Review of ANA flight Tokyo Seattle in Economy

Airline ANA
Flight NH178
Class Economy
Seat 23K
Aircraft Boeing 787-8
Flight time 09:10
Take-off 01 Sep 19, 18:15
Arrival at 02 Sep 19, 11:25
NH   #5 out of 73 Airlines A minimum of 10 flight-reports within the past two years is required to appear in the rankings. 207 reviews
Published on 3rd September 2019


After 3.5 hours in Narita, it was time for the long-haul portion of my itinerary. This flight sector is on ANA NH178 to Seattle. 


During my layover, I went to TAX FREE AKIHABARA shop to pickup my pre-ordered duty free. I purchased three boxes of Tokyo Banana and one box of The Strawberry Cake from Ginza for ¥5858. While not really cheap, these are one of the best tasting snacks I've had and it's rare (if not impossible) to find these in Canada at a reasonable price.

I wasn't in the mood for plane spotting but did take a few pics. 

United B777-200ER

photo p_20190901_160938

ANA B767-300ER

photo p_20190901_170348

Here is the aircraft to be used for my flight, registration JA813A. The departure time was also delayed by 40 minutes. 

photo p_20190901_174004


It was already dark by the time the plane was ready for departure. 

photo p_20190901_183723

The cabin during the boarding process. 

photo p_20190901_183714

Seat 23K for this flight. During seat selection, I strategically placed my brother in the H seat and me on the K seat, hoping that nobody would sit between us. Unfortunately it didn't work. We had a nice young Japanese passenger between us in the J seat. 

photo p_20190901_183709

On this long flight, blankets and pillows were provided, as well as headsets. 

photo p_20190901_190131

Two of the three A380 Flying Honus parked at their gates, both bound for Honolulu.

photo p_20190901_190558photo p_20190901_190054

Passing by some aircraft on the way to the runway. Narita Airport was a bit congested and we were in line for a bit before takeoff.

photo p_20190901_190929photo p_20190901_191120

I couldn't get good takeoff pics as ANA always keeps their cabin lights on full bright and never turns them off on every night time takeoffs and landings, hence the light just glares on the picture.

photo p_20190901_193048

Cabin view during takeoff

photo p_20190901_191152photo p_20190901_190945

Flight time is estimated to be just under 8 hours.

photo p_20190901_192103photo p_20190901_192047photo p_20190901_192719


Before the meal, wet towels were handed out. Cabin attendants began the pre-meal service with drinks and rice crackers. I opted for Kabosu and apple juice for my drink. 

photo p_20190901_194311

After this picture below was taken, the kabosu juice slid off the tray and spilled all over my lap and on the seat. Some of it even spilled on my seatmate as well. I kept saying ほんと すみません to him but he kept his humour and told me it's okay as accidents happen. The cabin attendant immediately asked if I was okay and provided me with a new blanket and pillow, as well as a new glass of kabosu juice. Once she returned, she tried to find me another seat onboard but was unable to do so as Economy Class was completely full. I told her it's okay but I do appreciate her help for trying to move me to another seat. 

photo p_20190901_200435

Meal service started as we exited Japan. 

photo p_20190901_201528

For the first meal service, I ordered ANA's Paid Exclusive Dining meal for ¥2,500. The meal was the exact same one I've had on my Haneda to Manila flight last July. However, I looked at the regular menu online for this sector and found that both options did not involve seafood, which I generally prefer to eat over meat. Hence, I was thankful I purchased this meal.

photo p_20190901_204955

For my drink, I got a Sprite and Asahi Japanese Beer.

photo p_20190901_205432

The taste of the meal was excellent and it was nice to be provided with a big napkin to put on your lap in case any spills happen. The tray also comes with a bottle of water, as it does with the regular meals as well. Häagen-Dazs ice cream were handed out to passengers after the meal service. It was frozen solid so I had to wait a few minutes for it to thaw a little.

photo p_20190901_213522

Cabin view in-flight with lights partially dimmed.

