Review of EVA Air flight Munich Taipei in Economy

Airline EVA Air
Flight BR72
Class Economy
Seat 35A
Aircraft Boeing 787-9
Flight time 12:45
Take-off 19 Sep 23, 12:10
Arrival at 20 Sep 23, 06:55
BR   #7 out of 93 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 134 reviews
Published on 11th November 2023

Hello everyone! Welcome to another new series of the flights to Asia. This time I was flying with EVA air directly from Munich to Taipei and this was also my first time to fly long haul route with the airline. The ticket costed me €1048 which was much cheaper at that time comparing with Lufthansa, Swiss, Cathay Pacific, or even Turkish Airlines. Another big advantage from EVA Air was the baggage allowance, there are 2x 23kg free checked baggage allowed. The inaugural flight of this route dated back to 3rd November 2022. EVA Air is offering 4 times a week with a B787-9. In 2022, besides Munich, EVA Air also launched non-stop flight to Milan.

3 days prior to my flight, I received an email that the EVA e-Library was available for downloading.

photo 2023-09-17-234908

There was a great variety of magazines to choose from, ranging from newspaper, travel, finance, fashion, etc. 

photo 2023-09-17-235018

On the day of flight, when I arrived at the S-Bahn station, the trains were out of service (as always) but luckily I found a taxi and brought me to the airport. The check-In counters of EVA Air were located at level03. There were just a few people at the counters and I went directly to the air-side after checking our luggage and received our boarding pass. I applied the automatic check-in beforehand, and 48 hours before the flight, check-in was completed automatically. For this flight from Munich to Taipei, and also the next flight from Taipei to Hong Kong, I had already selected my seat when I purchased the ticket.

photo dsc02410

The paper boarding card of EVA Air, the design is quite beautiful.

photo 2023-11-07-15_54_50-window-81405

I already had my boarding pass on my mobile phone

photo img_2681

Our gate was assigned at gate H24. Here was my plane to Taipei, B787-9, B-17881, delivered to EVA Air in September 2018. Currently EVA Air has 4 B787-9, all leased from ALC. There are 9 additional B787-9 to be delivered.

photo dsc02411

The boarding gate was already filled with passengers.

photo dsc02415

As the boarding time approached, I waited in front of the gate. 

photo dsc02416

At 11:23 am, boarding was started which was on-time. I was in group 4 of the boarding sequence. Passengers sitting at the back would have a lower boarding number and boarded first.

photo dsc02418

View of the aircraft from the bridge.

photo dsc02419

Here was my seat 35A, second last row of the first economy section. Despite the plane was just five years old, the seats were showing some signs of wear. Later I found that there was a reclining problem with my seat, the seat could not be kept at the upright position, when I leaned on it, it just slided backwards. Anyway, the middle seat remained empty, so I sat there most of the time.

photo br72photo dsc02420photo dsc02430

Cabin view of the first economy section during boarding.

photo dsc02422

Mood lighting during boarding

photo dsc02435

Pillow, sanitising wipe, ear phone and blanket were placed already on the seat.

photo dsc02423

View outside my seat.

photo dsc02429

The welcome video was played on the screen during boarding. At 11:46am, the captain announced that we were going to pushback in 15 minutes and the flight time would be 12 hours and 13 minutes. Temperature in Taipei was 33 degree Celcius.

photo dsc02431

At 12:05pm, pushback was started. I was lucky to had the middle seat unoccupied.

photo dsc02434

Safety video was then played. This video was also better than the last version, in terms of delivering safety instructions to passengers.

