Review of SWISS flight Dubai Zurich in Economy

Airline SWISS
Flight LX243
Class Economy
Seat 44H
Aircraft Boeing 777-300ER
Flight time 06:33
Take-off 05 Mar 22, 02:31
Arrival at 05 Mar 22, 06:04
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By BRONZE 1766
Published on 7th March 2022


Hello FlightReporters,
As I may have written in past reports last July I've been graduated in Architecture. When my parents told me that they wanted to make me a big present I start thinking about what to ask for, but no ideas came to my mind. Finally, in Autumn, I realized what I wanted: travelling.

My last extra-Europe travel happened in August 2019, when I visited Vietnam and Cambodia. After the long Covid period I needed a taste of normality: getting on a plane, having my passport stamped, changing moneys, hearing other languages and tasting unusual dishes.

Around October I took a look to prices for planes and hotels and I finally found a destination: Dubai.
I chose to travel there the first week of March, in order to be free from exams and at the same time experience the Universal Exposition Expo 2020. For a young (future) architect like me an event like Expo is like a Disneyland for a child. Moreover in 2015 I worked as a volunteer at Expo Milano 2015 and I really appreciated the international appeal of this event.

I ask a dear friend of mine to come with me and she immediately agrees. We set these date: 27th Febraury to 5th March.


First of all we had to choose flights
Since we wanted to spend the lowest possible we skipped Emirates, which offered a direct MXP-DXB flight for 650 euros.
With around 500 euros there were many options with a stopover, the best ones where Swiss and Turkish Airlines.

Swiss International Air Lines - 505 €
27th Feb
MXP-ZRH 9:50 - 11:05
ZRH-DXB 12:55 - 21:55

5th Mar
DXB-ZRH 2:05 - 6:10
ZRH-MXP 7:25 - 8:20

Turkish Airlines - 523 €
27th Feb
MXP-IST 11:15 - 16:15
IST-DXB 21:30 - 2:50 (+1d)

5th Mar
DXB-IST 2:40 - 6:35
IST-MXP 8:55 - 9:45

Even if I was really curious to try Turkish Airlines and visit the marvellous Istanbul Airport this solution presented a drawback: arriving at Dubai at 3 am in the morning would have been loosing the first half of the day 28th Febraury, seriously affecting our program.
Moreover the 5-hour stopover in IST would have been a bit boring

For all these reasons we decided to try Swiss International Air Lines via Zurich. For me it would be the first time with this airline and transfering in ZRH.

The 1st November my friend and I booked the tickets. For unknown reasons the price was 5 euros lower on Lufthansa website, so we bought it from there. My friend decided to buy a cheaper fare (420€) since she didnt' need the hold luggage.

photo c2-1

In order to be closer to the Expo 2020 site we book the Avani Ibn Battuta Hotel in Jebel Ali, for 560€ (4 nights)
The hotel is very cozy, the service very good and it's just 30 minutes by metro to the Exposition.


photo rotte


Until 28th Febraury United Arab Emirates was part of so called "List D" of Italian Foreign Minister. This meant that people arriving from a Country in that list should get a negative PCR-Test 72 hours before landing or a rapid antigenic test 24 hours before.
It was also required to bring a valid vaccination certificate and to fill a Passenger Locator Form
For this reason my friend and I had booked a PCR-Test in Dubai for the day before flight.

However the 1st of Febraury Italian Government eliminated all the Countries' lists, making a valid vaccination certificate as sole requirement to enter the Country from abroad.
When we got this information we immediately provide to cancel our appointment.

Our flight to Zurich would depart at 2.05 of 5th March and the check-in opened 24 hours before. Being already asleep at that moment we checked in in the morning of 4th March. Unfortunately all the seats had been already assigned and the computer gave us two separate seats: 26C and 26E, for my friend and me respectively.

In general I prefer a window seat and, if necessary, I have no problem with an aisle one.
But a central seat, moreover between people I don't know, it's something I hate. I'd try to change my "compressed" seat at the airport.

photo c4-1

arriving to dxb and check-in

We decided to be at the airport no late than midnight. So we booked an Uber for 23 of the 4th March. Out hotel in Jebel Ali is 37 km from the airport and the inbound journey took around half a hour

When we landed in Dubai we took a regular taxi and it costs 200AED. The hotel offers a transfer service for 180AED. Uber instead costed around 120-130AED.

