Review of Singapore Airlines flight Beijing Singapore in Business

Airline Singapore Airlines
Flight SQ 807
Class Business
Seat 11K
Aircraft Boeing 777-300ER
Flight time 06:30
Take-off 25 Sep 12, 16:45
Arrival at 25 Sep 12, 23:15
SQ   #3 out of 94 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 701 reviews
By 8074
Published on 17th October 2013
And now for the return flight home on SQ Business Class. This flight was booked using redemption miles, at 29750miles for a saver award. Out of the 4 flights daily from PEK-SIN, I had chosen SQ807, which is the evening departure from PEK, as (i) the flight is operated by SQ's B773ER with long-haul Business Class seats which I had not tried before, (ii) full dinner service offered and (iii) saver awards were surprisingly widely available!! The return trip would mainly be picture based as I guess SQ Business Class had been reviewed countless times in various forums.

Trip from my hotel to Beijing Capital Airport Terminal 3 (which is really massive), took about 45min due to heavy traffic. Arrived at the airport 2hrs prior to departure.
photo 8056761897_28d4eaffd2_b

In Terminal 3. The layout reminded me of HKIA Terminal 1.
photo 8056763072_321436f930_b

Business Class check-in counter. There were nobody in the queue.
photo 8056761743_f46a56b04c_b

Got my first (and only) SQ blue boarding pass for the year.
photo 8056760533_efeeaa9b74_b

Lounge invitation to BGS Premier Lounge was given. Details were hand-written, not too classy….
photo 8056763192_9d6d6fe973_b

Proceed to the inter-terminal train to T3E.
photo 8056762890_9c494e0263_b

Departing from gate E10 today.
photo 8056762728_ba0927dfc1_b

Immigration and security, which were very crowded, were cleared at T3E. Both took a total of almost 30min! Rather tiring…

Duty free shops after immigration. Not too much of a selection. Guess not much time to shop too after the immigration and security checks.
photo 8056762618_4b2d2c83c0_b

Proceeded to the BGS Premier Lounge after buying some liquor (Absolut Wild-Tea, not available in Singapore!!). There were First and Business Class sections. The Business Class section was rather packed. However still with ample seating, even though the lounge is not too big.
photo 8056759795_5d8cf053f9_b

Emptier section towards the rear of the lounge.
photo 8056759941_14d7b28fc5_b

Buffet selection with not too many choices. There was also a Zha Jiang noodle and udon station. However there was plenty to choose from for beverages.
photo 8056760705_cc43c4cf5f_b

Coconut rice with curry chicken.
photo 8056760395_e4fdb09788_b

More food from the lounge. Rather tasty minced-chicken Zha Jiang noodles.
photo 8056760227_50c1ea9191_b

Dim sum and onigiri. The dim sum is nice but onigiri is tasteless.
photo 8056761882_7d8291d48e_b

Something sweet. Coffee mousse cake and danish pastry.
photo 8056761330_9815e3e211_b

At about 1615hrs, a lounge attendant walked through the lounge, announcing the boarding of SQ807 to Singapore. Most of the pax in the lounge, who apparently were on the flight, started to get up and proceeded to the gate.

25 September 2012
Singapore Airlines
SQ 807
Beijing (PEK) - Singapore (SIN)
Business Class

Gate E10 was not too far from the lounge. Boarding had already started, thus no wait for boarding.
photo 8056761012_2842dc1674_b

As mentioned in the first post, the Albino Star-livery 9V-SWI would be operating my flight back to SIN.
photo 8056761174_e2b16206f3_b

Down the gangway and looking at the nose. It had started to rain at this time.
photo 8056760726_4cbb92dbbd_b

Emirates A380 parked beside. I am so gonna fly this big bird someday.
photo 8056760850_3587cb8f2d_b

Boarded the aircraft at Door 1, greeted by name by the IFS and directed to the correct aisle. Passed by the under-whelming First Class cabin (and saw Asian/Hollywood celebrity Jet Li sitting on 1K! He was the only pax in F today!) and reached my seat just behind First, 11K, which is the first row of the Business Class cabin, and also within the private 2-rows section. Through review, the Business seats on this row on the 773ER are supposedly the best! Mini cabin. away from galley, no bassinet points and lots of legroom! Almost equivalent to a First Class seat! Not sure why would anyone want to pay for First on the B773ER, of course unless you are a VVIP, haha.

