Review of Fiji Airways flight Nadi Sydney in Business

Airline Fiji Airways
Flight FJ915
Class Business
Seat 1A
Aircraft Boeing 737-800
Flight time 05:10
Take-off 20 Sep 23, 19:00
Arrival at 20 Sep 23, 22:10
FJ 9 reviews
Published on 11th May 2024

Fiji Airways FJ915 Nadi to Sydney

Flight Details:
Airlines: Fiji Airways
Flight: FJ915 NAN - SYD
Reg: DQ-FJN "Island Of Ovalau"
Aircraft: Boeing 737-808
Class: Business
Seat: 1D [Changed to 1A]
Departure Nadi: 7.00pm
Arrival Sydney: 10.10pm
Flight time: 4hours 48minutes
Distance: 3170 km or 1970 miles

Video: Fiji Airways FJ915 Nadi to Sydney


This trip report is from Sept 2023. After arriving in Fiji, Read trip report: Fiji Airways FJ350 Tokyo to Nadi


I was originally booked in Economy. A day before departure, I received an email to upgrade to Business, which I bid and got approved.

photo image00072

I had checked for the flight while in Tokyo, since the upgrade was last minute. I had to collect boarding pass in Nadi as the credit card processing had some issue with approval.

photo image00073

Nadi Arrival

After landing in Nadi, I visited Fiji Airways office in the airport, was advised to call the number. I got a local number in Fiji and made the call, took few minutes and it was sorted.

photo image00070

Taxi rank outside arrival area.

photo image00069

I called my friend from Fiji to check if his father was in Ba. Since his father was visiting Sydney, I checked if he can recommend a car hire as I wasn't able to get a car. There was movie happening and all car were rented out. Decided against taxi as I would have to walk in heat.

photo image00001

Fiji Airways selfie point

photo image00002

Arrival and departure are separate terminal in Nadi. I walked towards the departure terminal to check the details.

photo image00003

Modernised departure area. Check the terminal in 2013, See report  - Nadi (NAN) - Sydney (SYD) on Air Pacific

photo image00004

My friend organised a car through a contact. I waited in the departure area till 1.00 pm.

photo image00005


photo image00071

Departure Schedule

photo image00006

Boarding would open at 4.00pm.

photo image00007

Arriving at the Airport

I got the car at 1.00pm and drove to Nadi town. I returned back at 5.00pm to check-in for the flight.

photo image00017


Check-in had opened and I dropped bag at the counter. I received the boarding pass.

photo image00018

My check-in bag was light.

photo image00019

As I had nothing else to do, I walked towards the immigration and then security check.

photo image00020

Immigration and Security check

Immigration was quick, in security had to takeout the DJI Pocket 2 for inspection as it has a battery. Laptop had to be removed. Took about 2 minutes and was in the Departure area.

photo image00021

Fiji Airways Lounge

I walked towards the airport lounge which is on lower level. Took lift down for the lounge.

photo image00022

Directions for the lounge

photo image00023

I scanned the boarding pass and was allowed inside the lounge.

photo image00024

Lounge area had plenty of seating

photo image00025

Video: TAbua Club Lounge

I booked shower and had some food while waiting.

photo image00026

Shower buzzer while waiting for my turn.

photo image00027

After having shower, exited the lounge and returned to the departure area.

photo image00028

Waiting for boarding call

photo image00029

Unlike in the past, tarmac view is obstructed by arrival corridor.

photo image00030

Video: Exploring NAdi Airport

Flight schedule, about an hours for departure

photo image00031

Sat close to gate after exploring the terminal.

photo image00032

Checked the flight details on Flightradar24.

photo image00076

Gate area closed

photo image00033

Modernised terminal

photo image00034


Announcement was made, flight would be delayed to keep people from crowding around the gate. Boarding was called on time.

photo image00035

Passport was checked and boarding pass was scanned.

photo image00036

I was a bit disappointed to see the rego, it's a Boeing 737-800 not a Max 8.

photo image00037


Crew waiting to welcome passengers.

photo image00038

I occupied the allocated seat. 4 passengers in Business including me.

photo image00039

Seated spacing and reading material

photo image00040

Crew handed menu and took order.

photo image00043

I chose butter chicken.

photo image00041

Got a champagne glass for drinks along with water. Seat control on side arms.

photo image00042

I was feeling a little tipsy after all the drinks. Didn't realise, I could move to the other seat as the door was closed.

photo image00044

Crew handed Ipad for entertainment.

photo image00046

Pushback and Departure

Pushback started few minutes behind schedule, taxi was short as aircraft was parked close to runway 20-02.

After departure, my neighbour said she would move to other side. I then realised, I wasted opportunity to take departure video. I said I will move and shifted to the empty seat 1A.

photo image00045

Seat Pocket Content

Seat pocket contained safety card, duty free magazine and air sickness bag

photo image00047

Fiji Airways Boeing 737-800

photo image00048

Full page

photo image00063

Close up

photo image00064

Placed sideways

photo image00049

Water bottle

photo image00050

Seat controls

photo image00051

Dinner Service

Crew served drinks and I had red wine.

photo image00052

Starter followed the drinks

photo image00053

Main dish- Butter chicken, I was tipsy.  Couldn't tell the taste. but papad went well with the red wine.

photo image00054


photo image00055

I was tired and sleepy, Something was playing on the drop-down screen.

photo image00056

Flying over the Pacific Ocean

photo image00057

Air vent, light and controls

photo image00058

I was asked I would like tea or coffee, I chose tea.

photo image00059

Loo Visit

I visited the loo.

photo image00061

Loo had hand wash, body lotion and towels

photo image00060

As I was sleepy, I didn't check the entertainment.

photo image00062

Crew was both male and friendly.

photo image00065

Boeing 737-800 window

photo image00066

Arriving in Sydney

As aircraft got closer to Sydney, Light began to appear. Runway for landing would be 16R, which meant a nice city view.

photo image00067

Landing from North on runway 16R. Landed safely and then taxied to gate.

photo image00068

Immigration and Quarantine

I deboard along with other passengers, I filled the immigration form and passed through self-check kiosk.

Quarantine was quick as my bag had arrived early, I had nothing to declare.

FLight, Route And AircRaft InformaTion

Aircraft arrived 15 minutes early.

photo image00074

Aircraft routing

photo image00075

ViDEO: Nadi to Sydney route

Exiting Terminal

I exited the terminal and then joined the taxi queue. I got a taxi and asked driver to take the motorway as I wanted to reach home quickly.

Hope you enjoyed the trip. Thanks for reading.

End of Trip


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Fiji Airways

Cabin crew7.5

Fiji Airways Tabua Club Lounge


Nadi - NAN


Sydney - SYD



Fiji Airways service onboard was excellent, Flight departed and arrived on time. Crew on board was friendly.Wifi on board was not available, I got an ipad to entertain but didn't use.

Lounge was comfortable, I had a good shower and food. I didn't check the wifi in the lounge.

Overall a satisfactory trip.



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    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6814 Comments
    Great report as always! Fiji's service looks really appealing overall. Nice cabins, friendly crews, and the catering looks quite least visually. That and I really love their livery. It's nice that they give a tablet in Business on the 737s. Hope I get a chance to try Fiji sometime.

    Thanks for sharing!

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