Review of Singapore Airlines flight Taipei Singapore in Business

Airline Singapore Airlines
Flight SQ 879
Class Business
Seat 15A
Aircraft Airbus A330-300
Flight time 04:40
Take-off 05 Nov 11, 18:00
Arrival at 05 Nov 11, 22:40
SQ   #6 out of 78 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 644 reviews
By 7455
Published on 6th October 2013
A fantastic week of cheap and good food, friendly and extremely civilized people, beautiful scenery and some great shopping deals just flew past with a blink of an eye and it was time to return back to reality. However, in order to minimize the depression of going back to work, we decided to fly back to Singapore on SQ Business Class! It was also a no-brainer since SQ was offering Saver award in Business for only 21,250 miles one-way with S$90+ taxes per person while Economy was only available on Standard and Full awards at 25,500 miles one-way lowest! Only a crazy person will redeem in economy! It would also be my 2nd flight on SQ Business Class this year (and whole life) and experiencing my 1st full dinner service in Business!

And so the photo intensive finale flight….

We reached Taoyuan International Terminal 2 by taxi (decided against taking the airport coach due to the large amount of luggage) slightly more than 2hrs before the 1800hrs flight. Check-in counters were already opened and a queue was forming at the economy class counters. However Business Class counters were empty and we checked in immediately.

Something interesting though, during the booking of our seats, I had initially selected 15A/C, but when I checked my booking using the enhanced SQ website, my selections were gone and I had to re-select my seats, when then I chose 14A/C since 15A/C were apparently taken. After selecting the new seats, my booking suddenly showed 2 seats (14A & 15A/14C & 15C) assigned to each of us. So we are gonna get 2 seats each? However, during online check-in, the system only offered 15A/C to us, which was our original selected seats. And upon check-in, I learnt that the booking system had screwed up and double-assigned us seats, which in the end resulted in seats 14A/C remaining empty for the flight. 2 J class revenue lost because of the screw-up. Wonder how much revenue did SQ lost due to the new website till now as I am quite sure I am not the only one experiencing this problem….

Check-in counters.
photo 6331403995_aca0558572_b

Business Class! Check-in was done by a pleasant China Airlines agent. Apparently SQ has outsourced its check-in to CI as it used to have its own ground staff a few years ago.
photo 6331404229_2850fa3cfc_b

After check-in, we cleared immigration/security and immediately proceeded to the Silver Kris Lounge to grab a bite. Lounges were a level above the departure hall.
photo 6332157128_a6528e73dd_b

Entrance of Taipei Silver Kris Lounge.
photo 6332157364_17291109f6_b

Was warmly welcomed by the lounge receptionist and we entered the lounge. This lounge was also used by UA Business Class passengers. However we were the only ones in the lounge then. Other passengers only came in much later. There were computer facilities, meal buffet, drinks, toilets and shower facilities in the lounge. Not bad for an outstation lounge and definitely miles better than the one in Manila.

Lounge view towards the entrance.
photo 6332157474_1ba08f8e3f_b

View towards the buffet area.
photo 6331404619_23f60e6c18_b

Wifi also available in the lounge. With my blue boarding pass, hehe.
photo 6331404697_9161747a14_b

Lots of international newspapers and magazines available for your reading pleasure.
photo 6332157840_6e2c3c802a_b

Lets take a look at the buffet spread.
photo 6331404895_fc4ac853fc_b

More food.
photo 6331405023_67ac60aba6_b

Brewed soup-of-the-day.
photo 6331405121_3f8d15d252_b

Drinks selection, fruits and cheeses.
photo 6332158232_f4a9d47a5a_b

Coffee machine, finger food, breads and pastries, hot pao and alcohol selection.
photo 6331405377_b54ca797a8_b

Sandwiches, salads, bottled water and tea selection.
photo 6331405495_cacf960fe3_b

I had a soup (soup was good) and a salad,
photo 6331405695_077d4a66c8_b

and a bit of everything from the buffet spread.
photo 6332158532_7bc866dbec_b

Rounded up with a cappuccino and pineapple pastry. Not too much food as a feat still awaits onboard.
photo 6332158722_de628eab53_b

After relaxing for a while more, we left the lounge and proceeded to the gate about 40min before departure time. Terminal 2 seemed quite busy for the evening, with lots of PRC nationals. A check on the FIDS showed that most of the flights were heading to mainland China! Since the opening up of the skies between China and Taiwan, airlines are launching flights to every possible city on the mainland.
photo 6332158856_cac64a0674_b

Shops and restaurants in the terminal.
photo 6331405989_5474d9d3cb_b

Hello Kitty themed nursing room and telephone booth!
photo 6332163902_4b52dfae3e_b

Our flight would be departing form gate D6 this evening.
photo 6332159002_af9bbae8d8_b

