Review of ANA flight Vancouver Tokyo in Economy

Airline ANA
Flight NH115
Class Economy
Seat 34G
Aircraft Boeing 787-9
Flight time 10:05
Take-off 21 Jul 19, 16:25
Arrival at 21 Jul 19, 18:30
NH 208 reviews
Published on 24th July 2019

After a short flight across the rockies from Calgary, it was time to connect onto ANA for the 10-hour flight to Haneda. 


While waiting for boarding, I went to go spot some planes at YVR for a little bit.  

photo nz-1

Air New Zealand B777-200ER operating to Auckland later in the evening.

photo nz-2

Lufthansa Boeing 747-400 operating back to Frankfurt.

photo p_20190721_150722_vhdr_on


Here is the Dreamliner that I will be flying to Tokyo/Haneda. Registration# JA897A

photo p_20190721_155642_vhdr_onphoto p_20190721_155512_vhdr_on

超過手荷物料金 Over-Allowance Baggage Charge

Now here is where the horrible surprise came in. ANA was trying to page my family to come to the gate in order to verify a baggage issue. According to the gate agent, the check-in baggage allowance is 8 bags (there were four of us travelling in total and each person is allowed two free bags) weighing no more than 23kg each. However, she found out that we checked in three of our carry-ons back in Calgary. That made a total of 11 checked bags with three of them being over the free allowance. She also stated that ANA's baggage policy applies to the entire itinerary. We tried to explain to her that Air Canada forced us to check-in the carry-ons, but she wouldn't budge and wouldn't let us board the flight until we pay the excess fee. We had no other choice but to just go with what she said as escalating the situation was not gonna get us anywhere. So all in all, we had to pay CAD$600 for the 3 checked bags that exceeded the free allowance ($200 per excess bag).

photo excess-baggage-receipt

搭乗経験 boarding and settling in

Waiting at the seat was a pillow and blanket, as well as headsets. ANA is still one of the airlines that uses actual headsets in Economy Class, not like the cheap earbuds other airlines use nowadays.

photo p_20190721_170630_vhdr_onphoto p_20190721_175856_vhdr_on

The flight was not full, however there weren't any window seats available so I couldn't take any shots out the window. I saw an empty row just ahead of my original seat and asked to move there. I got settled in from seat 35H to 34G. 

photo p_20190721_162757_vhdr_on

Kabuki-style safety video. Some airlines would overdo their safety videos in order to grab the passengers' attention to the point where it gets annoying. However IMO, ANA nailed the balance between overdone and boring. Not too "bland" nor "overhyped" either; it was just right.

photo p_20190721_163009_vhdr_on

離陸後 after takeoff

After the seatbelt sign was turned off, the cabin attendants started the inflight service. I was given rice crackers and the Original Aromatic Kabosu drink that I get every time I fly with ANA. Wet towels now seem to be the norm as well instead of the hot oshibori (hot towel) given out when I flew with the airline back in 2015. 

photo p_20190721_173155_vhdr_on

I explored the IFE as well. The content was mostly Japanese and Asian, however there was a good selection of English content as well. But the feature I use the most when using an airline's IFE is the flight map. 

photo p_20190721_190658_vhdr_onphoto p_20190721_201227_vhdr_on


About a couple hours into the flight, the cabin attendants begun the meal service. I opted for the Japanese Meal along with kabosu juice.

photo p_20190721_181646_vhdr_onphoto p_20190721_181747_vhdr_on

The meal was very good in general. And after collecting the meal trays, we were handed out ice cream for dessert. I had to wait a little bit as it was frozen solid and impossible to cut a piece off with a spoon. I got more kabosu juice to go along with it. 

photo p_20190721_184016_vhdr_on

After the meal service, the cabin attendants offered more drinks. I opted for green tea. 

photo p_20190721_190605_vhdr_on

Soon after, the lights were dimmed and I handed my Flight Logbook to one of the CAs. I explored the IFE and put on the flight path before dosing off to a couple hours of sleep. 

photo p_20190721_175839_vhdr_onphoto p_20190721_201406_vhdr_on

I saw that there was a model plane for sale in the duty-free sales, but I decided not to purchase it.

photo p_20190721_201133_vhdr_on

When I woke up mid-flight, I decided to stand up and stretch for a bit. I went into the galley and there was a mini snack bar for passengers to take. I helped myself to some snacks and kabosu juice. 

photo p_20190721_202221_vhdr_onphoto p_20190721_210330_vhdr_on

The cabin attendants on this flight were absolutely the best you can ask for. They would always check to make sure the passengers' requests were taken care of. They offered drinks every 30 minutes and kept constantly replying to the call buttons, unlike other carriers who simply leave them ignored. They never showed any hint of annoyance or rudeness. They would smile and bow before and after coming to your seat. I was so overwhelmed by the excellent service that I decided to write a note to the chief purser about it.
Their English is good, but can lead to some miscommunication when it comes to special requests. However, it wasn't a problem for me as almost all of my interactions with the cabin attendants are in Japanese. 

photo p_20190721_222957_vhdr_on


The lights were re-illuminated in time for the second meal service. On ANA's North American flights, two meals are usually provided. However on the Vancouver route, a full meal and only a snack box are served., given the fact that the flight time is similar to other North American routes, such as Seattle to Tokyo.

photo p_20190721_231721_vhdr_on

The snack box consisted of a croissant, yoghurt, sliced fruit, rice crackers and a Kit Kat. As usual, I got kabosu juice for my drink.