My seat at 11K. Already on the seat were a pillow, blanket, headphones and menu. The seat is really wide!!
photo 8056763754_03640423de_b

Seat controls, IFE handset and armrest cushion which was introduced after everyone complained about the absurd width of the seat.
photo 8056759574_e5db62541d_b

Fantastic legroom on Row 11!
photo 8056762511_18a49cbaba_b

Staring into First.
photo 8056763914_9b4ce8bf77_b

At the gate. It was a rainy afternoon.
photo 8056758717_789b95a4e2_b

Welcome drink. I had an orange juice.
photo 8056760574_c4eb388bd5_b

Noise-cancellation earphones.
photo 8056758607_530c4ccc80_b

All the mags and menu.
photo 8056760160_f6dd6d1a2f_b

Menu for this evening's flight.
photo 8056758241_ed66e37b32_b

Total load in Business Class was about 30+ out of 42, with 6 pax in my forward mini-cabin. All passengers were boarded on schedule. However, the pilot came on and announced that pushback would be delayed for about 20min (which extended to 30min) due to congestion in Beijing Capital. Compounded with the bad weather, I had sort of expected this. However the good news was that flight time would only be 5h25m, almost an hour shorter than scheduled. Due to the delayed pushback, I just relaxed on my seat with the flightmap on. No IFE on the ground. Unfortunately, there were also no additional offering of drinks (although I am sure the crew will offer if you ask, but I would expect them to be more proactive, especially in Business Class) even with the delayed departure.

Finally we were pushed back after about half hour's delay.

And then we were allocated the furthest runway at Rwy36L, all the way at the other end of the gigantic airport. This resulted in another half hour hike across the airport! The taxi to the takeoff runway almost took as long as the cab ride to town!!

Finally reached the runway. Next to depart after the CZ A321.
photo 8056759822_526466d45c_b

KA A333 behind us.
photo 8056759694_55c8fdcce6_b

And finally took off at around 1750hrs, more than an hour behind schedule! None of SQ's fault though. (Sorry for the inverted video)

Curtains to another heaven closed shortly after takeoff.
photo 8056759098_55fe72a0f9_b

Advantage of Row 11 or 14, you would have an ottoman to rest your feet and do not need to sit at an angle to fit your feet in the small cut-out hole at the seat in front. Again, this ensures that you would also be able to lie straight instead on at an angle while in bed-mode.
photo 8056757423_eef987032e_b

Amenity kit of socks and eyeshades given out.
photo 8056759428_03ab06fa90_b

My post-takeoff drink of Silver-Kris Sling. Dinner orders were also taken.
photo 8056757069_6f01515070_b

First up, the famous satay! These were again, great!
photo 8056758816_20d15e3b96_b

Very cloudy weather out there, with some slight turbulences.
photo 8056758674_b635695b48_b

Made a trip to the well-stocked lavatory.
photo 8056758534_f12daf9ef2_b

Moisturizer, mouthwash and colognes.
photo 8056756447_d96fa2bd0e_b

More amenities.
photo 8056756307_fabe0a7308_b

Back from the lav, I settled into a movie on the Krisworld system. Coincidentally, most of the new releases on SQ were exactly the same as on Jetstar's ipad IFE. I settled for a romantic comedy. Sun is also setting by this time.
photo 8056758050_6abd6caf97_b

Finally dinner is served, about 1hr after takeoff. Tables were laid and the starter was served. No trays were used on the B773ER aircraft (as well as A380/A345) with long-haul Business Class cabin (with the exception of SIN-HKG route) while trays were still used on the rest of the fleet with regional Business Class cabins.
photo 8056756027_f839a8a9ca_b

Nicoise Salad. Just a cold average starter.
photo 8056757740_e7077e4230_b

Garlic bread and breadstick from the bread basket.
photo 8056757580_116b2be459_b

Midway through the meal, the IFE system on the entire plane crashed. Crew made an announcement to apologize and rebooted the system. However the rebooting process took almost half an hour , with a black screen with words Please Wait shown on the monitor. Well, at least I can enjoy my meal without distractions.
photo 8056755447_596e3a3481_b

