Review of Sky Airline flight Valdivia Santiago in Economy

Airline Sky Airline
Flight H2 044
Class Economy
Seat 24F
Aircraft Airbus A319
Flight time 01:25
Take-off 10 Jul 17, 17:00
Arrival at 10 Jul 17, 18:25
H2   #67 out of 92 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 58 reviews
Published on 27th July 2017

As the "wayfinding kiosk" at SCL clearly announces, WE ARE HERE to fly to some great places, and visit some amazing airports.

This is the beginning of a series of eight reports in which we will land at (among others) Atacama Desert Airport (CPO) - the beautiful, newly-built airport serving Copiapó in the north of Chile - and then at the stylish Carrasco Airport (MVD), which serves Montevideo, the marvelous capital city of Uruguay.

Besides, I will be delighted to share with you some nice little souvenirs from these destinations in some of the reports! (Not in this one, unfortunately. But stay tuned!)

Unfortunately, I have to board my plane at SCL, so this first leg takes me from my hometown to Santiago.

This is leg 1 of 8. You can also read the reports for legs 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8.

The Santiago curse

I seriously dislike Santiago, but the gods keep laughing in my face.

My plan is to fly to Santiago, and then board the flight from there to Copiapó only a couple of hours later. Sky Airline schedule allows me to arrive at SCL at 14:50 on July 11…
photo sin ttulo

…and board the flight to Copiapó at 17:10.
photo sin ttulo2
I buy my tickets some days apart in November 2016. Sky Airline changes its corporate image in the meantime. Hence the different logo.

However, several months later the flight to Copiapó is rescheduled. It's departing from SCL one hour earlier now!
photo changec

I'm afraid this won't leave me enough time to check into my second flight if the airport is crowded for winter holidays. I prefer to change the first flight for the day before. I will have to spend a night in Santiago.
photo purch02

I did well to buy my tickets in advance. I can choose a seat in my beloved row 24 for free. A few months later Sky Airline implemented what they call the "second stage of their adoption of a low cost model", which means you have to pay for choosiing a standard seat.
photo compra01

Prices were never the same again after this "second stage". You won't find a "Plus" fare (i.e. with seat and checked bag included) at Sky at this price now. (37,136 CLP = 57 USD)
photo checkin3

July at last!

It's incredible how time flies. A whole school semester came and went, and it's time to check in. Sky now sends to your email a standard version of the boarding card…
photo befmot1

…and a mobile version.
photo bp mobile4

If you have read my reports before, you might have noticed that I aways fly on a budget. That's why I appreciate it when I can use the public transport to reach an airport, and ZAL is remarkable in this sense.
photo img_20170710_144206

Almost any bus going north from Valdivia will drop you outside the airport. Here we are arriving. I can see the airport's ILS.
photo img_20170710_150415

This bus in particular is going to San José de la Mariquina, and then to a fishers village called Mehuín. Have I mentioned how good their salmon is? Yummy!
photo img_20170710_150538

And here we are.
photo img_20170710_150628

The small terminal is crowded with passengers for a LATAM flight. I go straight to the Sky Airline counter now that no one is queueing there.
photo img_20170710_151815

Hm! Quite light, considering I'm carrying smoked salmon and a bottle of Chilean wine for my airbnb host in Montevideo.
photo img_20170710_151318

Yes, I know this is not a lot of people, but it's a crowd by local standards.
photo img_20170710_151600

Boarding pass in thermal paper.
photo img_20170710_151625

It's always a good ides to visit the restroom before your flight. However, the usually clean restrooms at ZAL leave much to be desired this time!
photo img_20170710_154750

And they stink! Too bad.
photo img_20170710_154806

Some views of the activity around the hall.
photo img_20170710_154912

ZAL is growing. There used to be one self check-in kiosk. Now there's two!
photo img_20170710_155315

There's a bulletin board in a corner, with posters inviing you to join the world of aeronautics. It must be a reflection of a growing need for professionals in this area. As you will see in future reports, the landscape of Chilean commercial aviation has widened considerably in the first half of this year.
photo img_20170710_155745

Not much more to see around the hall. I go through security in two or three minutes, This is what the boarding room looks like at the moment.
photo img_20170710_160546

Most of these passengers are waiting to board LATAM's flight…
photo img_20170710_160550

…which is park outside while passengers from Santiago disembark.
photo img_20170710_160739photo img_20170710_160749

Security breach?

It's time for them to board. Nothing unusual…
photo img_20170710_160818

…until I happen to see a man walking along the jetbridge AFTER the plane has left! I know that he will have to come back, unless he decides to jump to the the apron and run after the plane just like this Bolivian man did some time ago, so I prepare my camera. There he comes…
photo img_9667

…while the plane leaves…
photo img_9668

…without him!
photo img_9671photo img_9672

There he is, talking on the phone. I wonder if he missed his LATAM flight or thought he was boarding the Sky aircraft. I didn't check if he was still there when we boarded one hour later.
photo img_20170710_162938
I clearly remember that little girl's name, Elisa. Her young, apprehensive father was constantly calling "Elisa, don't touch the floor. It's dirty." "Elisa, don't sit on the floor." Well, Elisa decided to LIE on the floor.

