Review of LOT Polish flight Warsaw Munich in Business

Airline LOT Polish
Flight LO353
Class Business
Seat 2D
Aircraft Embraer E-170
Flight time 01:30
Take-off 04 Mar 22, 17:10
Arrival at 04 Mar 22, 18:40
LO   #62 out of 94 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 240 reviews
By 480
Published on 8th March 2022


Hello Everyone, 

on 17.02-04.03 I had a trip to PL to visit my parents and friends. On 17.02 I received e-mail that Miles and more are double miles from flights which was already from 01.01 till 30.06. After I made a calculation my decision was I will try to achieve Senator status first and probably last time in my life.From 2015 I am FTL. Due that original flights was in cheapest Eco Saver I will not post reports from it because there was almost nothing to show maybe except Business Lounge in MUC but on board was not offered Sky Bar menu only some sweet pastery and water.So below you can see my route flight. BUT there is a one segment which i want to show(Eco segment from GDN to WAW I will just put also in this report roughly), I decided to make a upgrade from Economy to Business class by 78 euro. On LOT call center they told me that it will be a "I" class so when I checked by calculator on M&M it shows that I will received only 157 miles in spite of Economy in "O" where it shows 324 miles….I don't know who made a mistake by in the end this segment has been calssified as "Z" so I received ca 3340 miles xD 


  • WAW -> MUC-Economy - Embraer 195 Not available
  • WAW -> GDN - Economy - Embraer 175 Not available
  • GDN -> WAW - Economy - Embraer 190 You are here
  • WAW -> MUC - Business - Embraer 170 You are here

At the Airport-GDN->WAW

So I came 2h before flight and Check-in was started at time. Of course for bsuiness class I was alone and for economy there were 2 separate lines with customers(good to have FTL or Business in such situation xD). Fast Track was also without any passengers so in 15-20 minutes I was already in Lounge which  were almost also empty. As you know always for breakfats(especially was Friday and in my work almost nothing happened I already start a weekend) I'm taking prosecco xD. There were of course range of other alcoholic, non-alcoholic beverages, soem sandwiches and potatoes chips and sweets, no hot options, nothing to describe. 
After we started  

At the time Boarding started(in spite of that on domestic LOt don't have business class you have priority boarding) crew stops all economy passengers( I was alone with priority) and let me in.After we started and reached out altitude service started so sweet pastry and water. whole flight took 40 min

At the Airport WAW->MUC

And this is where the fun begins…. :) After we were landing we were transported by bus to the terminal which took ca. 10 min it was long ride. Due that I had more than 3h to spare with relax I went to Polonez Business Lounge. It was occupied but I found place for myself near buffet :)
Firstly I ordered Turkey in Lemon sauce, rice and grilled zucchini accompanied with prosecco of course :)

photo img_2924photo 66809183554__9a8030cc-6f06-4b1e-b322-a16e90b86a45fullsizerender

The quality as always is really good, portion of Turkey could be bigger but was really tasty. So Afterwards I felt that I would like to also try Tomato soup with pasta so i ordered it.I checked also some cold option but I didn't took anything Also here it came hot and delicious.

After soup I had still some 2h so I decided to go for some whisky. When I ordered whisky on the rocks I received……vodka……so after I told again that I want to whisky very nice lounge crew with smile told" ok so we will serve also whisky". I thought……omg I am not a fan of vodka but I will not tell to "please pour out"… i took booth and have a really nice chat with this girl about my flight, work, preparation for Senator and benefits, it was really excellent. I took Pepsi and made a drink with vodka and this went first later on whisky( no it wasn;t make me drunk ;) )
Due that i sat near Elite lounge I made a photo(yes after June this will be my main lounge in WAW). Where was something 45 minutes before boearind I went to the toilet ans after comeback someone took my place so I went to the first part of the lounge nearer exit and asked for Casarecce pasta as my last hot meal here. 

Afterwards I went to the gate. Unfortunatelly I knew already that it will be a bus and when I asked crew on the desk he told me that LOT has not anymore separate bus for Business and economy and in my opin ion it's a huge mistake because this was really excellent option and this stood out LOT from the other European carriers but….what can we do… no priority today…… 

photo img_2938photo 1646409660315250

On Board

I was one of the last passengers and when at last I had my seat we waited another 30 minutes due to transfer passenger which has delay.
I asked for pillow and blanket. Good that this returned. Look how much leg room is in this e-170 on first row…!!!!!

When at last we started and reach ou altitude (with astonishing views)service began with alcohol wipes. Not so later on meal with drinks came.
What I discovered is menu card. Now in spite of small card in both languages now it a fold-out menu which presents better than the old one. Good point is that full range of alcohol comeback inc. sparkling wine(taste was ok but when I try to check it seems that 0,7 bottle costs ca.4,5-5 Euro so 200ml of this …… know what I want to say) but in the end was ok. Sadis only that Business class went up In LOT on this route from 401 euro to 464 euro but products in some cases are not so premium. In the end food and all beverages was ok I had a very good humor due to views  

Cheers and more views.

After the meal few times FA asked if I want to drinks something more, she was lovely and very attendive. I asked if whiky is still Glenfidditch 12 and yes it was. In comapre in LH which has a dewars blended and other carries also LOT is stand out. This is a big plus. I asked for one bottle and when I asked if I can take it with me due that I am collecting it she asked if I want to have full bottle. i told yhat I musn't and empty is ok so she told"ok so I'll bring another one" - Love her.

photo img_2971

So the rest of journey I just drink slowly and look on the landscape it was so beautiful. 

So we landed a little bit after time but for me this journey could take a little bit longe xD We taxi to the Terminal 2 Sattelitte which has been at last opened from 01.03. 

BONUS: Problem with my baggage

I hate when I need to go for my luggage and I discover that from this same tape which will be delivered  already are 7 different planes……I hate it.And here I thought that they lost my laggege due that there was 2 planes at the same time from Warsaw, one LH and second LOt. After it shows that luggage from LOT has been completed I discovered that there is none of mine. I went to LH Lost Baggage Service center and told the situatuion. After checked in the system lady told me that my bagagge now is on tape 19 which was of course initially showed. She told that if baggage will be not there I need ot return to her. After I came on 19 it was a big relief yes my baggage was there. In the past wioth LOT I had a similar situation but then flight from GDN to WAW was delayed and between arrivl to WAW and flight to MUC was only 40 minutes also LOT crew was not able to deliver it to my flight to MUC so next day it came directly to my home. But here I was confused due that between flughts was 3h so I started to worried wtf. Fortunately everything finished with happy end :)

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LOT Polish

Cabin crew10.0

LOT Schengen Polonez


Warsaw - WAW


Munich - MUC



All in all was really good journey incl. Lounges and service on board.
I was really satisfied from attend from FA.
From next flight which will be 17.03 and comeback 27.03 I am starting collect miles for Senator status. Fortunately as you know this year i already flown in Business so was very nice to see already 22.000 status miles together with this flight from WAW to MUC.
In normal Business for full price + Economy from/to GDN you are receiveing 7502 status miles incl. double miles and executive bonus.

So check my next reports which will come.
My timetable:
17.03-MUC-WAW-GDN-LOT-Business + Economy
27.03-GDN-WAW-MUC-LOT-Business + Economy
21.04-MUC-WAW-GDN-LOT-Business + Economy
29.04(?) not sure about comeback yet-GDN-WAW-MUC-Business + Economy
17.06-MUC-WAW-GDN-LOT-Business + Economy
29.06-GDN-WAW-MUC-LOT-Business + Economy

Stay tuned due it will some reports in next 3-4 months ;)

Thanks for reading

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