Review of Thai Lion Air flight Jakarta Bangkok in Economy

Airline Thai Lion Air
Flight SL119
Class Economy
Seat 17A
Aircraft Boeing 737-900ER
Flight time 03:25
Take-off 09 Apr 19, 06:30
Arrival at 09 Apr 19, 09:55
SL 12 reviews
By 881
Published on 17th April 2019
Hello, welcome back to my flight report! This time, I'll be reporting about my short trip to Bangkok, Thailand. I was not expecting to fly again until August or September, but an opportunity presented itself for me when my mom asked me to accompany her on her meeting trip and I meet my best friend from my exchange year long years ago. I did not originally plan to make a flight report out of this, but why not? I flew with Thai Lion Air (SL) because they offer the earliest flight and it was the cheapest one online.

without further ado, let the story begin…

As usual, because we live in Bandung, we have to travel to the Soekarno-Hatta International Airport Tangerang-Jakarta (CGK) for most of the international flights. We went there by a shuttle not so far away from my house. Nowadays, due to the heavy traffic at Jakarta-Cikampek toll road for the construction of elevated toll road, LRT, high speed train, etc. The normal driving time is around four to five hours, and sometimes it can get nastier like around eight to twelve hours for a distance around 160 km / 100 miles! But at that time, it took around four hours to reach the airport. Glad I slept for little bit of time.

Thai Lion Air (TLM/SL) operate from Terminal 2D, but then I discovered that all Lion Air Group (JT, ID, OD, SL) entrance from door E4, which located on the T2E
photo 20190409_022139photo 20190409_022703photo 20190409_030520

Thai Lion Air (TLM/SL) operates from Terminal 2D, but then I discovered that all Lion Air Group's (JT, ID, OD, SL) entrance is from door E4, which located on the T2E check-in hall together with Lion Air group. There was a Lion Air's flight to SIN, Malindo to KUL, and Thai Lion Air to DMK. Also Batik Air's domestic flight operates from T2E. As we faced lil difficulties, repack, and paid baggage I started to hate everything as the check-in agent wasn't really helpful.
photo 20190409_040659photo 20190409_040709

After immigration we head to convenience store as I really want to buy something to drink, then we went to the praying room, after that we head to Security Check Point 2, and straight to the boarding lounge D4 as the clock showed it'll shortly reach our boarding time.

Boarding pass and boarding lounge D4. Look to the central corridor as you can see the sun starts rising. Ground/first floor is for arrival and the second floor is for departure.
photo 20190409_053155photo 20190409_053159photo 20190409_054509

Boarding call commenced a little bit late and confusing, as every boarding lounge in T2 having two door. The agent announce it'll be board by the right side door. People lined up at the right side of the door, but the agent wasn't opening the door. It turned out that the agent meant his right side of the door. We have to board the aircraft with bus, and it was the longest apron bus ride ever! Our boarding gate was D4 at T2 and our plane parked on the cargo terminal's apron. It was around 3.3 km / 2.05 mi! So we have to pass all the sub-terminal 1 from T1C, T1B, to T1A, and arrived at the cargo terminal's apron.
photo 20190409_060157photo 20190409_060212photo 20190409_060728

The Flight

Thai Lion Air SL 119
Aircraft: Boeing 737-900ER
Registration: HS-LTO | Msn: 39824 | Age: 4.6 Years
Configuration: Y215
Origin: Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, Tangerang - Jakarta, Indonesia (CGK)
Destination: Don Mueang International Airport , Bangkok, Thailand (DMK)
Flight Date: Tuesday, 9 April 2019
Actual Flight Time: 3 hours 07 minutes
Flight Distance: 1438 miles / 2315 km

HS-LTO A Boeing 737-900ER. I am surprised, because Flight Radar said it would be Boeing 737-800. As I board the plane, I had no idea that my seat will be the one without window. What a trip! #wheresmywindow? But it was really fine as I can still peek through the window available as the guy in front of me didn't even bothered to have window on his side but rather played all his time with his gadget. So cheers for me!

Short taxi to the nearest and vacant runway at that morning and the cabin situation for took off.

The very end of current taxiway as it is ready for to be connected into new cross-taxiway, and took off right away.

About a half hour into the flight, the buy on board snacks, drinks, and even hot meals began. I didn't bought hot meals, because I thought it was still too early for breakfast then I got upset stomach. My bad. Their menu pretty okay compared to their parent company, but the price rather too high for drinks and snacks. Thai Lion Air (TLM/SL) now operates 34 aircraft.