05 November 2011
Singapore Airlines
SQ 879
Taipei (TPE) - Singapore (SIN)
Business Class

The plane operating our flight today would be 9V-STH, one of SQ's leased A330-300s. It is fitted with the new regional Business Class seats.
photo 6332159080_07e9ca33a1_b

Boarding had just commenced when we reached the gate and so we could board immediately. Boarded through door 1 and was greeted by name by the Inflight Supervisor after he glanced at my boarding pass. Welcome back, Mr xxxx. I was also to be addressed by my surname throughout the whole flight, something I am not too used to as on the previous flight in J from Manila, I was never addressed by name. In the cabin were 2 other stewardesses (one of whom is a Taiwanese stewardess) assisting with the boarding. Both were jovial and chatting with passengers as they boarded. Could sense they they were definitely experienced crew. Another leading steward was preparing welcome drinks in the galley. Economy seemed to be very full on this flight but business class was only 17/30.

photo 6331406247_85d08be303_b

More than sufficient legroom.
photo 6332159398_85a9d3997a_b

Checking out the seat functions. Seat controls and IFE handset.
photo 6332159294_98045b9b13_b

Power socket and USB ports.
photo 6331409487_6d1ed73e04_b

Personal reading light
photo 6332162668_ac3f844cd5_b

Warming up with a glass of Bollinger.
photo 6331406565_6d8e5380b5_b

Crew also came down the aisle with hot towels and selections of newspapers and magazines. Soon, boarding was completed and we started our pushback. Flight time was announced to be 4hrs15min. Safety video was played while we pushed back.

Aerobridge retracted.
photo 6332159552_3829dac839_b

China vs China Southern
photo 6332159636_d782403b7f_b

Air China A320 in a special livery.
photo 6332159814_79d218466f_b

EVA land.
photo 6331406813_dc2255a2d9_b

Remaining flight time as shown on the handset: 4hrs11min.
photo 6331406909_b9bc414563_b

Took off from Rwy05R into the evening skies.

Shortly after lift off.
photo 6331406945_b0d476df9f_b

Minutes later, seatbelt signs were switched off and the legendary SQ service started. Due to the light load in Business today, one of the stewardess went down to economy to assist, leaving only the IFS, LS and Taiwanese FSS to serve us 17 passengers. However, I must say that on this flight the service was excellent, in particular the Taiwanese stewardess who was fantastic! She was easily the best crew I have ever encountered on SQ or any other airline. Her attentiveness and personal touch were amazing. Words could not describe how great her service was till you experience it yourself, but there was not a single unhappy passenger in Business today. Overall, the service was miles better than my Business flight from Manila earlier this year when I felt I was just flying economy with a bigger seat and better food,

Firstly, socks and eyeshades were distributed. Other amenities were available in the lavatory.
photo 6332160492_cd755e812d_b

A pillow and Givenchy-branded blanket were already on each seat.
photo 6332162772_7cb74eb6d2_b

Noise-cancellation headphones
photo 6331409959_7773566dbc_b

After take-off, post takeoff drinks were served. I had ordered a Singapore Sling.
photo 6332160350_58c5247826_b

My friend has a pu-er. It was served in a traditional chinese teacup.
photo 6331407283_0f004d1091_b

Contents in the magazine rack.
photo 6332159978_7036e5f19b_b

Meal orders were also taken at this time. Lets take a look at the menu. Hmmm, though choice…. Finally settled for the cod. They had ran out of the beef, not that I would choose it though as i was not too hungry after all the food in the lounge.
photo 6331407113_4667225fb9_b

Reclined my seat and settled for the movie Green Lantern.
photo 6331407209_ea221d87b4_b

Not long after, the famous SQ satays were served. Apparently if there is satay service, no nuts would be served. There was 3 sticks of satay (2 chicken/1 lamb) and condiments/peanut sauce were now placed directly on the plate instead of previously in saucers.
photo 6332160602_d7c631e55d_b

Not long after, meal cart was rolled out and trays with appetizer were distributed. Water and wines were also offered.
photo 6332160672_fed99d8b4b_b

Crew assisted to lift up my tray table from the arm rest, which was relatively heavy. Linen was then placed on the tray table by the stewardess and meal tray placed on it. I also had a Riesling and water with my meal.

