Review of Air India flight Shanghai New Delhi in Economy

Airline Air India
Flight AI 349
Class Economy
Seat 22B
Aircraft Boeing 787-8
Flight time 06:50
Take-off 13 Apr 18, 22:00
Arrival at 14 Apr 18, 02:20
AI 85 reviews
Published on 19th May 2018
Welcome, to my trip-report that reviews the economy product of Air India B787-8. The aircraft is a 3 year old Aircraft( at the time of writing this report).

My journey is very simple for this tripreport

Air India B787-8 Economy Shanghai Pudong International Airport- Delhi Indira Gandhi Airport
Air India A320 Economy Delhi International airport- Chennai International airport

The airport from outside.
photo img_20180413_195204
Terminal 2 is mainly operated by star alliance and one world members. Terminal 1 is operated by Chinese airlines like China Eastern , Hainan Airlines and Shanghai Airlines. Terminal 1 is the only domestic terminal in Shanghai Pudong.
photo img_20180413_195320
As soon as you enter the terminal , there is a security check. After that, I went to check-in my bags.
The check-in side of the terminal
photo img_20180413_201922photo img_20180413_202037
The departure board for the evening.
photo img_20180413_202016photo img_20180413_202020photo img_20180413_202026_01
The check-in line was really long and it took about 40 mins .
photo img_20180413_202741

After the long check-in process, I did my immigration and walked towards my gate.
photo img_20180413_210747photo img_20180413_210841

Some mild plane spotting at the airport
Emirates A380-800
Cathay Pacific A330
Dragonair A330
Spring Airlines A320
China Southern Airlines B737

Our bird for this flight
photo img_20180413_211433
Air India is one the airlines that have good looking boarding passes.
photo img_20180413_212402__01
Boarding started early.
photo img_20180413_212837photo img_20180413_212914
Boarding was via jetbridge
photo img_20180413_213015

I was welcomed by the unenthusiastic FA.
photo img_20180413_213235photo img_20180413_213302

The amenities that were located in front of me
An in-flight entertainment system
A Remote
and a coat hook
photo img_20180413_213630

The content in the seat-pocket
An air sickness bag
A safety card
An in-flight Magazine
And a entertainment catalogue

Air India also provided a pillow and a blanket.
photo img_20180413_213810photo img_20180413_213824
An universal power outlet is also located in every seat.
photo img_20180414_053511

After about 20 mins, the pilot made the announcement that the flight might be delayed by 3 Hours.
After all the passengers heard this news, they started going mad. The reason for the delay was the weather in Shanghai.
The flight attendents started handing out the drinks early on , to calm down the passengers.
It seems like they ordered some more drinks because 1 Hour 30 mins after the scheduled departure they opened the door to allow the caterers to stock the drinks.
The Air India flight's delay was not that bad, according to Flightradar 24 , The emirates A380 flight was delayed by 6 Hours!!!

Push back started 2 hours after scheduled departure.

An hour into the flight , they started the meal service. This is the vegetarian meal and it tasted fine(not the best in-flight meal).
photo img_20180414_004406photo img_20180414_004416

Soon after the second round of the drinks service, the dimmed the lights and almost all the passengers fell asleep.
The Lavatory was disgusting and they did not clean the toilettes throughout the entire flight.
The rest of the flight was uneventful and I got some sleep.

We arrived at Delhi International Airport 2 hrs after scheduled arrival. One last picture of our seat before de-boarding.
photo img_20180414_053416photo img_20180414_053909

We de-boarded using a jet bridge and then walked down a corridor to immigration.
photo img_20180414_053925photo img_20180414_054224

After arrival, I made my way to immigration.
photo img_20180414_031817photo img_20180414_031848photo img_20180414_031835
The arrival board at Delhi.
photo img_20180414_033354
After Immigration I collected my bags and left for my connecting flight to Chennai.
photo img_20180414_034225
Thank You for reading this trip report and if you have any questions leave a comment below.
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Air India

Cabin crew3.0

Shanghai - PVG


New Delhi - DEL



The flight was a let down. Air India ,which is the national carrier of India, should represent the country. All I can see in Air India is that it is trying to get rid of tourists. I was expecting more from both the Shanghai Airport and Air India B787-8. The staff were soulless and they looked like they don't get any sleep at all. I definitely recommend China Eastern for this route over Air India. Delhi airport however, has impressed me with the aesthetics and services. Efficiency was over the top and they even have the new automative immigration system set up.



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  • Comment 445799 by

    100% agree with your verdict!!

    AIR INDIA, is the WORST member among star alliance, even worse than United.


    The food they serve is disgusting, and the crew service, is mean and hostile!!
    Indian Crews in AIR CANADA is the same story, they are there to start rounds and rounds of conflicts.

    I realize you will have some bad time, but to me I will just do something that compensate myself my by the end.

    AI = MOST DISGUSTING AIRLINE!! I;d rather take AIR KORYO, which to me is A LOT BETTER !!!

  • Comment 445867 by
    Blazingburst2016 AUTHOR 9 Comments

    Air India is a really bad airline but i feel like the aircraft made the experience better. I actually feel like Air China is handsdown the worst airline. Air China's B747-8 does not even have IFE. But..... Yeah Air India is really disgusting.

  • Comment 445883 by
    pwecar 53 Comments

    PVG Terminal 1 also serves international flights by MU,FM,JL and several other ST members, FYI.

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