Review of Hawaiian Airlines flight Honolulu Lihue in Domestic First

Airline Hawaiian Airlines
Flight HA503
Seat 02D
Aircraft Boeing 717-200
Flight time 00:40
Take-off 17 Jan 18, 15:40
Arrival at 17 Jan 18, 16:20
HA 38 reviews
By GOLD 421
Published on 11th December 2020

hnl transit

We had a 3H layover in HNL and decided against taking the Wiki Wiki shuttle but rather go walking to the inter-islands terminal.

photo dsc_0912photo dsc_0913

A330 HA:

photo dsc_0914photo dsc_0915

Oakland Raiders sticker:

photo dsc_0916

Even if we had wanted, the Wiki Wiki wasn't operating that day:

photo dsc_0918

To go to the inter-islands terminal, all hand luggages must be scanned:

photo dsc_0919photo dsc_0920

As we had First Class tickets we were eligible to the Premier Club. It looks pretty fresh and modern but it is a blind lounge, without windows:

photo dsc_0926photo dsc_0927

This is the food offering:

photo dsc_0923

This and nothing else :)

There are also some soft drinks: POG (Passion Orange Guava 12% of juice the rest being water and sugar) or fountain drinks and coffee/tea;

My selection:

photo dsc_0928

I went for a walk:

photo dsc_0929

The garden here is beautiful and peaceful:

photo dsc_0930photo dsc_0931photo dsc_0932

A really nice place:

photo dsc_0933

Back to the terminal with this 717 HA:

photo dsc_0935

This ATR72 goes to  Lanai ops by Ohana for Hawaiian:

photo dsc_0936photo dsc_0937


photo dsc_0938photo dsc_0939

Push back:

photo dsc_0940photo dsc_0941

A good old DC9-50:

photo dsc_0942

Break time :)

photo dsc_0943

Another 717 and a 767-300ER:

photo dsc_0944photo dsc_0945


photo dsc_0946photo dsc_0947


photo dsc_0948

The second A321neo delivered to HA:

photo dsc_0951photo dsc_0952

More walking:

photo dsc_0955

The neo again:

photo dsc_0956

Back to the lounge for another POG and more snacks :)

photo dsc_0957

Our flight was delayed by 20' as we arrived at the gate, we decided to stay there and not going back to the lounge.

photo dsc_0958

Then, a bit more walking :)

photo dsc_0959


photo dsc_0960photo dsc_0962photo dsc_0963

More 717 this time with the new livery:

photo dsc_0964

Our plane arrives and it has the old livery:

photo dsc_0965photo dsc_0966

Almost at the gate:

photo dsc_0967

the flight

Once all passengers disembarked, two minutes later, boarding started:

photo dsc_0968

The First cabin:

photo dsc_0969

Only 8 seats:

photo dsc_0970


photo dsc_0971

The seats:

photo dsc_0972photo dsc_0973

The recline is good:

photo dsc_0974


photo dsc_0975

Small tray:

photo dsc_0976photo dsc_0977

Safety card:

photo dsc_0978photo dsc_0979photo dsc_0980

In details:

photo dsc_0981photo dsc_0982photo dsc_0983

Big tray table:

photo dsc_0984photo dsc_0985

We pushed back still a bit late:

photo dsc_0986

Crew pannel:

photo dsc_0987

HA has no fwd lavatories, there is only one and at the rear of the plane, for 128 passengers. To my knowledge, nobody has that few lavatories in a 717. But with the always super short flights, that must be enough. During taxi the purser takes the drinks order, as the flight is scheduled with 17 minutes in the air, it will be quick :)

photo dsc_0988

757 ATI :

photo dsc_0989

A wonderful Boeing E-3 Sentry, known as AWACS:

photo dsc_0992photo dsc_0993

What a bird!

photo dsc_0994photo dsc_0995photo dsc_0996

Fast take off and we almost immediately turn right:

photo dsc_0999photo dsc_1000

Nice views over the airport:

photo dsc_1001photo dsc_1002photo dsc_1004

And leaving Oah'u:

photo dsc_1005photo dsc_1006photo dsc_1007

Service starts as we reached our low cruise altitude: 12'000 feet.

photo dsc_1008photo dsc_1010

There are pre-made cocktails available in First, I took a vodka litchees while my mom had a mai tai. Both came with snacks and were good.

photo dsc_1009

During descent, complimentary maps of Kaua'i were handed out, a very nice touch.

photo dsc_1011

Enter text here…

photo dsc_1012

For the time being, still no land to be seen:

photo dsc_1013photo dsc_1014


photo dsc_1015

Touch down:

photo dsc_1016photo dsc_0001

LIH has two runways:

photo dsc_0002

Control tower:

photo dsc_0003

A private jet:

photo dsc_0004

AA 757 to PHX:

photo dsc_0005photo dsc_0006

The terminal building:

photo dsc_0007photo dsc_0008

AA again:

photo dsc_0009

And the terminal again:

photo dsc_0010

Leaving the plane:

photo dsc_0011

Welcome to LIH!

photo dsc_0012photo dsc_0015

Our plane a last time:

photo dsc_0013

We picked up our bags and headed to the yellow car rental company.

photo dsc_0017

Courtyard Marriott Kauai (rebranded since as sheraton)

The price was really good, at least for Hawaii, we were at 200USD per night and I had enough points to pay for one room for my parents and bring my average night rate down to 150USD. The price tag was "low" since the hotel was on the old side and a full refurbishement was due to happen two months after our visit. Once completed the hotel would switch to Sheraton brand. This is now fully completed.

As expected the rooms were a bit worn out but still, very clean and comfortable.

photo dsc_0018photo dsc_0019

My room was a "full ocean view" which had amazing views at sunset:

photo dsc_0020photo dsc_0021

In the morning:

photo dsc_0024photo dsc_0025photo dsc_0027

I treated my parents to a "premium ocean view", which was awsome:

photo dsc_0029photo dsc_0036photo dsc_0037

The hotel from outside:

photo dsc_0039photo dsc_0042photo dsc_0050

The hotel is ocean front and there is a beach also, but the water is unswimmable. The reef is very high and there are lots of rocks. But the island has far better beach, more on a next bonus.

photo dsc_0041photo dsc_0043photo dsc_0045

Still, a very nice beach to have a walk or to just dip your feet in the water

photo dsc_0046photo dsc_0047
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A super short flight but that comes with a service on board. Nice :)

The lounge is a disgrace given it is at their main hub. Having more substantial food and drinks would be a minimum.

As usual, a big thank you for reading!

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