Asian Platter
Stuffed squid, smoked duck and marinated eringi mushroom with
sweet and sour dressing

The starter was delicious! And the Taiwanese stewardess even explained what contents the starter consisted of when serving us!
photo 6332160748_301f6e85e9_b

Following the starter, choices of bread were offered. I chose garlic breas and a crispy pastry.
photo 6332160830_4c712ce05c_b

The wonderful Taiwanese stewardess attending to a passenger. If CI/BR would to have all their stewardesses similar to her, they would give SQ a very tough fight in cabin service.
photo 6331407995_e0f81eec44_b

Main course delivered piping hot from the galley by the IFS. I had chosen:
Roast pacific cod with potato gnocchi, broccoli,
edamame beans and wild mushroom a la Grecque

Exclusively created by Alfred Portale of Gotham Bar & Grill, New York
It was great too! And not a too heavy course. Presentation was also first class!!
photo 6331408091_7148b60d51_b

Look how fresh and juicy the cod was!
photo 6331410781_3d71a07624_b

My friend had the noodles.
Tainan style noodle soup
Egg noodles in pork broth garnished with minced pork, pork meat
balls, prawns and boiled soya flavoured egg

Chopsticks, soup spoon and chilli were also presented. Please enjoy a warm bowl of Taiwan's famous dan-dan noodles! quipped the stewardess in mandarin while serving. We just felt like royalty!
photo 6331410671_0e6df2caa1_b

Close up of the noodles. I tried some and it was delicious too!
photo 6331408161_06773c60fc_b

Looking across to the other seats, the 2 other choices seemed not bad too. After having done with the main course, dessert, cheeses and fruits were offered on a cart.
photo 6331408255_aa50721174_b

Whole seasonal fruit selection were offered from a basket. I had a dragonfruit and some grapes. Unfortunately, the grapes were not the fantastic types I had in Taiwan. To be frank, I rather that SQ offered a pre-cut fruit plate as it was quite troublesome cutting up and eating a whole fruit without creating a mess.
photo 6331408325_06a255e7a4_b

Friend had the Taiwanese pear and grapes. The pear was not sweet. Also offered in the fruit basket were apples, oranges and water-apples.
photo 6332161378_c7899ba41b_b

Also served was dessert. We tried one of each.
Cappuccino ice cream with mango compote
The ice-cream satisfied my sweet tooth!
photo 6331408493_394f417f4b_b

Pistachio creme brulee with berries
Still preferred the ice-cream to the creme brulee.
photo 6331408589_4af804e761_b

Cheese plate. Cheddar, camembert and smelly blue cheese were offered with walnuts, grapes and crackers.
photo 6332161590_4f79f6de95_b

Pralines offered from a tray. I grabbed 2 of them.
photo 6331408753_9e0598e83d_b

After the heavy and satisfying meal, I visited the lavatory. It was still as cramped as the ones in economy…
photo 6332161772_4bce899b7f_b

..but with better quality amenities.
photo 6332161858_cf5b43e607_b

Business class cabin from the rear. Lights were slightly dimmed.
photo 6332161960_b05366ee8f_b

Another view of the seats.
photo 6331410573_df7b2e33a4_b

SQ-branded mineral water was distributed to each passenger. Hmm, can't SQ use a better known brand (KLM does that in economy) then their house-branded water?
photo 6331409161_34b2c2f406_b

Seat at full-reclined mode. There is a slight angle to the ground but the new seats are still very comfortable.
photo 6331409263_c47987609f_b

More ice-cream to satisfy my sweet tooth. Haagen daaz from Economy, hehe.
photo 6332162242_841732740a_b

Rounded up with a cup of soothing TWG chamomile tea with honey.
photo 6332162322_4d68285091_b

Reality is getting nearer…
photo 6332162588_8a37c3f7dd_b

Due to heavy air traffic, we circled for a while in the air before landing on Rwy20R a few minutes late.

Initially, it was announced by the pilot that we would by arriving in Terminal 3 Gate B1 but after landing, we taxied to A20 instead at the far-end of the terminal. Parked beside a Garuda B738 that had just arrived before us from Jakarta.
photo 6332163008_93da021c9b_b

Aerobridge attaching to the aircraft door.
photo 6332163084_d99f8d8d5e_b

View of the our empty seats 14A/C in front during disembarkation.
photo 6332163214_316faf1cdb_b

Last view of the very comfortable new regional Business Class cabin and seats. Was bade farewell by name again at the door.
photo 6331410339_7edb51de58_b

Last view of 9V-STH. Noticed the nose-cone of the aircraft is of a slightly different colour?
photo 6331410487_266a094fcb_b

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Singapore Airlines

Cabin crew9.5

Taipei - TPE


Singapore - SIN



In one word, this Business Class flight on SQ was WOW! The crew (especially the stewardess who is easily the best), were among the greatest set I have encountered on SQ. Catering from TPE was superb except the fruits where I personally preferred cut fruits to whole fruits (I like more variety than just a single fruit). The new regional Business Class seats are more than comfortable for the mid-haul flight even though I have no qualms traveling on them for long-haul as well. SQ certainly lived up to its standards on this flight but I guess for most airlines, it would be the crew and food that makes/breaks the flight and SQ did not disappoint on this short flight.

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