Review of United flight Chicago San Francisco in Domestic First

Airline United
Flight UA222
Seat 6F
Aircraft Boeing 757-300
Flight time 01:00
Take-off 30 Jul 19, 13:00
Arrival at 31 Jul 19, 12:00
UA   #63 out of 81 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 389 reviews
Published on 28th May 2022

Hello Everyone,

This is a trip report back in July 2019 when I went to Chicago for a business event. On the way back home to San Francisco, I flew back on a United Boeing 757-300 otherwise known as the "pencil" since it has a long narrow fuselage. This was only my second time flying on the 757-300. For this flight, I chose to upgrade to First. 


photo screen-shot-2022-05-27-at-43753-pm

Here's the plane that will take me to SFO. This plane was actually originally delivered to American Trans Air in Feb 2002. 


photo screen-shot-2022-05-27-at-74748-pm

Here's another view of the plane. Registration N77865.


photo screen-shot-2022-05-27-at-73530-pm

Waiting at gate C21


photo screen-shot-2022-05-27-at-44141-pm

Once boarded and seated, here is my seat for the flight - 6F. Plenty of legroom. But no IFE.


photo screen-shot-2022-05-27-at-44218-pm

View from my seat.


photo screen-shot-2022-05-27-at-44232-pm

My pre-departure drink was orange juice.


photo screen-shot-2022-05-27-at-75753-pm

After a long taxi finally reached Runway 9R


photo screen-shot-2022-05-27-at-44328-pm

O'Hare Airport is just massive.


photo screen-shot-2022-05-27-at-44348-pm

Passing over the mighty Mississippi River


photo screen-shot-2022-05-27-at-44400-pm

Hot towelette before starting meal service


photo screen-shot-2022-05-27-at-44442-pm

Starting with hot tea and warm nuts


photo screen-shot-2022-05-27-at-44502-pm

Meal consisted of chicken with quinoa and tomatoes, salad and bread


photo screen-shot-2022-05-27-at-44535-pm

After a couple of hours of flying, finally in California and flew over Mono Lake


photo screen-shot-2022-05-27-at-75822-pm

Over the Sierra Nevada mountain range. Actually it's hard to tell but overflying Yosemite at this point.


photo screen-shot-2022-05-27-at-44657-pm

On the descent, passed over Fremont and surrounding cities


photo screen-shot-2022-05-27-at-44727-pm

Final approach and over San Mateo Bridge


photo screen-shot-2022-05-27-at-44814-pm

About to touch down on Runway 28R


photo screen-shot-2022-05-27-at-44841-pm

Parked at the gate

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Cabin crew7.0

Chicago - ORD


San Francisco - SFO



Though there was no IFE (which is my main complaint), the view out the window was spectacular! That was my inflight entertainment! The food was surprisingly delicious. The service was good, no complaints. All in all it was a good flight.

Information on the route Chicago (ORD) San Francisco (SFO)


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    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6105 Comments

    Nice review and great aerials! I love a 757 and flying out West on a clear day is always a treat.
    All UA 753s should have streaming IFE, but maybe yours wasn't working...or maybe they weren't all outfitted yet in 2019.
    It's interesting to see premium cabin catering from 2019 because that's basically the benchmark for the cost-cutting we see in the pandemic-era and beginning of post-pandemic era. Major US carriers were making service improvements in those boom years before Covid, and for a while we'd been brought back to 2008 sadness...though it's already starting to get better...let's hope it continues.

    Thanks for sharing!

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