Delayed flight

Elisa had a great time crawling and rolling on the floor while we waited for our delayed flight. It was scheduled for 5 p.m., but at 4:12 it was just leaving Santiago.
photo screenshot_20170710-161237

It wouldn't arrive at ZAL until 1 hour later.
photo screenshot_20170710-171349

We can hear it landing from south to north, as it happens when it's foggy in order to use the ILS you saw in a picture above, but we can't see a thing because of the thick fog! The plane goes past the terminal, and we know it's taxiing back… somewhere.
photo img_9676

Until it shows up…
photo img_9677photo img_9680

…and comes to a stop…
photo img_9681

…behind this frayed flag.
photo img_9682photo img_9683

With such delay, the boarding process starts rapidly…
photo img_20170710_172530

…while the incoming passengers disembark.
photo img_20170710_172622

We are held at the entrance of the bridge until we can board.
photo img_20170710_172833

At long last we board…
photo img_20170710_173120

…with some 50 minutes of delay.
photo img_20170710_173141

Curiously, no one looks annoyed and we are all cool with it. We board in silence.
photo img_20170710_173146

Must be the weather. Everybody seems to be dozy because of the cold and a lack of sunlight.
photo img_20170710_173225

As for the delay…
photo img_20170710_173300

…I am surprised that Sky didn’t say a word about it. And ZAL doesn’t even count with FIDS, so the only way to stay updated was by means of apps like flightradar24…
photo img_20170710_173316

…or Tripcase, which sends me an email. (A little late, though)
photo screenshot_20170727-085333b

The flight

The cabin looks as gray as the day outside…
photo img_20170710_173352

..and ads are colonizing every corner of it!
photo img_20170710_174009

The tray is acceptable.
photo img_20170710_174038

Creativity crisis reflected in the coverline.
photo img_20170710_174055

Wow! Foldable cover! First time I see this in an inflight magazine.
photo img_20170710_174110

Safety instructions both sides.
photo img_20170710_174224photo img_20170710_174234

The menu, which I (foolishly) thought I would not use this time.
photo img_20170710_174246

Taxiing to the runway. Romantic or scary… it depends on your mood.
photo img_9690

Above the clouds, the snow-capped tops of some volcanoes contrast with the shades of pink and purple of the evening light.
photo img_9691photo img_9694

Mocho and Chos-wuenco volcanoes raise beyond the fog that covers Valdivia.
photo img_20170710_175352

The view gets clear as we head north.
photo img_20170710_175624

The atmosphere in the cabin is placid. All the children seem to be sleeping.
photo img_20170710_175802

The BOB commences. I decide I’ll try the blueberry muffin with a cup of coffee this time. Just wonderful! The muffin is soft and sweet.
photo img_20170710_182719

We soon reach the southern suburbs of Santiago.
photo img_20170710_185051

River Mapocho flows towards the west through the center of the city.
photo img_20170710_185216

Shortly before landing we are told that lights will be dimmed in the cabin for safety reasons.
photo img_20170710_185901

It’s a soft landing. As usual, we land from north to south…
photo img_20170710_190527

…and head for the east wing of the terminal, dedicated to domestic flights (in the picture)
photo 01

We park…
photo 02

…next to this LATAM aircraft.
photo 04

Our baggage is unloaded at once.
photo img_20170710_191104

Give me one good reason to get off. Moving around Santiago at the rush hour is not a good idea.
photo img_20170710_191012

The crowd is waiting to board the next flight to Antofagasta, in the north (which I will be visiting next February!)
photo img_20170710_191650

A last glimpse of CC-AFZ.
photo img_20170710_191812

We are told that we must pick our baggage from belt 8. Yep. They are right this time. There comes my bag.
photo img_20170710_192649

I pull my bag (and drag my feet) slowly around the first level…
photo img_20170710_193158

…towards access 5 where, besides bumping into a colleague who’s flying to the Caribbean, I take a photo of this message that reminds me that I'm here for a fantastic reason: My winter holidays are just starting!!!
photo img_20170710_193502
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Sky Airline

Cabin crew9.0

Valdivia - ZAL


Santiago - SCL



Sky Airline played an important role in bringing the low cost model to Chile. Ticket prices plummeted thanks to them. They keep doing their job: taking you from point A to point B. If you don't care about ads plastered all over the cabin, you will probably enjoy their service. In spite f today's delay, they proud themselves in their punctuality. Also, in spite of not having an IFE system, their magazine goes beyond advertising for tour operators, and include some showbiz. And a special mention goes to their muffins. Lovely!