Across the aisle.
photo 8056757302_c94856f764_b

My main course: Stirfried sliced beef fillet with fried rice. This was created by a celebrity chef, Zhu Jun, of Jade Garden restaurant in Shanghai. Well, the creation is certainly not too imaginative, but the dish was definitely delicious!
photo 8056755209_81200106f0_b

Another choice of Panfried cod with millet. According to my friend, it tasted just like how it looked (sadly).
photo 8056755019_9da618a35c_b

After mains were cleared, dessert was served. This is the Raspberry sorbet.
photo 8056756670_a3c483073b_b

The other choice, Chocolate ice cream, which I preferred more.
photo 8056756814_3d21a1cc23_b

As for drinks with the meal, I tried the champagne, and as most of you in the forums who expressed disgust with it, I felt the same too… Can't even force myself to finish a glass. No post-dinner liquor offered too, unless one requests for it. Unlike on Jetstar Business, or even KLM economy, where post-dinner liquor was proactively offered by the crew.

After dessert is the cheese and fruits service. The cheese plate looked pathetic when compared to Jetstar's offering. I did not have the cheddar though.
photo 8056756470_29bef4886b_b

Assortment of fruits, including apples, bananas, melons, longans and strawberries available. I had a melon slice and strawberries.
photo 8056756324_cb13c1bbc0_b

Some Pu-er (well, it is a China flight) tea to end the meal.
photo 8056756162_2d1c0bd189_b

And pralines.
photo 8056755954_fbc4cb9630_b

My seat was then converted into a bed, which was actually pretty easy to perform. There was an extra big pillow and duvet hidden behind the seat.
photo 8056763590_e20d417f5f_b

Movie in bed. Bliss….
photo 8056755824_0e522fdbbc_b

A bottle of water was also offered.
photo 8056753789_d5fe223656_b

Lights were then gradually dimmed to allow us to rest. I spent the rest of the flight watching movies. Crew did checked on pax rather frequently and asked if drinks were needed to anyone awake. Midflight, I had a tea, which was served together with a pack of apple chips.
photo 8056755484_b4b5430a11_b

There were instances of turbulence during the flight, but nothing too major. Seatbelt signs came on quite regularly (trigger-happy pilots again), but no announcements were made, Cabin crew just came round and discreetly checked on passengers. 5.5hrs literally flew past and we soon started our descend into Changi.
photo 8056755298_456f8ec954_b

Landing on Rwy20R about 15min behind schedule.

Parked at Terminal 3.
photo 8056755112_d5db7b630e_b

My messed up seat before disembarkation.
photo 8056754954_ae641527b4_b

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Singapore Airlines

Cabin crew8.5

BGS Premier Lounge - 3


Beijing - PEK


Singapore - SIN



Overall service on SQ on this flight was fine. Slightly robotic but not bad either. Meal was average to good, depending on the choices made. However the food/service still lacked my previous TPE-SIN flight last year. However the famed long-haul J seat is really awesome! I have no qualms flying more than 12hrs on it. Probably my comfort was enhanced by me seated at the first row. Not sure how comfortable it would be at the regular rows. Compared to Jetstar Business Class on my previous report, SQ, on the other hand, is on another league and has maintained its high standards of offerings, but also with high prices to boot. Seats are definitely more comfortable and choices of food/beverages and amenities much more diverse. Definitely worth my redemption (especially since my flight is operated by the B77W), but not sure if it would be worth paying through my own pockets for it. Well, lucky if you can afford it!

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    Thanks for sharing this FR

    Why so much stamps on your boarding pass ?

    No snacks (even on request) after the meal ?

    Desserts are not innovative and are IMO one of SQ's weakness
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    Thanks for sharing another great report. A packet of Boursin in the cheese plate? I hate to say it but even AA has a better cheese plate on their domestic routes.
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    30 min for immigration + security check is definitely poor by PEK's standard. I would say 10-15 min would be the average from my experience.
    Delays is the scourge of PEK (and many other Chinese airports too), because
    a) there is only one CAT III runway out of three
    b) pollution degrades the visibility
    c) air traffic is inefficiently managed by the military
    d) the military preempt airspace without advance warning for military exercises, sometimes cutting off all possible route between two cities.
    Thanks for this report !
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    Hi Terry ! Thanks a lot for this FR ; I believe one of your most complete up to date. A pleasure to read, and a pleasure to see the fantastic product from SQ !

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