photo p_20190901_222157


My brother was having a fever mid-flight and called on one of the CA's for medicine. Cabin Attendant Kanda was very nice and took his temperature. When she got it, she gasped "Eh!? This is a bit high!" and came back with some medicine afterwards. She was even humourous and joked a little while taking care of him.
"I'll show you the Japanese way of treating a fever and making sure you will feel better soon!" She then stuck two cooling pads on him; one on his forehead and the other on the back of his neck. 
Coincidentally, when it was time to take the medicine, Cabin Attendant Kanda accidentally spilled the water on my brother's tray table, which knocked the rice crackers off the table and spilled on the blanket as well. My brother told her it's okay and Kanda kept her humour. 
"That's two spills now that happened on this row. I wonder when the next one will be…" she said and jokingly laughed. She then cleaned the tray table and gave a new blanket to my brother, as well as new rice crackers. 
Every hour, Kanda would check on him to see how he is doing. She took his temperature one more time and it went down. 
I didn't take any pictures while all this was happening as I felt it would be rude.

After a quick visit to the lavatory, I handed my flight logbook to Kanda and asked if it would be okay to have a picture with the cabin attendants after landing. 
"Absolutely! I'd like people to have a fun time onboard! Make yourself at home!" she said with a smile. 


I slept for a good three hours, and when I woke up the flight was nearing Seattle and it was now daylight outside.

photo p_20190901_093952photo p_20190901_093924

Cabin Attendant Kanda returned to my seat with some news regarding my requested picture with the CAs.
"Excuse me sir. I have spoken with the chief purser and she told me that we cannot get a picture after landing as this flight is delayed and the crew on the return flight to Narita are waiting and don't want to delay this flight even further. However, I don't want to disappoint you so we can take the picture after the meal service in the rear galley if you like." she told me and I agreed to it. While I won't be able to have a picture with them with the cabin as the background, it was better to have it in the galley than no picture at all.
"Thank you sir. So, what will happen is we will serve you your meal shortly, enjoy your meal, and just come find one of us when you're ready for the picture." she said after telling her I agree to have a picture in the galley.

photo p_20190901_094021

The second meal served onboard. It was light but also one of the best breakfast meals I've had on a plane.

photo p_20190901_094300

I opted for green tea and kabosu juice for the drink.

photo p_20190901_094632

As if it were coincidental (again), my seatmate spilled his drink and some went on me as well as the blanket. By this point, all of us were laughing as everybody in the row was spilled with drinks throughout the flight. He pressed the call button and Kanda came over. When she was told what happened, she jokingly laughed with us.
"These tray tables really need to be re-designed! I'll get you a new drink, sir. No worries at all." She humourously said to my seatmate in Japanese and came back with a new drink for him. 
In total, there were three accidental drink spills that happened in this row during the flight. 

免税購入 skyshop duty-free purchase

Before the flight, I pre-ordered two items from SKYSHOP. Two bears dressed as a pilot and ANA Cabin Attendant, as well as a golf set. Free stickers were also included as a thank you for pre-ordering online. Total purchase was ¥7,000, plus I earn 70 miles for my ANA Mileage Club account. 

photo p_20190901_101631

While I don't play golf or collect plush toys, I purchased these items as they would go great with my ANA memorabilia collection.

photo p_20190902_163143


After the meal service, and with about 45 minutes left in-flight, I headed to the rear galley and told one of the cabin attendants I was ready for the picture. Kanda and three other cabin attendants were genuinely excited in my interest in ANA and posed quickly for the picture with me. I thanked them afterwards.
"Why not take a picture of us too! You can show your aviation friends in Canada how ANA is like and recommend them to fly with us soon!"  one of the CA's enthusiastically suggested and I agreed. I then took a picture of them as well. Faces blurred for privacy reasons; Kanda is the cabin attendant on the very right. 