Frozen in time. No relevamt changes. If they want my respect they should place something more than a chewing gum ball dispenser in the main hall. Hope the stinky restroom was something circumstancial.

Moving fast forward. You will see more of it in future reports. The current European concession holder is doing an amazing work!

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La compagnie qui obtient la meilleure moyenne est LATAM avec 7.2/10.

La durée moyenne des vols est de 1 heures et 27 minutes.

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  • Comment 405640 by
    marathon SILVER 10026 Comments
    Welcome to the smoked salmon in hand luggage frequent flyer club !
    I saw a Swedish kid behaving exactly like Elisa in ARN last time. Kids are the same worldwide :)
    A flight departing 50' late ? Same as my weekly flight ex ARN ;)
    Any take-off (and any - more challenging - landing) in deep fog is a tribute to the engineers who made it possible.
    Thanks for sharing !
    • Comment 405722 by
      Pilpintu TEAM BRONZE AUTHOR 982 Comments
      A flight departing 50' late ?

      I wonder if fog was to blame this time. Last year one of my flights to Valdivia was delayed and then cancelled because of this.

      Kids are the same worldwide

      Yeah. That's why Dennis the Menace was such a popular character worlwide! I used to read those comics. He was my role model. ^^

      Any take-off (and any - more challenging - landing) in deep fog is a tribute to the engineers who made it possible.

      I couldn't agree more. Modern flight is a sort of wizardry to me. I'm in awe each minute of a flight .

      Gracias por comentar! ^^
  • Comment 405800 by
    KévinDC TEAM SILVER 6359 Comments
    Thanks for a fun read as always!

    For someone who doesn't like flying through SCL, the airlines of your country don't seem to give you much choice!

    Security breach indeed. Either the gate agents left the boarding door open or the man opened the door on his own because it wasn't set to lock. Either way someone screwed up!

    A 50 minute delay and not a peep from Sky about it; not the greatest customer service. I assume they were trying to avoid getting any questions about possible missed connections at SCL.

    Wow, it's one thing to have ads on overhead bins or traytables, but on the windows? Yikes, what an eyesore!

    Nice aerial night shots over Santiago. I'm always impressed by how huge Santiago looks from the air.

    Looking forward to the exotic upcoming reports in this series. I'm sure there will be some lovely aerial shots.
    Thanks for sharing!
    • Comment 405856 by
      Pilpintu TEAM BRONZE AUTHOR 982 Comments
      Hi there!

      For someone who doesn't like flying through SCL, the airlines of your country don't seem to give you much choice!

      This is changing quickly! New airlines are opening new domestic point to point routes! And they are planning to open a new airport near Viña del Mar! Woo - hoo! No more SCL!

      Nice aerial night shots over Santiago

      Wait to see the aerials of the SCL - AEP report. It had just snowed over Santiago when we took off, something very unusual!

      I'm always impressed by how huge Santiago looks from the air.

      And wait to see the aerials of Buenos Aires in the AEP - SCL report! Santiago looks like a little village in comparison!

      Thanks for dropping by! ^^
  • Comment 405884 by
    jetsetpanda 2294 Comments
    Hola Nelson. Gracias por compartier el inicio de una nueva aventura.

    "I seriously dislike Santiago, but the gods keep laughing in my face."
    - Perhaps you need to offer a sacrifice to appease them. :P

    "There he is, talking on the phone."
    - Just like that? He breached security by going under the jetbridge and then he returns like nothing have happened?

    "The menu, which I (foolishly) thought I would not use this time."
    - It looks used and abused. At least you made good use of it by ordering your muffin.

    'Just wonderful! The muffin is soft and sweet."
    - Looks like you got good value for your money.

    Beautiful aerials views as always. Safe travels.
    • Comment 405964 by
      Pilpintu TEAM BRONZE AUTHOR 982 Comments
      Hi, Adan!

      You're right! The food onboard Sky is good value for your money. Their muffins and wraps are superb. And not as expensive as at SCL!

      I wonder what kind of sacrifice I could make. Skipping McDonald's when I visit SCL, perhaps? No. That's too much. I prefer the smog and the traffic jams. :D However, new airlines like JetSmart are opening new point to point routes like Antofagasta > Concepción, which I'll be trying next summer!

      Did that woolly hat make it to California?

      Thanks for your comment! ^^
      • Comment 406092 by
        jetsetpanda 2294 Comments
        Maybe you need to sacrifice a virgin. :P

        I apologize. I thought that I have sent you a msg in regards to the hat. I received your lovely gift and it fits perfectly. Now I can match it with a white fur coat. ;) Thank you so much again for the great souvenir. I love it.

        Saludos mi estimado Nelson.

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