An Lufthansa A350-900XWB was passing by.

photo dsc02436

Taxing to runway.

photo dsc02437

Passing through an Lufthansa A380

photo dsc02438

while we were taxing to the runway, it began to rain.

photo dsc02439

We lifted off at 12:21pm from runway 26L.

photo dsc02440

IFE soon became available after takeoff

photo dsc02442

The main menu of the IFE system, which was quite easy to navigate. 

photo dsc02443

I quickly went through the catering menu. There were two choices for the meals.

photo dsc02445photo dsc02444

20 minutes after takeoff, snacks was distributed and I had an orange juice for the drink.

photo dsc02447

There weren't too much movies in the film database, and I started to watch the first movie of the flight, Dune.

photo dsc02448

At 13:37pm, lunch was served. I opted for Taiwanese Braised Pork and Egg. EVA Air served metal cutlery which was quite nice. The meal was delicious but the potion was not enough for me.

photo dsc02451

Fruit and salad.

photo dsc02454

Then I had a white wine as the complementary drink.

photo dsc02456

After the meal, I opted for a coffee.

photo dsc02457

We were flying over Black sea after lunch.

photo dsc02458

At 14:20pm, I visited the lavatory which was very clean.

photo dsc02461

Toiletry product by PAYOT.

photo dsc02463

Cabin view as I went to toilet.

photo dsc02460

Not long after that, I realized that we were flying aline the north coast of Türkiye.

photo dsc02464photo dsc02465

About 20 minutes later, the cabin light was dimmed. 

photo dsc02467

Leaving the Black Sea and heading east into Türkiye inland.

photo dsc02468

I went to the back of the plane to see if there was any food and drink.

photo img_1566

so I took a Huober pretzels, apple juice and water.

photo dsc02469

After I finished the movie at 16:00, I checked the map again and we were flying Iran coast of the Caspian sea.

photo dsc02470

Then I started watching the second movie, Shylock's Children.

photo dsc02471

As we continue flying over Iran, the sun began to set.

photo dsc02474photo dsc02475

30 minutes after the start of movie, I visited the same lavatory again, but this time, teeth brushes and eye masks were available.

photo dsc02476

Shortly before we went into complete darkness.

photo dsc02478

At 17:15pm as I was watching the movie and I began to feel sleepy and slept for roughly 30 minutes. When I woke up, we were flying over Pakistan.

photo dsc02480

Not long after that, we experienced a bit of turbulence thunderstorms were nearby and seatbelt sign was turned on and lasted for about 30 minutes. Lightning could be seen from distance.

photo img_2672

At 17:15pm, I watched the third movie of the flight, 7 Secretaries The Movie.

photo dsc02485

An hour later, I visited another lavatory, in the middle of the aircraft.

photo dsc02487

The wine and beverages menu.

photo dsc02488

By the time I finished the movie, we were about to enter China.

photo dsc02491

At 21:40pm, I watched the forth movie, The Black Demon.

photo dsc02492

At 22:39pm, about 2 hours prior to landing, the cabin light was turned on, the breakfast service began. 20 minutes later, I received my meal. I took the congee option which was tasty.

photo dsc02493

My wife chose the western breakfast.

photo dsc02495

A cup of tea as the drink.

photo dsc02497

The sun began to rise.

photo dsc02501

At 23:50pm, announcement from the cockpit that we were flying at 41000 fleet and going to descend in 20 minutes. Expected landing time was 6:53am.

photo dsc02504

We were flying alone the west coast of Taiwan and on final approach we made a U-turn heading southwest to align on the runway.

photo dsc02505

It was quite foggy and could not see much of the land below.

photo br72-7photo dsc02506

Finally we landed on runway 23L at local time 6:48am. Total flight time was 12 hours and 27 minutes.

photo dsc02507

Once we landed, the windows on my side quickly got fogged up and I had no idea where we were taxing. When I got of the plane I found that we parked at gate B9. Last view of the aircraft.

photo dsc02508

Total flight route.

photo br72-1

Thanks for reading!

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Cabin crew8.5

Munich - MUC


Taipei - TPE



First time for me to fly long haul with EVA Air and the journey was really enjoyable. The food is excellent, I would be nice if there are some sandwich or bread in between the meal because I was too hungry, consider the length of the flight. It would be better if the cabin crew did more drink service, or giving out water bottle.



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    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6427 Comments
    Nice report as always! The catering does indeed look very good for Economy and fitting of EVA's good reputation. Both meals look very nice and are well-presented. The cabin is nice and modern as you'd expect on a 787, though I'm not a huge fan of the seat colours/patterns, not that that matters at all to comfort haha.
    Overall a very nice Economy experience with EVA.

    Thanks for sharing!

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