Review of easyJet flight Athens Mulhouse / Bâle in Economy

Airline easyJet
Flight U21156
Class Economy
Seat 13C
Aircraft Airbus A319
Flight time 02:55
Take-off 29 Aug 21, 11:55
Arrival at 29 Aug 21, 13:50
U2   #9 out of 14 Low-cost airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 713 reviews
By GOLD 252
Published on 19th November 2021

athens airport

I was dropped off by my taxi, flat rate 35€, I like when airport taxis have flat rates, that avoids bad surprises.

photo img_2452_resultatphoto img_2453_resultat

Busy terminal:

photo img_2454_resultatphoto img_2455_resultat

I had no bags to check in and already had my BP I went straight to the security:

photo img_2456_resultatphoto img_2457_resultat

The agents were friendly and despite the crowds, it was fast and efficient.

photo img_2458_resultatphoto img_2459_resultatphoto img_2460_resultat

The duty free zone was endless.

photo img_2461_resultatphoto img_2462_resultat

I could have tried the Skyserv lounge with my Priority Pass card but decided to try another one:

photo img_2463_resultat

Not the LH lounge:

photo img_2464_resultat

Nor the Aegean lounge:

photo img_2465_resultat

But the Goldair lounge:

photo img_2466_resultat

They also welcome AF/KL.

goldair lounge - ath

The welcome was friendly and my PP was quickly scanned together with my BP. The lounge was pretty quiet when I arrived.

photo img_2467_resultatphoto img_2468_resultatphoto img_2473_resultat

There are windows but the view isn't that impressive.

photo img_2469_resultat

The "cold" offer:

photo img_2470_resultat

Hot sandwiches:

photo img_2471_resultatphoto img_2472_resultat

Cold sandwiches:

photo img_2476_resultat

Cakes and croissants:

photo img_2477_resultatphoto img_2478_resultat


photo img_2475_resultat

I just had a cappuccino and some fruits:

photo img_2479_resultat

The toilets were clean:

photo img_2474_resultat

back in the terminal

An hour before the flight, I leave to the gate.

photo img_2484_resultat

As it is a paxbus that will bring us to the gate, I needed to go down:

photo img_2485_resultat

Our gate:

photo img_2486_resultat

Aegean A320:

photo img_2487_resultat

They boarded Speedy Boarding and family in one bus, that is a really nice touch.

photo img_2488_resultat

the flight

Our plane was docked at Terminal A:

photo img_2489_resultat

We had to go up the stairs to the plane jetway:

photo img_2492_resultatphoto img_2493_resultat

In the jetway:

photo img_2495_resultat

The door:

photo img_2496_resultatphoto img_2497_resultatphoto img_2498_resultat

The crew was friendly in welcoming us, it was a long time since my last EasyJet flight A319 with the old seats:

photo img_2499_resultatphoto img_2500_resultat

I had an emergency exit seat and had an aisle seat, so no inflight pictures :(

photo img_2502_resultat

Side view:

photo img_2501_resultat

The boarding takes ages …

photo img_2504_resultatphoto img_2505_resultat

In the meantime I went to the toilets:

photo img_2503_resultat

The safety card:

photo img_2507_resultatphoto img_2508_resultat

Wing view:

photo img_2509_resultatphoto img_2510_resultat

The other side:

photo img_2512_resultatphoto img_2513_resultat

Front view to the cockpit:

photo img_2511_resultat

The boarding sequence started at 11:15, I was in the plane at 11:30 and the boarding ended at 12:30… At the end we pushed back 40'' late.
We took off and I decided to have a coffee and a muffin inflight:

photo img_2514_resultat

And I slept a bit until arrival:

photo img_2515_resultatphoto img_2516_resultat

LZ-BOO for GP Aviation an old  737-300 from PRN:

photo img_2517_resultat

I was surprised to get a passport check since our flight was a Schengen flight. On the other side of the windows is the non Schengen arrival with much more people.

photo img_2520_resultat

It took a good 20' to clear the checks, not a big deal but this shouldn't happen on a Schengen flight.

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Cabin crew9.0
Buy-on-board menu6.0

Goldair Handling Lounge - Main


Athens - ATH


Mulhouse / Bâle - EAP



The flight did its job, at the end we landed only 15' late. The crew was really nice as usual on EasyJet.
The BOB was limited but hot ham/cheese toasts and pizzas were available.

ATH was efficient, EAP wasn't so efficient with this stupid passport control.

The lounge was nice, a good place to wait.

Thank you for reading and following this series!

Information on the route Athens (ATH) Mulhouse / Bâle (EAP)


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  • Comment 587454 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6105 Comments

    Wow from A3 J to EZY, that’s a rough transition, haha. At least you had a good seat! The older seats are so ugly though.

    I wish EZY would try to do a row or two of J with neutralised middle seat and just give an item from BOB for free simile to what Vueling tried a few years ago.

    It took a good 20' to clear the checks, not a big deal but this shouldn't happen on a Schengen flight.

    Yikes, thanks Covid! I’ve previously has similarly long waits at TLS from Schengen flight to check test or vaccination even though it was already checked several times before boarding. You would think it would go faster now with EU Digital Covid Certificate/Pass Sanitaire

    Thanks for sharing !

    • Comment 587489 by
      Esteban GOLD AUTHOR 18009 Comments

      Thanks Kévin for the comment !

      Indeed the transition wasn't great, but at least, an aisle seat, emergency exit covered for most of the pain :)

      I also wish Easy would add some Y+ rows with perks like middle seat blocked but I think this is something that will never happen :(

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