Review of SWISS flight Zurich Munich in Economy

Airline SWISS
Flight LX1100
Class Economy
Seat 20A
Aircraft Airbus A220-300
Flight time 01:00
Take-off 17 Jul 21, 07:15
Arrival at 17 Jul 21, 08:15
LX   #29 out of 94 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 919 reviews
Published on 31st July 2021

Hello everyone, welcome to the fourth leg of the trip to Hong Kong. This report will cover the flight from Zurich to Munich.

After arriving from Hong Kong, it took me more than 10 mins to get off the plane. I was a bit nervous because I only had less than 20 minutes until the next boarding to Munich. It took a while to get through the security check due to large amount of passengers. However, going through the immigration took me less than a minute. My flight to Munich would be departing from terminal B, and I have to take the people mover from terminal E. As the boarding time of 6:45am approached, I started running and finally managed to rush to gate B02 at 6:47am. Boarding had already started and a lot of people queuing up in front of the gate.

Just like my previous flight, I did the online check-in the night before.

photo screenshot-2021-07-31-at-102336photo dsc00527

Gate B1 to B10 are located in a small building where all of them are bus gate. After I scanned my boarding pass, I got on the bus and it took me to the southernmost parking slot D17. This was my plane, HB-JCO, Airbus a220-300, delivered to Swiss International Airlines on 2nd July 2018. Currently Swiss possesses 21 A220-300. I boarded the plane from the front door.

photo dsc00528

Pratt & Whitney PW1524G-3 engine, the same PW1000G engine family with E-jet E2 series and Airbus A320neo.

photo dsc00529

I was among the last few passengers to board the plane. Disinfecting wipe again was provided at the aircraft entrance.

photo dsc00530

As I reached my seat, the aisle seat was already occupied by a lady. I was seating at 20A on the left side of the plane.

photo dsc00533

View outside the window of my seat.

photo dsc00532

There were small monitors above for every single row, the seatbelt and no smoking sign can be seen very clearly, which I think is much better than the E-jets E2.

photo dsc00535

At 7:18am, announcement from flight deck that the flight time would be 40 minutes. 2 minutes later, the safety video was conduced on the monitor. As I saw from other reports, Airshow would be showing on the monitor during the flight. However, it was turned off on my flight.

photo dsc00536

Pushback was commenced at 7:25am, 10 minutes behind schedule. Flaps were down for takeoff.

photo dsc00537

While we were taxi to RWY 32 for departure, we passed by terminal E, where we saw a Thai Airways's B787 arriving from Bangkok at 6:30pm the day before as TG972. It would then operate the flight to Phuket in the afternoon as TG973.

photo dsc00541

The plane that took me from Hong Kong.

photo dsc00543

Soon we entered the active runway.

photo dsc00545

At 7:34am, we took off and flew into the sky.

photo dsc00547

The cabin view. Swiss's A220 series adopted a 2-3 seat configuration the first 6 rows are assigned as business class, providing 30 seats in business class and 115 seats in economy class. As far as I can see, the loading was closed to 100%.

photo dsc00551

During the Covid time, the airline no longer offer airline magazine. What was left was only the safety card and catering menu. I took a look at the menu but unfortunately BOB service was not available on this flight.

photo dsc00552

5 minutes into the air, the seatbelt sign was off, and the crew immediately started the service. As I wrote in the previous report with Helvetic Airways, only water and Swiss chocolate were provided.

photo dsc00553

Central Europe was overcast today and I was not able to see the ground below.

photo dsc00554

Winglet of the Airbus A220 series.

photo dsc00555

At 8:00am, seatbelt sign was turned on again and we started our descend into Munich Airport. I got a paper entry form to Germany from a crew. After I filled out the form and returned it to the crew, I was told that I could keep the Swiss pen which was also very nice.

photo dsc00556

Flaps were down for the final landing.

photo dsc00557

At 8:20am, we touchdown on RWY26R.

photo dsc00558

After a short taxi, we parked at the satellite terminal.

photo dsc00561

Instead of disembarking from the jet bridge, we got on a bus and took us to the main building. Last view of the plane.

photo dsc00562

That summarized my whole trip to Hong Kong. Thanks for reading! see you next time.

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Zurich - ZRH


Munich - MUC



This was the first time for my to fly with Airbus A220-300. In this trip, I had the chance to experience both A220 series and the E-jetE2 series, and I love both of them very much. From the inflight experience, it think they are pretty similar.

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    Pilpintu TEAM 997 Comments
    Hello NGD16!

    Thanks for this interesting report and the beautiful photos.

    I'm making a list of reasons for moving to Switzerland. The Swiss flag is a big plus.

    Badum tss. XD
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      NGD16 SILVER AUTHOR 59 Comments
      Hello Pilpintu! Thank you for your support. Definitely you are right! There is no place than Switzerland where you can have both the experience of EjetE2 and the Airbus A220. That's the top reason for me.😀

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