would have been funnier without the 2nd jetbridge.

photo fuselage-shot

Door and Play-Playstation moment.

photo porte

We're now passing through the First Class cabin.

photo first

Here is my seat (3H) for the next 10 hours. LH's Business Class configuration is in 2-2-2 (also known as "footsie-footsie"), doesn't give the same privacy as AF's "BEST" we find on 777 or even EK's A380 (1-2-1). Especially when we are travelling alone.

photo mon-nid

View to the lounge we were not so long ago from the window. Too bad we can't board since this lounge. (although it applies at the airport's gates C).

photo vue-sur-le-salon

Since my seat is located at the cabin's first row, one of its advantages is that it allows a quick way out.

photo cabine-first

Bad point for LH: The seat's first impression leaves a neglected one. Besides, the amenity kit looks like a lot like a scholar pencil-case. Not much for the presentation of a Business Class product…

photo rangement-negligephoto trousse-de-confort

This one contains everything necessary for this flight… Except a pen apparently.

photo contenu-de-la-trousse

After a little storage, we can really enjoy our little haven of peace. By the way, I notice that the ottoman is separate from the neighbour’s when you sit on the sides. Unlike those in the middle.

photo espacephoto footsie-footsie-46


photo les-moufles

A few minutes after I took my seat, the flight attendant gave a welcome glass. You can have either water or orange juice ou Sekt. I'll choose the orange juice.

photo verre-de-bienvenue

Press magazines above my IFE screen.

photo espace-presse

Good quality Noise-canceller headset.

photo casque-reducteur-de-bruit

USB plugs. Strangely, only one of them worked during the entire flight.

photo prise-usb

Shortly before departure, the flight attendant introduced herself by calling us by our names. She asked which drink I would take and which orders for diner. By watching her face, I can say now she was the culutral flight attendant, even if I didn't see any pins or signs that proves it.

This flight's menu.

photo menu-4photo menu-6

Wines and drinks's menu.

Boarding completed at the time of departure. We pushed a few minutes later. We were tracked until we were behind a LH's 747 going to… Tokyo Haneda (HND), Japan.

Safety videos started when we started taxiing, first in German with German subtitles and next in Mandarin with English subtitles.

photo debut-des-consignes-de-securitephoto consigne-de-securite

Our aircraft's safety card…

photo safety-card-1photo safety-card-2

… with our mechanical bird as well.

photo notre-avion-parmi-les-autres

For this month, Japan is in Lufthansa's magazin spotlights.

photo lufthansa-magazin

747-8i LH wearing its new livery.

photo d-abya-censure

Taxiing took quite some time. This A320 took-off just before us.

Off we go ! Auf Wiedersen Frankfurt!

Soon after take-off, the crew gave Chinese's immigration cards.

photo carte-dimmigration

The First class curtain is set.

photo rideau-ferme

Since it's only served on flights from/to China, I decided to take a jasmine tea. Very good, served with peanuts.

photo the-au-jasmin

The IFE is quite rich. I'll try to give more in details on the return flight.

photo ife

All languages available on LH.

photo langues

What would a trip be to China without a certain movie like Mulan ? With her companions, Mushu and Cri-Kee ? :D

photo mulan

A first towel is given, meaning the diner is on the way.

photo premier-oshibori

Starter: "Carpaccio of sliced Breed Dumping, Wild Mushrooms and Red Radish".

photo entree

Not bad but not the best plate in this meal either.

We had metal cutlery and they wear LH's logo.

photo couverts

Next is the main course: "Escalope of Veal with Potatoes and Cucumber Salad".

photo plat-principal

The best plate I've ever ate in Business! But I'm no more hungry now, I won't be able to finish my plate nor ask for cheeses and dessert. :(

Chocolates are given at the end of the meal.

photo chocolats

Since it's a red-eye flight, choosing an aisle seat, I can't take good photos of the outside. Besides, I won't have to disturb my neighbor if I want to have a walk in the aircraft.

While I'm at it, I decided to go to the toilet. Not the ones in Business, but in Economy. In this aircraft, Economy's lavatories have the specialty to be located on the lower deck of the aircraft, just next to baggage compartment.

Something not so particular because the airline Joon (JN) (AF's long haul low cost airline) planned at the same place some spaces to sleep in its "future" Airbus A350. But that was until the 10th of January 2019, When Benjamin "Ben" Smith, AF-KL's CEO, officially declared the end of the "millenial" airline.

For safety reasons, 10 people maximum were allowed to go on the lower deck.

photo vers-les-toilettes-yphoto toilettes-yphoto toilettes-y-3

If there were trouble while you were on the lower floor, the security procedures you need to follow…

photo safety-video-lower-deck-1photo safety-video-lower-deck-2photo safety-video-lower-deck-3

Toilets are clean.

photo toilettes-y-2

A quick view on Y et W cabins. LH kept its configuration in 2-4-2 in economy class on its A330 et A340. It gave a certain comfort on the sides unlike the A350's configuration (3-3-3) as well as the 747 et A380's ones. (3-4-3 excepted the A380's upper deck).