I just bought two bottled water, the bread came from convenience store before we head to Security Check Point (SCP) 2.
photo 20190409_071744

We commenced the descend into Don-Mueang International Airport, Bangkok Thailand. Since our plane parked in remote cargo area we have to took the apron bus to reach the terminal building.

Disembarking process took forever. I mean come on, what are we waiting for? The stairways were already docked minutes since our plane completely stopped, the door already opened, and the apron bus already there, and also ready to drove us to the terminal building. After about 5 to 10 minutes waiting up for nothing we disembark from the aircraft. Then we head to the terminal building that almost 2 km / 1.24 mi ride! We went to the second floor, then pass the immigration on ASEAN line, but I got my passport stamped on diplomatic counter again. After that we need to go down to the ground floor for baggage reclaim area. The terminal 1 DMK look like they have a reconstruction going on to refresh their looks perhaps? Because it was kinda dated.
photo 20190409_095033photo 20190409_095758photo 20190409_100446

Not having to wait too long, my baggage appears on the first batch. The most expensive baggage has arrived! Hahaha
photo 20190409_101224photo 20190409_101456
Then we proceed to the public taxi counter to reach our hotel located in Sukhumvit area.

This is the completed flight plan for our flight.
photo capture-20190410-194857

So here is the end of my journey with Thai Lion Air SL119 from Jakarta to Bangkok.

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Thank you so much for stopping by and read my flight report! Really sorry for typo, bad grammar, etc. As I enjoyed reading/views high quality FR. So, I tried my best to deliver FR that met those standards. Hope you enjoy! Feel free to click the like button and comment down below about my flight with TLM!
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Thai Lion Air

Cabin crew6.5

Jakarta - CGK


Bangkok - DMK



They should have detailed information about baggage fees at the check-in counter. Like if my attempt on buying their baggage allowance not error me and my mother could have save a lots of money. Like 1 kg for IDR 240000/ USD 17.13/ EUR 15.15???? So for around 12 Kg x IDR 240000 = IDR 2880000 YES. it is equal to USD 205.55/EUR 181.79!! My plane ticket only cost IDR 1034000/ USD 73.80/ EUR 65.28. Whatta day! Ohhh yeah at first if we both checked our baggage that prolly weight around 20kg we have to pay around 4.8 million IDR! LOL. With that I can fly with Thai Airways 787. I already told my mother about this but she insist fly the earliest flight possible, so here we are facing this fishy and scamy thingy by TLM/SL. But happy to hear she'll get a reimburse on that baggage fees, because the meeting committee that arrange her plane ticket didn't include the baggage like for serious?



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  • Comment 498101 by
    ThomasDutch SILVER 570 Comments

    Just 5-10 minutes? That's a pretty good standard for Thai Lion if you disembark at DMK by remote stand..... I had to wait once almost 25 minutes in the pouring hot cabin by them as no bus was available to ship us down to the terminal. While they are decent to be frank, I would definitely give preferences to other low cost in Asia (with an exception to Vietjet)

    • Comment 498108 by
      emyrrs AUTHOR 109 Comments

      WoW! I thought 5-10 minutes already so longggg for waiting up in cabin. I almost need to wait another bus to drove us to the terminal building, but I insist that I am travelling with my mom. So yeah I am the last one to board the bus, door closed, and I am safe. Yes I do agree with you Thomas Dutch, Thai Lion Air (TLM/SL) is okay, even better to be honest rather than Lion Air (LNI/JT). But yeah I rather fly with Air Asia group or Citilink. I almost booked VietJet to HCMC tho, I thought they're okay?

      Thanks for stopping by!

  • Comment 504947 by
    LostLuggage 67 Comments

    Nice report! Considering Thai Lion Air for a flight back to Vietnam this month - do you remember seeing seat 2A? Their seat maps make it look like there's no seat in row 1 in front ahead of it. Would make it a lot more comfortable!

    • Comment 509045 by
      emyrrs AUTHOR 109 Comments

      Thanks LostLuggage. Oh my I don't know how to describe my journey with SL ?? They're okay I guess, but yeah just in mind to bought everything (Add ons) before you arrive at the airport...

      • Comment 509144 by
        LostLuggage 67 Comments

        Just got back to Hanoi on a flight with them. You're right about add-ons, I opted for 9kg of checked luggage and the aforementioned seat 2A which effectively had infinite legroom. Lots of people caught off guard with heavy carry-ons at checkin. Keep an eye out for my report soon!

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