photo p_20190721_233846_vhdr_onphoto p_20190721_233943_vhdr_on


The schedule arrival time is 6:30PM but the IFE states that arrival time is around 5:40PM, a good 50 minutes early. 

photo p_20190722_004943_vhdr_on

Cabin Attendants making final preparations before arrival.

photo p_20190721_231649_vhdr_onphoto p_20190722_004548_vhdr_on

Candies were distributed by the cabin attendants during descent. 

photo p_20190722_003132_vhdr_on

We landed a good hour before the schedule arrival time and had a rather lengthy taxi to the International Terminal at Haneda Airport. The early arrival is a joy for passengers, but for me it has played a crucial role during my layover in Tokyo (more info on that in the next FR). The Cabin Attendants were also happy to pose for a picture after landing as a thank you for joining them on the flight to Japan (faces blurred for privacy reasons)

photo p_20190722_015605_vhdr_on-46304

ログブックのエントリ log book entry

After the flight, my logbook was returned to me, along with some souvenirs which was very much appreciated. 

photo p_20190722_215756_vhdr_on-44510-94880

Log Book entries from the crew of NH115 (surnames blurred for privacy reasons)

photo p_20190722_215803_vhdr_on-16834photo p_20190722_215811_vhdr_on-41024

Souvenirs given from the flight crew.

photo p_20190722_215842_vhdr_onphoto p_20190722_215851_vhdr_on


The stopover time in Tokyo is 15 hours, therefore instead of wasting time at the airport, we booked a hotel in Akihabara to stay for the night. 

The next and last flight for this FR series is on ANA NH869 to Manila.

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ANA is an excellent airline to fly with. However, the baggage dispute in Vancouver didn't leave a good lasting impression of the ground staff. Regardless of that, I will still continue to fly with ANA in the future. Just need to be more careful next time.
Meals and beverages were great for Economy Class, especially the Aromatic Kabosu juice offered on every flight.
The service of the cabin attendants was top-notch. I didn't have to push the call button at all as they were always available in the cabin to cater to any passengers' requests.
Will definitely consider flying ANA in the future again.



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  • Comment 512815 by
    dreamweaver888 76 Comments

    What a delightful trip report for the onboard portion. The ground baggage issue would’ve left me steamed. It almost warrants writing to ANA or even Condé Nast Traveler’s ombudsman section, which might look into the case (although the outcome would be uncertain). Thanks for a lovely report.

    • Comment 512829 by
      CanadianWings AUTHOR 31 Comments

      You're welcome! ANA is a wonderful airline, one of my personal favourites actually. It's just the baggage issue that has left a bad impression of the ground staff in Vancouver. Still, I would continue to fly ANA in the future. Thanks for reading this FR!

  • Comment 512841 by
    Athos_001 77 Comments

    Nice report. That lovely touch at the end makes everything.

  • Comment 512865 by
    fiftytwo GOLD 1135 Comments


    thanks for the report (again)

    one question = from which airline did you bought the ticket to manilla ? and what was the luggage policy on the payment confirmation ?

    if it was the one of ANA , then teh mistake is from the AC agent who didnt checked the fact that you are connecting on another flight operated by another airline

    Iam quite impress by quality of ANA's service , and also the dreamliner . However seats in the middle arent my favourites

    same comments about logs ,dont forget to hide names/surnames , and also faces of people who didnt agreed to be on this website


    • Comment 512876 by
      CanadianWings AUTHOR 31 Comments

      -I purchased the tickets on the ANA website. The ticket says that each person is entitled to 2 free checked bags weighing no more than 23kg each. There were four of us travelling, so it was a total of 8 checked bags free.
      -The service has always been excellent. I never had a true complaint about anything in terms of service out of all the flights I have flown on ANA. The Dreamliner is also a great aircraft to fly on. In terms of seats, I don't really mind the middle section of seats as long as I get an aisle seat. That way I can get up without having to disturb other passengers.
      -Photos have been edited/blurred, thanks for the heads up.
      Thanks for reading this FR!

  • Comment 512967 by
    juddsol 24 Comments

    CanadianWings- Did you contact the airline afterwards about that? IT seems some miscommunication likely occurred and hopefully you did/can get your CAD 600 back. But it appears you handled it well and the airline was fantastic besides that. Great review!

    • Comment 516450 by
      CanadianWings AUTHOR 31 Comments

      Hi Juddsol,
      I have sent the airline an email regarding what happened in Vancouver. Unfortunately, their reply wasn't what I was hoping for and they put the blame on Air Canada for not providing any excess baggage ticket or coupon to us for checking in additional bags over the free allowance. They were justified to collect the CAD$600 and are unable to provide compensation. ANA is personally one of my favourite airlines, but unfortunately this gate experience didn't reflect the excellent service ANA is generally known for.

      • Comment 516524 by
        juddsol 24 Comments

        oh wow! That stinks. Yes that is unusual that they havnt worked this out so that the passenger has a seamless and hassle-less experience. I'm honestly surprised they didn't give you something in return such as points just to soften the blow a bit.

        • Comment 516536 by
          CanadianWings AUTHOR 31 Comments

          I'll see what Air Canada says as I have sent them an email about the same thing. I'd still fly with ANA as they are generally an excellent airline, but everyone has bad days and that certainly was one horrible day for me at the gate in Vancouver.

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