Premium Economy's configuration remains the same in 2-3-2 except on 747 and 380 (2-4-2).

We can also notice that the seats still wore the former colors (yellow and blue) that I personnally prefer.

photo cabine-y-44607

A door and a trolley.

photo galley-y

View in Business. The aircraft had almost no remaining vacant seats (around 95%).

photo cabine-j

The bar J. (no better picture)

photo bar-galley-26

After this little walk, I started to watch a movie but I didn't really get into it, I'll go to bed. The seat is full-flat.

photo la-chtite-famillephoto siege-full-flat

While I just fell asleep, I'm suddenly awaken by the crew that is giving pajamas. Although I took it, there are 2 inconvenients to mention:

1) I don't have the choice for the size (L - XL). The neck isn't covered and you can possibly get a cold.

2) You have ONLY the top.

photo pyjama

Usually, I hardly sleep inflight but this time, I succeeded to sleep despite a few turbulences during the flight.

The map. We can notice that our aircraft bears the new livery. Personnally, I prefer AF's one, which you can change the sight at will unlike here. Besides, it doesn't give the tail camera. The tail camera is now equipped almost on all most recent Airbus (A380, A350-900/-1000 and A330-900/neo).

photo geovision

Lights are on around 2 hours before landing.

photo mood-lightningphoto reveil-de-la-cabine

The remote is working well but sometimes is a little too much responsive.

photo telecommande-1photo telecommande-2

A second towel is given before we started serving breakfast, that I declined. But I don't say no for another tea. That one was cold.

photo deuxieme-oshibori

The flight attendant seemed to worry about my decision and suggested me a croissant. I said yes with an orange juice.

photo petit-dejeuner-2


photo sante

The arrival at Beijing

IFE are locked on maps while we started our descent and until our arrival. Last moments as we are approaching our final destination.

Welcome to China

photo ca-land

A few aircrafts on our way to the parking.

photo 77w-caphoto chinois-et-japonaisphoto a330-ca

We parked next to this ANA's Dreamliner.

Once I'm out, I found the B-1083, Air China's 3rd A350. It is still wearing a special livery for Horticulture International Exposition that took place in Beijing in 2019. You may better see the livery just below.

photo a359-air-china-jpegphoto air-china-special

Last views of our aircraft before it heads back to FRA.

photo bec-de-lavionphoto vers-la-sortie-3

Arrival formalities have been quite long. You must first scan your passports and your printings inside a machine. Once it's done, the machine gives you a receipt that allows you to go to the next step. If you skip that part, be ready to be repelled by the airport staff.

Interesting fact: If PEK separates well passengers who are transiting and those who have the capital city's airport as the final destination, there aren't any fast track for foreign passengers travelling in First or Business.

Once this is over, we took the train to go to the baggage claim. The indications are quite original.

On the way.

photo pek-landside-1photo pek-landside-2

Trolleys are at your disposal.

photo trolleys-a-disposition

The Olympic Winter Games took place early this year at PyeongChang, Republic of Korea, Beijing reminds it's the next city that hosts the next olympic winter games, in 2022.

photo jo-2022-1photo jo-2022-3photo jo-2022-2

When I finally arrived to the baggage claim, my suitcase was already here waiting for me. It shall however pass one last control before I can be landside.

photo arrivee-a-pek-1-54342photo arrivee-a-pek-2-53389

our flight's replay

photo route-de-francfort-a-pekin

We have now arrived to the end of this review. I hope you enjoyed it. If that's the case, don't hesitate to leave a like and/or a comment. As for me, I'll meet you again for the next flight with MU.

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Cabin crew9.0

Lufthansa Business Lounge Z50 - Z


Frankfurt - FRA


Beijing - PEK



For a first flight in Business, onboard a beautiful aircraft, the Business product is quite satisfying.

I'm not a big fan of LH's Business class's configuration, but it is revealed to be comfortable. And that was the most important for this flight and for this upgrade. The cabin crew was professionnal, but I remove one point about waking me up just to give me the pajama. As for the catering, although it was generous on quantities, it was good as well.

The lounge is comfortable for a 5 hour transit despite anti-spotter friendly windows and the catering.

FRA: The airport won't give me a great souvenir. MUC is by far better to me.

PEK: From the aircraft to the exit, it has been quite long to me. There weren't a fast-track when you pass the borders, like do CDG for AF for example. By the same occasion, there weren't any video showing informations to the arrival airport. (Which terminal you land, where to go to from that terminal, or even what you have to do on the way to the immigration).

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