Review of WestJet Encore flight Montreal Toronto in Business

Airline WestJet Encore
Flight WS3529
Class Business
Seat 02A
Flight time 01:30
Take-off 14 May 18, 14:00
Arrival at 14 May 18, 15:30
WR 6 reviews
By GOLD 645
Published on 21st December 2020

After a nice stay in Quebec, the vacation comes to an end.

I took a taxi back to the airport as there are only two options: either a coach or taxi. YUL has no access via train or subway, unfortunately.

The check in was done by a not that friendly agent that tells me that I have access to the Air France lounge since my ticket was in business and codeshare AF. I am almost sure that by that time the AF lounge will be closed as their first departure is not before 6 hours.

The security was performed in no time, here the FIDS:

photo dsc_0504

My gate is in the Canada zone but the AF lounge is at the strict opposite of it. Let's have a look anyway.

photo dsc_0505

Duty free:

photo dsc_0507

Quiet airport at that time:

photo dsc_0506photo dsc_0508

As expected:

photo dsc_0509

Back to the Canada zone then:

photo dsc_0510

Nice food court:

photo dsc_0511

AC A320:

photo dsc_0512

Dash 8-300 and CRJ 200:

photo dsc_0513

MAX-8 AC and WestJet 737-700 behind the 320:

photo dsc_0514

Two Dash to Toronto and Quebec City:

photo dsc_0515

Toronto leaves first:

photo dsc_0516

This one goes to Ottawa:

photo dsc_0518


photo dsc_0519

And the smallest exemple, a series -100:

photo dsc_0520

-300 again:

photo dsc_0521photo dsc_0523

737-700 Westjet:

photo dsc_0522

737MAX-8 AC:

photo dsc_0524

The flight FIDS:

photo dsc_0525

My Dash:

photo dsc_0526photo dsc_0527photo dsc_0528

Boarding starts with passengers needing assistance, then families with babies and then the passengers "plus". As I have an AF/KL ticket in business, I am also considered as "plus" passenger.

In the jetty:

photo dsc_0529

Fusalage … shoot but no :)

photo dsc_0530

Friendly welcome at the door in french and english and here is the cabin. The seats are the same as on board KLM CityHopper's E-175:

photo dsc_0532

The first 3 rows are "Plus":

photo dsc_0531photo dsc_0533

The seat pitch isn't great:

photo dsc_0542

Right view:

photo dsc_0534

A little recline:

photo dsc_0535

The safety card:

photo dsc_0536photo dsc_0537

The BOB but unavailable on this short flight:

photo dsc_0538photo dsc_0539

WestJet Magazine:

photo dsc_0540

The fleet:

photo dsc_0541


photo dsc_0544

On time push back:

photo dsc_0545

A319 Rouge:

photo dsc_0546

Private jets:

photo dsc_0547

And take off:

photo dsc_0549photo dsc_0550

Good bye Quebec:

photo dsc_0551photo dsc_0552

Service starts quickly, all soft, beers and wine are complementary. Only liquors have to be paid for:

photo dsc_0554

A cereal bar is also given:

photo dsc_0555

The ingredients are just … amazing: ok there is cocoa but there are also, beets, tomatoes, broccoli, spinach and … shiitake mushrooms…. lol

Really strange.

photo dsc_0556photo dsc_0557

Not bad but I wouldn't say good. It is quite chewy and tastes like nothing I was used to.

The seat is rock hard, in fact I already hate it with KLM, so no exception here.

The windows:

photo dsc_0558

The lavatory:

photo dsc_0560photo dsc_0561photo dsc_0563

Back to my seat:

photo dsc_0564

The turboprop:

photo dsc_0566

Almost there but this isn't Pearson:

photo dsc_0567photo dsc_0568

A bit foggy today making the pictures hard to take:

photo dsc_0569photo dsc_0570

Toronto in distance:

photo dsc_0571photo dsc_0572

Almost there:

photo dsc_0574

MD11 UPS ans some WestJet birds:

photo dsc_0575

Love that plane!

photo dsc_0576


photo dsc_0577

A twin taking off:

photo dsc_0578photo dsc_0579

CRJ landing:

photo dsc_0580

Hey baby :)

photo dsc_0581photo dsc_0582

737 MAX-8:

photo dsc_0583


photo dsc_0584

And at our stand:

photo dsc_0585

Always great to have a walk on the tarmac:

photo dsc_0586photo dsc_0587

Well arrived :)

photo dsc_0589
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WestJet Encore

Cabin crew7.0
Buy-on-board menu4.0

Montreal - YUL


Toronto - YYZ



I hate that seat, that is one of the most uncomfortable that I have experienced.

The "plus" product has no difference vs the coach standard product on that kind of flight apart boarding first and being seated in the first three rows.

Sad to see that a major airport like YUL struggles to get a correct transportation via subway. The project is on the boxes since years and nothing moves

YYZ is a great and nice airport.

As usual, thanks for reading!

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The airline with the best average rating is Air Canada with 7.5/10.

The average flight time is 1 hours and 16 minutes.

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    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 5513 Comments

    Hey Esteban, thanks for sharing this rare report on WestJet Encore Q400 Plus experience. Looks like on a short route like this that Plus/Premium is really only worth it if you are connecting from a longer flight with a “real” Premium cabin and better service.

    Thanks for sharing!

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