We left the hotel around 23:10

Driving along Sheik Zayed Road

photo c5-1

The marvellous Museum of the Future, opened two weeks before

photo c5-2

30 minutes after getting on the car we arrived at Dubai International Airport
Our flight is handled at Terminal 1, which hosts all the airlines except for Emirates and Qantas

photo c5-3

The drop-off lane was busy as hell
Our driver explained us that in DXB most of the flights departs between 1 and 6 AM
I like the traditional arabic style of the terminal roof

photo c5-4

The check-in hall was a bit crowded

photo c5-5

Our flight is handled at check-in zone 6, at the far end of the terminal

photo c5-6a

The entire row is dedicated to Lufthansa and Swiss

photo c5-7

The queue took around 10 minutes
Arrived at the desk I asked the agent if it was possible to get a window or aisle seat since the central one was terrible
She made a bit of resistance because the flight was full, but at the end she gave me 44H, an aisle seat a bit far from my friend (26C)
Good deal

photo c5-8aphoto c5-9

Having nothing to do landside we proceeded straight to the checkpoint

photo c5-10

First there's the passport control, followed by the security check-point
The whole procedure took around 15 minutes and at 00.15 we were airside
Boarding was scheduled for 1:20

The train ride to the concourse D lasts two minutes

photo c5-11photo c5-12

Air Canada and Kenya Airways Boeing 787s and our Swiss Air Lines Boeing 777, parked at the same stand we arrived to

photo c5-13

Once in the concourse we checked the FIDS and the gate was still unassigned
Not a big issue since our BPs already reported the gate to be D18

photo c5-14a

Mandatory passage through the duty free…

photo c5-15

…to access the main departure lounge, fitted with many seating areas and a good amount of shops

photo c5-16photo c5-17

The gate is located at the far end of the concourse

photo c5-18

spotting time

Having one hour to spare before boarding I took a walk around the concourse
I visited a couple of shops to buy some souvenirs and I've to say the choice was very good

I try to take some pics to planes but the glass wall is like one meter from the boarding area and it makes very difficult to snap good pics at night

Pakistan International Airlines Boeing 777

photo c6-1

Air France Boeing 777

photo c6-2

Turkish Airlines Boeing 777

photo c6-3

The concourse C visible in the distance is part of Emirates Terminal 3

photo c6-4

Emirates Boeing 777

photo c6-5

the flight

photo c7-1photo c7-2

Quite on time boarding was called at gate D18
Passengers were asked to get in the queue by groups and everything went not messy

photo c7-3

Being in group 6 (the last) we were accepted for boarding 20 minutes after it started

photo c7-4

Our ride to home
Swiss International Air Lines Boeing 777-300ER, HB-JNJ, delivered in March '18
It's equipped with 340 seats: 8 in F, 62 in C and 270 in Y

photo c7-5photo c7-6photo c7-7

I love this lineup of Emirates tails

photo c7-8

Almost onboard

photo c7-9

This engine is beautiful

photo c7-10

I gave the flight report form to the purser
He wasn't so convinced about it but accepted to bring to the flight deck

Main Business class cabin

photo c7-11

First Economy class cabin

photo c7-12

Second Economy class cabin, where my seat is located

photo c7-13

Since the plane was full I had some issues finding an empty baggage overhead compartment
A cabin crew member promptly showed up asking if I wanted to send the baggage in the hold if he didn't find any storage
He later came to my seat telling that my suitcase had been placed in Business Class
Lucky baggage XD

My home for the next 6 hours and half

photo c7-14

Just around the departure time doors were armed and cabin prepared for departure
Meanwhile safety video was played

photo c7-15photo c7-16

Lights lowered for taxi

photo c7-17

Fortunately the couple sitting at the window didn't care so much about what was happening outside and I managed to take some pics

Emirates line up at concourse C while we pushed back

photo c7-18photo c7-19

Emirates Boeing 777 in Expo 2020 special livery

photo c7-20

Emirates Airbus A380 in Expo 2020 special livery

photo c7-21

Emirates Airbus A380

photo c7-22

We waited a lot of time after pushing back, but the taxi itself didn't take so long
Runway 12R for us tonight

photo c7-23

26 minutes after scheduled departure time we entered the runway for take off

photo c7-24

Concourse B visible while we speed up

photo c7-25photo c7-26photo c7-27

And finally on air…

photo c7-28

Bye Bye Dubai, thank you for all!

