Review of Lion Mentari Airlines flight Makassar-Celebes Island Surabaya in Economy

Flight JT3791
Class Economy
Seat 3B
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 01:00
Take-off 23 Aug 20, 11:00
Arrival at 23 Aug 20, 11:00
JT 21 reviews
By 460
Published on 12th January 2021

Hi Hi Hello! Welcome back to my new flight report! This time, I'll be reporting the flight back to home after a first trip during pandemics. The previous report is here:


Tanjung BIRA

Highlight of Tanjung Bira and Apparalang Cliff. Writing this after about six month from my visit I wish I can go back there again really soon. I believe a two days and one night trip isn't enough for exploring the area. I didn't even jump to the sea water.   

upg airport

Sultan Hasanuddin International Aiport, Makassar-Maros (UPG). The construction of the new main terminal building still on the way, I guess it'll be ready by the end of 2021 and full operational in 2022, will I still have chances to try the new main terminal building? We will see. Since we do our weekend trip we still use the same result of PCR Swab test as its mandatory by the government to provide Rapid Test Anti-body / PCR Swab Test result before you can fly during pandemics. Now the regulations has changed and passengers need to provide the result of Rapid Test Anti-gen / PCR Swab test as its more accurate I guess?

The validation of Rapid Test / PCR Swab Results will be done by Port Health Authority before passengers can proceed to check-in hall. No matters if there's pandemic COVID-19 or no this airport will be always busy, because UPG serve as main hub for pretty much every airlines for Eastern part of Indonesia. *Sorry bunch of blurry picture as we head straight upstairs to the Departure Area. 
Wuah Babby Boeing 737-500 of Citilink (QG) that now operated as a cargo aircraft. 


As mostly every flight with Lion Air we ended up transported by bus to the aircraft that parked at the remote apron. Glad its allow us enjoying sunshine, nice view of the whole terminal and its new concourse that also under construction, and also don't forget that its allows us to enjoy couple of aircraft taxiing. 

the flight

Lion Mentari Airlines
Aircraft: Boeing 737-800
Registration: PK-LPQ| Msn: 39877 | Age: 5.0  Years (January 2021) Configuration: Y189
Origin: Sultan Hasanuddin International Airport, Makassar-Maros (UPG)
Destination: Juanda International Airport, Surabaya-Sidoarjo (SUB)
Flight Date: Sunday, 23 August 2020 

Boarding took a while since there's no seat distancing such a things, so yes it'll be a full flight. When you fly with Lion Group during pandemics both Lion Air (JT), Batik Air (ID), as well as Wings Air (IW) no single carrier implement seat distancing, reduce passengers capacity, etc. They just load everyone to same flight. As we almost the last one to board, bot long after the door closed, cabin crew demonstrate the safety demonstration, and we're ready to pushback. 

Pushback so we can see the new concourse clearly and also parallel taxiing to another Lion's aircraft painted with meh celebrate their 100th Boeing 737 NG's. Then we Taxi to the active runway and take off… 

Flying over Makassar City and the straits of Makassar. Can you spot the trash in the ocean? Cabin situation, seat view, and seat back pocket materials as again they forget to remove the inflight magazine that was issued on April when they back flying.

Descend and landing at Juanda International Airport, Surabaya - Sidoarjo (SUB). Back in 2012 PK-LJY brought me from BDO to BTH and Back when she was still couple months old. 

sub airport

Brought to the terminal 1 Arrival area with bus again and we went upstairs to the 2nd level to proceed on our next flight. See you on the next flight report fellas!

photo 20200823_124411photo 20200823_115620photo 20200823_115637

Thank you so much for stopping by and read my flight report! Really sorry for typo, bad grammar, etc. As I enjoyed reading/views high quality FR. So, I tried my best to deliver FR that met those standards. Hope you enjoy! Feel free to click the like button and comment down below about my flight with LNI/JT. My other flight report:

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Lion Mentari Airlines

Cabin crew6.0

Makassar-Celebes Island - UPG


Surabaya - SUB






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    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 5505 Comments

    Hi Emyrrs, thanks a lot for sharing this report on flying Lion Air during the pandemic.

    Highlight of Tanjung Bira and Apparalang Cliff

    Looks beautiful!

    Boarding took a while since there's no seat distancing such a things, so yes it'll be a full flight.

    I haven't travelled much during the pandemic, and I haven't experienced a full flight in Economy (only in Business), but I can imagine it feels uncomfortable. Though I can't blame Lionair for filling up the plane...most other airlines are with very few exceptions.

    Thanks for sharing!

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