photo p_20190901_102850-20487

The Economy Class purser (who I regret forgetting her name) was the one in pink in the picture and had a short chat with me about the greatest passion we both share which is aviation. She has worked with ANA since 2016 and is looking forward to hopefully getting promoted to chief purser in just two years. I told her about my aviation friends in Canada who all have never flown a Japanese airline before, let alone ANA. 
"Really? Well, they're gonna love every part of the flight as much as you do! If they ever go to Japan, please recommend them to ANA!" she told me and I absolutely agree with her. ANA is an airline that I'd prioritize to fly with over any other carrier, although I would love to try Japan Airlines one day as I have never flown with them before and compare them to ANA. 
I asked for a selfie with her and she agreed happily. I got out my phone and put some selfies of us on my Snapchat story, as well as sending them to my aviation friends in Canada. 
Not long later, the chief purser went to us and thanked me personally for flying ANA. She also wished me good luck in becoming a future airline pilot and even recommended me to join the airline.
She then saw my phone. "You're taking pictures without me?" She jokingly said and joined in on another selfie with me and the Economy purser.
After a few more minutes of chatting, they continued with their duties and I returned to my seat just in time for the seatbelt sign to turn on and prepare for landing. 

photo p_20190901_100722photo p_20190901_110456


Kanda returned to my seat and returned my flight log, as well as some souvenirs. She apologized that she didn't have many to give but I told her it's fine as their onboard service already made my flight memorable. She wished me safe travels and continued her duties to prepare the cabin for landing. 

photo p_20190902_162751photo p_20190902_162758

Flight Log Entries

photo p_20190902_162803photo p_20190902_162806

The Economy Class purser saw me reading the logbook and told me that she was the one who wrote the message. She also apologized that not everything can be filled up but that was not a problem with me. 


The aircraft was already nearing US airspace and getting closer to Seattle. 

photo p_20190901_105021photo p_20190901_110452

Cabin and wing view during approach.

photo p_20190901_100715photo p_20190901_105009

There were clouds that we had to pass through before getting a good view of the city. 

photo screenshot_20190902-163233photo screenshot_20190902-163243photo screenshot_20190902-163251

Last few seconds in the air.

photo screenshot_20190902-163259photo screenshot_20190902-163317

Touchdown on the runway.

photo screenshot_20190902-163326photo screenshot_20190902-163345

Taxiing to the gate did not take more than five minutes, and the CA was still able to complete the landing announcements in both Japanese and English with just less than a minute to spare before the aircraft was fully parked at the gate.

photo screenshot_20190902-163354photo screenshot_20190902-163411

Despite the aircraft pushing back over 30 minutes late from Narita, it was still able to arrive in Seattle just 5 minutes behind schedule at 11:30AM.

photo screenshot_20190902-163428

Final shot of the forward Economy cabin before disembarking.

photo p_20190901_113924

移民の経験 Immigration Experience

The officers in Seattle were one of the friendliest I've encountered at a US airport. A Chinese officer helped me with the Automated Passport Control kiosk. Afterwards, she saw my bag of food souvenirs from Narita Airport.
"Is that Tokyo Banana!?" She asked, looking a little shocked. I told her yes it was. 
"Aw I'm so jealous you got that! Those are so good!" She told me jokingly after. I wanted to give her one as I felt bad for her. 
The immigration officers at the desk were also nice. When asked what kind of food I brought I just told them they were confectionery, as well as where I bought them and how many I had. She asked how much food I bought in Japan and I told her I had 5 boxes of Japanese sweets purchased from duty-free.
"You can never have too much sweets, I see." The officer jokingly told me and laughed as she let us through and I proceeded to baggage claim.  

This was a long flight on ANA, but the Cabin Attendants' service as well as a good 3-hour rest made it feel like about half the actual flight time. The long haul portion of my itinerary is now complete, with just one more flight to go before I'm home in Canada.

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Tokyo - NRT


Seattle - SEA



This flight on ANA was one to remember! Meals were good and aircraft was clean, but the cabin attendants' service was the highlight of the flight. Kanda was very nice in taking care of my brother for reducing his fever and was it very much appreciated that she checked on him frequently to make sure he's doing okay. The other cabin attendants were also excellent in providing excellent service to the passengers. It was also coincidental to have drinks spilled on all of us sitting in the same row three times inflight, something that's definitely a funny moment to also never forget.
SeaTac airport is nice to connect to with friendly CBP officers; I'll most certainly transit here next time I arrive from long-haul international flight.
Overall, a wonderful experience on ANA which continues to be my favourite airline to fly with.



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