photo c7-29photo c7-30photo c7-31

Mood lighting turned purple for the meal, 20 minutes into the flight

photo c7-32

Since it was very late at night the meal was made of a cheese quiche and a biscuit

photo c7-33

The quiche was tasty, but too hot to be eaten immediately
The biscuit was fine, even if it seemed to be taken out from the fridge minutes before

photo c7-34

During the service the crew was professional, but a bit "colder" than the one on ZRH-DXB route

After the meal I decided to sleep since it had been a long day and I was really tired
The seat was comfortable and I spent around 4 hours in Morpheus' arms

I woke up while breakfast was served

photo c7-35

The breakfast was made by a cheese and ham plate, an orange juice and a yogurt
To be honest one of the worst breakfast I've ever had on a plane
Ham was tasteless and cold while cheese was nothing special
Seeing the level of the lunch on ZRH-DXB I'd expect something more…

photo c7-36

We've made a lot of miles while I was asleep
Service ended a bit more than one hour before landing in Zurich

photo c7-37

landing in zrh

40 minutes before scheduled arrival time cabin was set for landing
Mood lighting turned orange

photo c8-1

The screen showing our arrival gate, E26…

photo c8-2

…and flight connections
As printed on the BP our flight to Milan would depart from gates A/B
We'd need to check while on the ground

photo c8-3

Landing was a bit bumpy
The welcoming announcement reported an outside temperature below zero
I already miss Dubai…

A plane was undergoing de-icing procedure before its departure

photo c8-4

Taxiing from the runway was quite fast and we docked at gate E26 as announced

photo c8-5

Being in the last rows meant that I was among the last to disembark
Main Business Class cabin, where my baggage had been placed

photo c8-6

Front Business Class cabin, equipped with just 10 seats

photo c8-7

The amazing First Class product

photo c8-8

I asked the purser for the flight report and he took a couple of minutes to realize what I was talking about
Seeing his reaction I didn't ask to visit the cockpit, also because we'd to catch the flight to Milan

photo c8-9

As usual I was the last to leave the plane
Outside it was still dark

photo c8-10

Boeing 777 nose is definitely one of my favourite

photo c8-11

Arrival mezzanine of Dock E

We got off the plane at 6.20, forty minutes before scheduled boarding time for MXP
Having to clear security and passport control we speeded up
Moreover we'd need to take the people mover back to the main terminal

photo c8-12

The FIDS showed our gate as B33, located in Dock B

photo c8-13a

Swiss A321neo

photo c8-15

The queue for the security checkpoint
Being early in the morning only one lane was opened

photo c8-16

The whole procedure took around 15 minutes
Fortunately the control itself was fast and we immeditely pointed to our next flight's gate…

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Cabin crew6.5

Dubai - DXB


Zurich - ZRH



In general during this flight I didn't appreciate most of Swiss long haul product since I spent most of the time sleeping
The cabin confirms to be a very comfortable one
Respect to ZRH-DXB flight I see a lower level of cabin crew and meal. The first one was "robotic", less empathic. Regarding the meal, I understand it's a red-eye flight, but the breakfast was very low in quality and not worth any further consideration

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La compagnie qui obtient la meilleure moyenne est Emirates avec 8.4/10.

La durée moyenne des vols est de 6 heures et 55 minutes.

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  • Comment 597995 by
    Manbou BRONZE 67 Comments
    Hey there, didn't realize this report was online already, too. Anyhow, thank you for this report and for showing another side of LX's long-haul Eco. While it doesn't look bad, it still goes to show how different experiences can be on the same airline on the same route with different crews and times of the day. And I agree, it makes sense to make the first meal service simple, but the second sure looks like it left something to be desired. I'm glad you enjoyed Dubai and the Expo "2020" and wish you safe flights and happy landings!
    • Comment 597997 by
      Carlotherocks BRONZE AUTHOR 91 Comments
      Yeah, usually I make all the reports as drafts and published at the same time

      It's true, the service was a bit different from the previous route and this somehow isnt good
      Ok, I understand the flight departs at late night and people usually sleep, but the service should be adeguate to the airline level
      The breakfast was tbh very disappointing, considering we had a light snack after t/o I'd expect more substance on fhe 2nd meal

      Regarding Expo it was beautiful, I love its theme and the way the marvellous architecture of pavilions expresses it!
  • Comment 598414 by
    ThomasDutch SILVER 618 Comments
    That food offering was far from impressive and it did look somewhat similar to what I received in a J flight with KQ from Bangkok to Nairobi, so I guess there's somewhat of a positivity to the offering you received, but one would expect a much better service from Dubai given that it has quite the competition with other major European airlines. Thanks for sharing!

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